Sunday, 12 April 2015

Summerhayes Open Sellicks & Lily Pool.

After yesterdays fund raiser For the disabled national with not much else on with a decent attendance it was back to summerhayes today traveling with good friend Nick Harvey we stopped off for the normal port of call at hilltops for breakfast. We arrived to find the numbers had swelled to 25 fishing which is a nice turn out anywhere these days, As normal we both wanted to avoid lily pool as it just doesn't seem to compete with the weights Sellicks can produce so we were both happy to draw the right lake with Nick on peg 5 and me on the opposite bank peg 17. Not a swim I had been near before but I liked the look of it and had an empty pallet to my left I would be sharing with Bill (The paste) Hopping on peg 19 although I had a nice clump of weed roots me side of the pallet you can see in the picture which I was sure would produce a few fish?
I had about 4ft of water just beside it so set up a 4x10 Chanti on 0.13-0.11 and an 16 63-13 hook, next up was the same size rig to fish over to the far bank at 15mts with hard pellets on the same line and an 18 Maver pellet hook, It was a bit breezy plumbing up and I still had 4ft or so of water close to the bank so it was a change of plan for my usual soft pellet cad potting micro's as I felt I would suffer from foul hookers as it was warm in the air and I felt the fish would feed up in the warmer layers of water. last of al a 4x12 Chanti for down the track on 0.11-0.10 and an 16 808 hook in 5ft of water were I plumbed up a swim at 7mts to my left and 5mts to my right in the same depth of water but would feed them differently, I had Jess Jordan on peg 16 so at least I had good company.
I started the day by feeding a few cubes of meat down my margin, cupped about 20 cubes onto the 7mt line and a good handful of maggots on the shorter 5mt line. as always the wind had picked up as the whistle went for the a in but I chose to start with the far bank rig set about 2ft deep and a 6mm hard pellet on the hook. I didn't feed anything and after 5mins I had a 3lb carp which was a good start' not feeding anything I just kept using the pellet I had on the hook to make a fish attracting noise which gave me 3 more fish in the first hour which wasn't great but from the pegs I could see I was doing ok, I think I would of had more but was getting blown around on my box at times so presentation wasn't perfect. Bill was yet to catch and Jess had taken 2 fish on across on the deck but was now getting foul hookers so I persevered whist remembering to top my other lines up at regular intervals. After 90min I was up to 7 carp for about 18lb but started feeding a few hard pellets over the top with the catty when the wind allowed, This seemed to put them off for a while so decided to try my meat line at 7mts with a single cube of meat. I had a 4lb carp and a 1lb skimmer soon after then nothing which didn't surprize me so a bit more feed was added and I switched to the line I had been cupping in maggots with a worm on the hook. It took a while for me to get an indication but a slight dip and a slow bite had me thinking it would be another skimmer but after an eruption of bubbles on the bottom I thought otherwise' it turned out to be a 1lb plus eel hooked in the belly" all was well until I netted it and it began to roll trashing the whole rig right up to my elastic..!
With a new one assembled I re-fed the lines and went back over to the island as the wind had dropped slightly. Adding a couple more quick fish before they got spooked we were over half way through and I was itching to try down towards the pallet, With a single cube on the hook it took seconds to get my first fish of 4lb followed by a 3lb fish but didn't want to plunder the swim so rested it after a another try without a fish. It was a good sign though as I knew I had two line to work with now were I felt I could catch a few more fish. Oddly enough I struggled to catch much more than a couple of skimmers from my lines down the track so the last two hours I concentrated on the far line and down the edge still feeding the other lines to fall back on. The wind dropped off in the last hour and this was the best part of my match taking turns to catch a fish or two off each line and swapping swims, The fish weren't big but I began to put a few together, At one point I looked away for a second when down the edge when a found myself attached to a fish which had time to bolt straight under the pallet and out the other side much to the amazement of Bill who had decided to call it a day not long before the all out, After a bit of knit one pearl one I skilfully had it back on my side and soon netted a 5lb fish". I had a chance for one more on the whistle before the all-out from the far bank. I new I had done ok from those around me but couldn't see what had been caught on the opposite side of are lake or Lily Pool, word on the bank was Jon Martin on the end peg 23 on are bank had caught a few and I'm sure he was hoping he had enough to take the spoils as he was also on the bonus peg worth an extra £150. I caught up with the scales as they made their way around Lily Pool and the top weights were in the 40's onto are lake again and it was soon my turn, My carp and a few silvers took the lead with 67lb and after a couple of lower weights it was just Jon to weigh, When he pulled his net out it was going to be close but pleasing for him his few bigger fish pushed the scales around to 70lb to take the win and the bonus peg money to boot seeing him walk away with a tidy sum of £224 for the day so well done mate, Its nice to see it won now and again. I didn't manage to get a photo of Jon's catch as I was doing the board at the time so got his mug shot back at the hut,
 Winner Jon Martin.
On the silvers front yesterdays Silvers winner Glyn (Wormhead) Wickham had another good day taking a top weight of 20lb odd added to his carp saw him finish 3rd on the day overall, A pleasing day again for me as I wouldn't put hard pellet fishing as a forte of mine but I've learnt a lot how it works lately as today proved, I had to keep changing the depth to keep in contact with the fish across to the island catching around 12'inches deep come the end but it was worth it as it added another £60 to the wallet. Owe make that £62" although Nick had a few fish today I still managed to take another nugget added to what he owed from last week! lol.  
 My catch.
full results -
1st Jon Martin (Tackle UK) peg 23 Sellicks, 70lb 4oz.
2nd Dom Sullivan (Maver) peg 17 Sellicks, 67lb 5oz.
3rd Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 19 Sellicks, 46lb 1oz.
4th Adge Bishop (Summerhayes) peg 7 Sellicks, 45lb 12oz.
5th Alvin Jones (Car Care) peg 12 Sellicks, 43lb 3oz.
Silvers -
Default, 1st  Kev Perry (Thyers) & Rodger Russell (Tackle UK)
12lb 10oz.

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