Saturday, 18 November 2017

Acorn Saturday Series Round 2.

It Seems Ages Ago since we did the first round & it was a darn sight warmer conditions & I certainly didn't expect it to fish as well as the last match, News was 70lb odd won the recent Tuesday open but yesterday most of this area woke to a heavy frost so hoped for a good area' I was first in the bag today but was a bit disappointed to end up on peg 36, Its in the corner facing back towards the entrance, This area had been producing a few fish of late but I've drawn this area before at this time of the year & struggled for a bite but you never know'?

I planned to keep it simple, A 0.2g rig on 0.15-0.11 & an 18 F1 Pellet hook to fish just off the point of the island at 14mts against the shelf in slightly deeper water around 3ft, I did set a rig up to fish in the slightly shallower water across but didn't really expect the fish to be here? A rig to fish down the edge at 9mts to my left in front the dying reeds in 4ft of water & finally a 4x12 Chanti to fish infront the broken pallet of peg 37 at 13mts which was around the same depth with the rig on the same line/hook as across,  I started the day feeding a small amount of 4mms at 9mts with a pinch of corn, A few bits of corn at 13mts to the pallet & started the day across in the shallower water but after 10mts switched to fishing the slightly deeper water across with 4mm expander over tiny amounts of 4mms & G/bait, I did have two carp in the next 30mins just a shame they totalled 1lb", I did foul hook a better fish briefly but then couldn't get a sign here, I spent the first hour on this line even trying maggot on the hook but still couldn't get indications so went down the edge sooner than I would have liked but from what I could see most people were struggling.

Starting at 9mts with corn I was pleased to net a carp within minutes around 2lb & was pleased to get another 3lb fish Five minutes later but that was it from here for now, It was onto the 13mt line again with corn & funnily enough I expected it to go under straight away? I was right' & another 3-4lb fish in the net, For some reason I missed the next couple of bites even though I was fishing just dead depth but after foul hooking & losing a decent fish I put it down to liners rather than bites. This seemed to kill it completely as the next 20mis produced nothing off either edge line. I tried again across but just couldn't get bites, The guy on the bridge peg 40 hadn't caught in the first couple of hours & Brian (Anteater) slipper behind me on peg 33 also next to the bridge had only one small carp so things were hard! I did expect to catch later in the day down the edge even though the wind was straight in my kisser when I fished it'. It didn't happen & the second half of the day was even harder than the first' I managed another Carp off either inside line & lost another fouler & that was it" A real gruller today, But I wasn't the only one' Walshy over on peg 17 never even had a carp" Brian finished with 15lb odd & peg 40 Had 16lb but they weren't in my section, I did the weigh board today as I was last but one to weigh-in, The match was won by Mark Poppleton Guesting today from peg 9 with 59lb & my section was won from behind the shed peg 30 by Andy Gard with 23lb 1oz but I wasn't far off  finishing with 22lb 1oz!. Summing things up I should of took some bread as I may of had a couple dobbing? but I didn't feel like I fished a good match really, My phone died before the start of the day so didn't have a clue all day what the time was which put me off my stride a bit but was happy enough to finish 2nd in the section picking up £40, The next round isn't until mid December so we'll see what that brings.

Full results -

1st Mark Poppleton (Colmic) peg 9, 59lb 8oz.

2nd Mike Owens (Sensas 88) peg 5, 46lb 15oz.

3rd Rich Heatley (Acorn) peg 26, 46lb 14oz.

4th Ray Cooper (Bristol) peg 1, 36lb 7oz.

League to date -

1st Bob Gullit, 2pts.

2nd Mark Broomsgrove, 3pts.

3rd Dom Sullivan, 4pts.           

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shiplate Farm Main Lake Series.

It was certainly a bit chillier in the air when I got up this morning' I arrived in plenty of time to give owner Steve Oliver his breakfast roll enjoying a free brew before the draw, Odiously we all fancied peg 1 or 15 but with peanut present I was sure I could discount one of them!? I dived into the draw quite early with the theory they were their to be drawn' I gingerly open my ticket to find myself on peg 1' Hallelujah" This meant the rest of my section would be on the same bank & although I expected the day to be hard I was confident enough to catch some carp from here. First up I set a bomb rod up to fish different baits across past the point of the island, a 0.2g float on 0.17-0.15 to fish down the edge at 9mts in 3ft of water, a 4x14 float on 0.17-0.13 to fish in the open water at 13mts slightly to my left & would use the same rig to fish back towards the bay on my left but it would mean fishing stood up' A rig to fish back on my inside to the left at 13mts in a couple of feet of water & finally a silvers rig again for the open water  at 12mts infront of me.

I started the day cupping a decent amount of corn on the 13mt open water line, Some micros & 4mms on the silvers line, a same amount of corn & 6mms at 13mts down the left edge & on the shorter right hand margin & began the day on the bomb with 8mm pellet across to the island. I gave it around 20mins after an early liner but no fish followed despite trying other bites, I decided to have a quick look on the 13mts positive corn line, I was surprized when it went straight under & I netted a 3lb carp so at least I was on my way, No more bites here so I decided to switch to fishing 13mts over the bush back in towards the bay on my left just cad potting a few grains of corn with the same on the hook. I added two more decent fish to 10lb in the next 20mins so just after an hour I estimated around 21lb in the net so a good start. I did have a look down the left hand margin but with no signs of fish I would just top it up at times & try it later in the day, No more over the positive fed line at 13mts & I didn't want to try the shorter line for a few hours so stuck to fishing stood up into the bay I did manage another three fish in the next hour again of decent size to 7lb, I couldn't see much being caught & Peanut Howell was struggling on peg 3 for a change & I hadn't seen much caught on are bank or the opposite side for that matter, We did have the wind blowing are direction which was cold' but thankfully it was mostly over my shoulder, it was hard work standing up to fish but it appeared to be where the fish were happy to feed for the time being.

I did try the edge to my left again but still nothing, I gave the bomb another 15mins where I had been pinging a few hard 8mms but no more signs on this either. After around 3 hours I thought I had around 36lb but had only managed a couple of skimmers fishing back towards the bay but after regular small amounts of feed down the shorter edge it was time to give it a try. I started with corn on the hook again as this had already been working & although I had to wait a while I did have a fish over 5lb then nothing. Back to the heavy fed line I had another skimmer, & back into the bay area I managed another 6lb fish before hooking a right munter" I did it best to take me right around the corner with the pole bent double" before I managed to steer it out but it changed direction & made a bee line for peg 15 before snapping the hook-length so I stepped up to 0.15 after this.

The rest of the match was spent rotating swims just to try & induce a bite, I never tried the silvers fed line as I didn't see the point as the sections are paid on weight with no separate payout. With just under an hour to go I managed two fish on the short edge line in two dob-ins which pushed 20b between them' I managed a smaller fish from the stood up' line & lost one from the short edge a few min's from the end but made up for it with a decent fish just before the whistle. From what I could see the lake had fished hard for most, I reckoned on having around 70lb but didn't use the clicker today, When the scales arrived as I was last to weigh the top weight was 26lb odd so I new it was safe for a win & section then' I was surprized to total 86lb including the biggest fish so far of the series being 10lb 10oz which could be worth a few quid if it stays that way with two rounds to go, I had the bonus of another £40 back for winning the section which see's Rich Hawkins & Myself at the top after three rounds both on 13pts but I have the weight advantage of 170lb - 130lb so far. Back on Hawthorns for the next round in two weeks so all to play for. Another enjoyable days fishing, It wasn't easy standing to catch the bulk of my fish but with small amounts of feed it worked in my favour & a good weekend all round.

Full results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 1, 86lb 1oz.

2nd Russ Pecker (Thatchers Tackle) peg 12, 26lb.

3rd Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 13, 23lb 10oz.

4th John Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 14, 19lb 6oz.                   

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Johno's Knock-up Shiplate (Squirl Pool).

These little knock-ups have rolled on a bit this year, Just a fun day out with lots of banter between a few mates but still serious enough to try & get a few quid back' As normal Johno Jones left it down to me to sort the pegging ect so with the forecast of rain I pegged us all on the straight with the wind off are backs, Obviously either end peg would be a bonus' Good mate & teen age drinking buddy Darren Big Bird did turn up after dropping out yesterday & I bet he was glad he did as he drew end peg 2 with peg 3 being empty with one no show, Surprize Surprize Resident Peanut Howell drew the other end peg 10 (He's Always On an end peg!) This lad should seriously enter some big matches with the way he draws" Owe I forgot, You don't drive so perhaps not..

Just two rigs assembled today, One for fishing across to the far side at 11mts a couple of feet off the far side which is quite uneven but I found a couple of flattish areas around 3ft deep being an 4x10 F1 pellet float on 0.15-0.11 & an 16 F1 pellet hook, The other being a slightly bigger 4x12 rig on the same line/hook to fish at 8mts down the track in 4ft or so of water.

I began the day feeding some groundbait & hard 4mms down the track feed and area to the right across with a few hard 4mms & a small nugget of groundbait & started infront of me with 4mm expander over cad potted micros & a few 4mms, Most of the fish in this lake are small carp to a 1lb or so & a mix of small goldfish & Fantails although their are so bonus fish over 5lb if your lucky enough to get them!. I soon started to get a few indications But only from tiny carp & a few fairground fish' Johno next me had started short but hadn't caught but peanut on the other hand had started ok with a few carp to 2lb. I was catching odd fish but nothing of any size, from those I could see below me most were struggling after the first hour, After around 90mins Peanut made it worse, Not only was he catching something most put-ins across after losing a decent fish in some snag down his edge he went straight back out & landed a 5lb fish followed by a 3lb fish the next dob-in" It was a case of plugging away hoping things would get better.

Finally I had a fish around 3lb but most fish were only small, By the halfway point I had caught fish on & off but new I was around 15-20lb behind peanut & I had heard Birdy was doing ok on the other end, I felt fish were coming into the peg when I fed a few pellets but didn't really want much feed, I decided to switch to feeding just small nuggets of wetted down G/bait, This seemed to work as going into the last couple of hours I began to get a lot more indications, I started to get a run of carp with a few over the 1lb mark & even the odd fish to 2lb but was having a good run of the small samples in between, Thankfully peanuts peg had slowed right down until out of the blue he catches another fish around 3lb".

Going into the last hour I was really motoring feeding every put-in with nuggets & topping up with a few pellets when things slowed up, The last 15mins things slowed up but I did add a couple of fish to 2lb late in the day before the all-out.

It was going to be a closer call than it looked between us come the end of the day but I still though peanut had done enough. He was first to weigh & had 19lb of bits in his first net before adding 27lb of better stamp fish for 47lb odd, I thought they would swing it in his favour, I weighted in what I had caught in the last two hours first which went 24lb odd which I was surprised with before my second net went 26lb odd finishing the day with 51lb so that was a good battle between us'. Johno struggled for 7lb odd but still bet his buddy mick so loads of banter their, The next best weight was Birdy on the end with 33lb so in the end it turned out in my favour picking up £50 along the way' Back tomorrow for the mini series on the main lake but looking at the forecast I expect things to be harder?

Results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 9, 51lb 1oz.

2nd Steve Peanut Howell, (Shiplate) peg 10, 47lb 4oz.

3rd Darren Bigbird Greenwood (Spandex) peg 2, 33lb 12oz.

4th Andy Light (Shipate) peg 5, 22lb 5oz.            

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Shipate Farm (Westpool Lake).

After working overtime yesterday I was looking forward to a days fishing' It was a bit chilly when we arrived but at least it was dry & after walking the kit around before the draw the whole lake seemed sheltered from the wind, I was desperate to have a change of scenery as the last four times I've fished this lake I've drawn peg 4" in which is the narrower bit, Even the Wife refused to draw for me today encase she picked it' So left to me owner Steve informed me it wasn't in today just pegs 1, 3 & 5' so what do I draw' peg bloody 3! Owe well, Not to see the wider part again then".

It was 13mts to the far side so a comfy days fishing at least as I felt with it now being a bit cooler this is where most fish would be? I plummed up a couple of lines just short of the far side in around 3ft of water, Had a 4x12 chanti to fish in the open water left & right at 11mts again where I found the same depth around 4ft which I would feed differently & that was it really as I didn't have an inside as such just open water but a bit shallow I thought, I did set up a 0.2g rig to fish bread (Dobbing) if I couldn't get bites but it still seemed to have a fair bit of colour to the water so hopefully I could catch on the deck across.

I started the day feeding the 11mts lines, Left with corn & right with some micros & damp 4mm's fed a small amount of corn & 4mms across to my right & started the day across infront of me with 4mm expander over tiny amounts of micro's & the odd 4mm hard pellet, I was quite surprized to get indications after a couple of minutes & started to put small carp from 1-2lb in the net, In the first hour I thought I had around 20lb of carp & a few skimmers, Things slowed a bit so I tried the other lines quickly but no early signs so stayed back on the far line where I was still getting the odd fish, I had to start working the rig up the shelf to get bites, if  I left it on the deck I struggled for bites, I caught a couple of fish a couple of inches of the deck but most bite were just as the rig settled on the shelf.

After three hours things had slowed up but I thought I had close to 48lb, After this I really had to work hard for bites, I started a couple more lines across searching for bites but this only produced a fish off each line through the rest of the match, I never had a bite on the small fed corn/pellet line across, but did catch two skimmers in two dob-ins on the 11mt corn line then never had another bite on it!, & the other 11mt line failed to produce a bite all day", I spent the remainder of the day mostly across still with expander & feeding with the cad-pot small amounts, It seemed best in the end to get the rig just touching the deck the feeding & waiting for bites, It turned out to be a lot slower & I really had to wait for bites but still recon on adding another 34lb of carp & some more skimmers before the all out so had a nice days fishing.

When the scales arrived Mark Jones was leading the way with 116lb from peg 10, I knew I had nowhere near that but was pleased to finish with 78lb odd of carp & 8lb of skimmers for 86lb. Back at the results & Mark won the day mostly catching across on corn & a few fish down the edge on maggot over micros later in the day, My weight turned out to be enough for 2nd picking up £35 as Steve paid two out in the silvers again today but at least its something back & the peg produced much more than I anticipated so another enjoyable match.

Results -

1st Mark Jones (Shiplate) peg 10, 116lb 13oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 3, 86lb 7oz.

3rd Julian Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 12, 81lb 8oz.

4th Kurt Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 7, 33lb 12oz.

Silvers -

1st Ray Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 1, 18lb 2oz.

2nd Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 13, 16lb 4oz.           

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Paul Chapman Memorial Match (Shiplate Main Lake).

I was looking forward to this match as it was in good memory of Paul who sadly died a couple of years ago of the dreaded cancer' He fished here a lot as was known by all so a good turn out today with twenty three of us fishing, Obviously we all wanted to draw pegs 1 or 15 but would decided what to fish for if I failed to draw one of these, After old timer Andy Bailey had done a speech on Paul's behalf it was time for the draw. I didn't get the hot pegs' but ended up on peg 10 the first peg over the bridge on the far bank with an island approx. 17mts away? Steve had been doing a lot of maintenance & my inside was fishable some way down back towards peg 9a on my right so straight away my thoughts were to target carp, The island turned out to be a bit further than I anticipated, I had my footplate over the edge with the legs at full depth touching the bottom, Just".. the full length of my 16mt pole, plus another 1.5mt extension, plus another mini butt section and by holding the last piece I could just get to the island", Shit...

I managed to assemble a rig being 0.3g on 0.15-0.13 & an size 16 hook to fish in just over 2ft of water, down the edge was the same set up with a lighter 0.2g rig which again was around the same depth to fish around 11mts along the bank, It looked really inviting to my left on my topkit plus two sections but unfortunately on a 1ft deep over 3ft from the bank so ruled this out so my last rig was for open water at 11mts which was around 4ft deep where I set a 4x14 malman on 0.15-0.11 & a 16 808 hook.

I had Kurt pinkett again on my left peg 11, & Gary Finders down on peg 9 but apart from Mark Wynne on 8 the only other I could see were a few in the low number on the far bank. I started the day cupping a small amount down the edge fed some micros/G.bait & 4mms at 11mts to the right & some corn at 11mts to the left, I wanted to have a quick look over & know way was I cad potting at this distance" so cupped in a few grains of corn & 6mms with a big pot & went straight over it with corn on the hook, Bingo' A carp of 2lb which felt like 20 at this distance! but soon in the net, back across I had a 2lb chub after feeding some micros again with the big pot further up the bank but it was such an effort. Well after 15mins surprize surprize the wind picked up turning me right round on my box at one point so sod this for a lark, I would switch to pinging a few hard 6mms across whilst trying my other lines. I started at 11mts with expander on the hook & had a bite as soon as it settled which result In a 1lb plus skimmer soon followed by two smaller size fish, I fed another small amount after a few more biteless minutes & it was instant again with bites, I had a good run of fish from 6oz to a 1lb & by the end of the first 90mins had around 11-12lb of silvers, I had already taken a look down the edge & on the other 11mt corn line but no early signs of carp & I had no chance at this stage to wrap myself around 18mts of pole in the wind so my mind was pretty much set on catching as many silvers as possible with the hope of some carp later in the match down the edge or across if conditions allowed.

I switched to had 4mm when I had to weight for bites and caught a few just as the rig settled but this drew the attention of a carp which came of but killed the peg dead! the skimmers were gone' I tried off and over the feed & even tried maggot on the hook but couldn't buy a bite. Back down the edge and still nothing so had to resort back to 18mts but this only produce another 1lb chub in 15mts of fighting with it'. I spend the rest of the day rotating the lines catching the odd skimmer on pellet over the pellet/G.bait line but couldn't get a bite in the same place twice, It was hard work just to add anything in the later stages of the match , I managed a 1lb skimmer across as the wind dropped at the end of the day & missed a bite & spooked a beast down the edge on corn with a massive bow wave descending across the lake in the after math but that was my only indication. I had a late run of three more skimmers on the pellet line but just one roach over the corn line all day". I had seen a few carp caught on the far bank but didn't have any idea what silvers had been caught, When the scales arrived 52lb was winning from peg 15 & top silvers was 6lb odd, I was really surprized to finish with 25lb odd of silvers, some of the skimmers must have weighed more than I thought". Back at the results & Mike Owens did go on to win the match from peg 15 & Tom downing was second with 2lb less from peg 1" It turned out my silvers was easily enough on what turned out to be a hard day for most with the resent weather changes & had the bonus of £25 from the super pool as well as £45 from the main pool which pays for the weekend again and another enjoyable day, Well done to those who turned up in his memory as their are other matches on in the area, And well done to Andy for presenting the top three with a silver dish each with Pauls name on & to Mike for winning from the hot peg" but you still gota catch um".

Results -

1st Mike Owens (Sensas 88) peg 15, 52lb 4oz.

2nd Tom Downing (Baitech) peg 1, 50lb 4oz.

3rd Russ Peck (Thatchers Tackle) peg 12, 46lb 6oz.

4th Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 5, 46lb 4oz.


 1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 10, 25lb 4oz.

2nd Ron Stark (Weston) peg 7, 10lb 1oz.


Saturday, 28 October 2017

Viaduct Fishery (Saturday).

I decided to book in for this latest open now that you have chance to qualify for next years all-winners & Silvers finals again, To be honest I did fancy a days fishing for silvers but with the match spread between Cambell & Cary lakes it would really depend where I drew, Twenty four of us fishing so I let a few have their go in the draw first before I ended up on peg 111 Cambell. I had Paul Greenwood on peg 110 who was going to fish for carp from the off & with conditions seemingly ideal I decided to still try for the silvers as I didn't feel the peg would produce enough carp? I had John (The Gimp) Bradford on peg 112 who was going to go down the same route, I set up a 4xl4 wire wonder float to fish at 13mts with a double bulk, A 4x12 with the same float to fish with a strung bulk both on 013-0.10 both with 18 F1 Maggot hooks to fish the same line & a line left & right at 11mts & final a 4x12 Chanti to fish on my topkit plus two sections.

I started the day feeding 4 balls of G/bait with a few casters & dead reds added at 13mts, Fed two balls of worm & caster laced mix at 11mts to the right & some micros & a few hard 4mm's 11mts to the left. I started the day on the short line with caster feeding just a few of the same, The first 30mins saw my put just over a 1lb in the net but John hadn't caught at this stage, I stayed on it adding around another 1lb of fish but bumped of what felt like a decent perch, With bites drying up it was time to try the longer lines as john had gone from not catching anything to landing a near 3lb Tench from his short line' I had a quick look on the 11mts lines with soft pellet & dead maggot but no early signs so went out to 13mts on the heavier rig  as by now it was blowing a gale straight in are chops" you couldn't write it but the minute the all-in sounded it went from flat calm to this!..

I expected indications here straight away but it didn't happen' I couldn't see many silvers being caught, John was struggling despite his early Tench, I went back on the short line & added another 1lb or so of roach & an 8oz hybrid before bites dried again, Back at 13mts this time with caster on the hook, This worked as I had a 1lb plus skimmer & a smaller fish in the first two dob-ins, Nothing followed so went beyond my feed & managed another 12oz fish before I felt it was time to re-feed another ball & rest it. I tried both the other 11mt lines I had been topping up with small amounts but nothing, I did eventually catch two skimmers over the micros with expander on the hook but that was it, & I never had a sniff over the worm/caster line all day'.

I spent the rest of the match picking the odd skimmer off the 13mt line & adding what I could off the short line in between, John had struggled most of the day but with around 30mins to go took two big perch off his short line to stage a late comeback, I followed suit & a minute later landed a bonus 2lb plus tench off the short line' I tried long again just before the all-out & added another 10oz skimmer before the all-out, It seemed the far bank had fished best for the carp in the calmer water with plenty being hooked, When the scales arrived the top silvers weight was a great 36lb of small skimmers from Cary Lake, John ended the day with 11lb odd before I finished with 17lb 14oz, It nearly got me 2nd but I was pipped by a 19lb weight from peg 128 on the opposite bank, I should of had a few more fish today but the wind in are faces hampered the presentation I had to stick to the heavier double bulk rig to stop it towing at me but sometimes you miss out on bites laying a bit of line on the deck but was still happy with what I had, The overall stakes were close today with Mark Hayman just taking the spoils with 165lb 5oz from peg 130 Cambell ahead of Ben Broxson with 165lb 1oz from peg 78 Cary. Off to Shipate Farm tomorrow for Paul Chapmans Memorial Match on the Main lake, A full house booked in so peg 1 or 15 will do me please".


1st Mark Hayman, peg 130, 165lb 5oz.

2nd Ben Broxson , peg 78, 165lb 1oz.

3rd Steve Hutter , peg 128, 127lb 5oz.

4th Nick Jones , Peg 127, 121lb 9oz.


1st Rocky , peg 88 , 36lb 15oz.

2nd Steve Hutter , peg 128, 19lb 3oz.                    

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Shiplate Farm (Hawthorns Lake).

After venturing to the venue yesterday to have a few hours fishing on the main lake where I fished the waggler & banded pellet to take 20lb odd of skimmers & some carp I was back for the latest open on the hawthorns lake, It was still blowing a gale as I expect it was on most venues today but the worst of it seemed to be off are backs slightly which would help, I took a wander up the lake before the draw & the level was right up with all the rain we had through the week, I expected it to fish a bit harder with the added water & estimated 50lb - 60lb would be a good weight, Into the draw & I fancied somewhere in the middle of the lake which seem to be the most consistent of late but it wasn't to be as I ended up on peg 14 at the top end, I drew peg 15 a couple of weeks ago & struggled for 27lb but this peg only produced 19lb & peg 13 which Mark Jones was on produced 16lb so wasn't to hopeful but you never know, Thankfully it seemed we had draw the calmer end of the lake as the wind was whipping through the lower pegs.

I planned to fish a couple of lines over towards the far side close to the bank, I had a rig to fish just off the bank in the slightly deeper water, a rig to fish of the deck either side of me in the margins where it was still over 5ft deep, I would of liked to fish further along the bank down the edge towards peg 15 but had a tree in the way so decided to have a line at 13mts in the deeper water at the bottom of the far shelf off to my right in 6ft of water. I started the day cupping in a good helping of corn on this line, Fed a few hard 6mms & a few pieces of corn on one far line against the far bank & started the day on the other far line with double maggot on the hook just cad potting a few maggots & micros over the top. After 15mis I had a feeling this was wrong as I had dropped off some blip fish & managed to lose one foul hooked carp coming back with a big scale" so I switched to the other far line starting with corn on the hook. at dead depth.

I had a bite quite quickly which I missed' More surprized than anything' then nothing so decided to start cad potting a few hard 4mms & the odd grain of corn, This seemed to work as is soon took a couple of 4lb carp before it dried up. I was going to start cad potting  a bit more but risked fish coming up in the water, I was fishing around a 1ft off the far bank in around 3ft of water so cupped in a palm full of 6mm's & half a dozen grains of corn & let it settle again, I had kept topping up the open water 13mt with corn & had been feeding the odd grain of corn down the edge on my top three to my left & a few hard 6mms to the right at the same distance, I gave these lines a quick look after 90mins or so but didn't have any early signs, I had topped the first far line with more micros & a few dead red maggot but couldn't get any carp over it' back on the other far line with corn I had a bite & another 3lb fish straight away followed by a 5lb fish soon after as I inched the rig up the shelf before it went dead again. After a couple of hours I was on 4 carp for around 17lb but mark was yet to catch.

It was time to try feeding a pinch of corn & some hard 4mm's with the cad pot as soon as I had the rig settled, After about 20mins I started to get regular indications & netted a few more fish but I to wait for the bites, As soon as I felt there wasn't fish present I topped up with a larger amount of 6mm's & half a dozen grains again, Mid match I decided to the open water 13mt line with corn on the hook, As soon as it settled I had a bite which turned out to be a 1lb skimmer then had another bite straight away being a 2lb carp then nothing' I didn't really expect this to work until later in the day but at least I had caught over it already.

I had switched to feeding just hard 4mms on the first far line but still couldn't get indications here. It seemed best to stick to the other far line just off the bank feeding tiny amounts & waiting for bites, I began to miss a few for some reason which were real fly unders! so decided to try a softer 6mm expander on the hook which got me three more fish in the next 20min before I had to top it up with a slightly bigger amount & rest it, The inside lines failed to produce bite so spent the rest of the match picking off the odd fish across & did manage a few on corn over the 13mt open water swim, Mark had a much better second half of the match where mine seemed to slow up, He took six in six bob-ins at one stage but I had noticed he had only started getting fish when he began cad potting over the top' I knew come the end of the day I still had a few more fish but didn't know how the rest of it had fished, I was first to weigh & had guessed 62lb on my clicker but was a bit out finishing with 72lb odd, Mark had 52lb but I decided to get the kit away after he weighed as the skies looked a bit iffy" Back at the results & Kurt Pinkett (wormheads) won the day from peg 1 catching shallow down the edge reed bank on maggot over maggot to finish with 82lb odd, Seems to be a hot peg since the reeds have been trimmed back but I was more than happy to finish 2nd picking up £45 & enjoyed working for the odd fish without suffering from foul hookers, The bites on the 13mt line were un-missible but it seemed to be a case of two bite then nothing before you had to re-feed a decent amount. The rain held out & the wind wasn't to bad for us so better off than a lot of venues in todays conditions know doubt".

1st Kurt Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 1, 82lb 15oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 14, 72lb 10oz.

3rd Julian Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 9, 56lb 6oz.

4th Mark Jones (Shiplate) peg 13, 52lb 2oz.


1st Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 5, 8lb 9oz.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Back at it".

Please to say the last couple of weekends have seen me back on the bank, As it stands the wife seems ok at the moment with a regular dosage of tablets every few hours but suffers from grip in her hands at times but is soldering on bless her, Last Saturday saw the start of the acorn series spread over the next few months, 18 of us fishing spread around the lake, I drew peg 40 which was a bridge peg which meant I would be in the section with the other bridge pegs on the lake, Fro company I had Mark Broomsgrove (bunt next to me on peg 6 the other side of me in my section. I had an enjoyable day catching at just over 12mts to the far side just off the bridge on expanders over 4mm's & had a few fish later in the day down the edge but they were a bit spooky after you caught one you had to leave it. Come the end of the match I knew it was close between bunt & myself as he caught well down his deeper edge in the last hour or so. He was first to weigh in are section & finished with 122lb odd, This is where the fun began". It wasn't until we had weighed in half of us somebody weight a small skimmer which weighed 3lb 12oz! A reset was used then it turned out to weigh 12oz' something wrong here? Yep, every one who had weighed a carp net twice they had gained 6lb" Marvellous. well it turned out to be a right mare as after this the battery went in the digital scales so we had to wait for another set' but it wasn't until I was last to weigh I realised after finishing 2nd in the section to Bunt with 118lb I was robbed of 9lb as mark had three weighs on the first set of scales!

Owe well I suppose these things happen just hoping the extra point wont be costly come the end of the series'? Not just me it effected, Scales man Brian (Anteater) Slipper Lost his first net when it went 71lb so over the 70lb limit, then his next net went 85lb" bye bye" he did finish with 20lb odd ending last in the section but again he first net would of counted had he zeroed them! Lol, Ray cooper won the day with 149lb odd from peg 9 catching the bulk of his fish down the edge, I picked up £50 on the day & had an enjoyable one.

Sunday saw me on a knock-up on the Hawtorns lake at Shiplate farm on my doorstep, I've booked in a few matches here in the next few months, Including a mini series on all the lakes until we get more news on how Yvonne will be, I said in the morning to her as we enjoyed a fry-up I would end up on end peg 15, & I did" I had john Hawkins on peg 14 & Kurt Pinkett on peg 13, Well Are end was hard to say the least, I scratched around for what I would say were a few resident fish to end up with 8 carp for 24lb & a few bits for a total of 27lb, John ended with 19lb & Kurt Had 13lb then below him there were a few 60-70lb weights with Rich Hawkins winning the day with 76lb from peg 9, A bit of a gruller but it happens I did lose a couple of fish but it wouldn't of made a difference come the end.

This Saturday saw me back to Viaduct Fishery for the long awaited Silvers final Over Cambell Cary & Spring lakes, I fancied the winner would come from spring lake but cambell can also produce good silvers weights, 50 odd of us fishing today & I was near the front again, Peg 88, I'le be on the far end bank of Cary Lake then". I wasn't to hopeful I could catch enough to make the main frame but would give it my best to try for the section with anything else being a bonus. I had two lines at 14mts , one with maggot/casters over G/bait & the other with expanders over G/bait & 4mm pellet. I fed a shorter line with chopped worm/casters/G/Bait at 8mts & had a longer line 4x10 chanti to fish down the edge over loose fed casters & hemp on my top-kit + one section, I started down the edge & had around 5lb in the first hour mainly roach but bumped off a decent perch, I couldn't see the long lines I had fed for the first 90mins as the wind had picked up & the glare on the water was blinding' I did manage a few 4-6oz skimmers at 8mts before they disappeared' & managed a few on the expanders at 14mts but I couldn't catch with maggot or casters on the other long line funnily enough, I had one decent 2lb plus skimmer on the expander halfway through the day but I was having to wait for bites & most fish seemed on the small side, I spent most of the day dropping back in on the edge line catching what I could to try & keep the odd 1lb or so going in the net, I had another enjoyable day & estimated on having around 21lb? I did have a bit off a lull just over halfway through & spent to long looking for better fish on the long lines but it could of worked another time. I was surprized to finish with 24lb 6oz, Which turned out to be enough for the £50 section money, As I expected Spring lake was the place to be as Richard A'Herne won the day with 52lb odd from peg 2 & Gabo was second with 32lb from near bye peg 26 on the spit, it turned out 30lb was enough to make the main frame monies. another enjoyable day at the venue as what has to be one of the best silvers venues in the country.

Today saw me back at Shiplate For the second round of the mini series this time we were all on the newly formed sqirle pool, the first round saw me draw peg 4 on the westpool, funny that, I've fished this lake four times in 18 mths and drawn it every time! I struggled to put much together but finished with 30lb with 48lb winning the section & 42lb second so really needed a section win in this round. The Wife came with me to the draw so I let her do the honours. I ended up on the straight section peg 8 with the island across at 12mts, this lake holds a good head of small carp with the odd fish between 4-5lb which are a real bonus" I put my faith in a rig down the track to fish left & right on my top two plus two & had a rig to fish just a couple of feet off the far bank in nearly 4ft of water, again with a line two the left and right. I fed G/Bait and 4mms across to my right at 12mts and fed the two track lines before starting across infront of me on expander over cad-potted 4mm hard pellet.

I had a good start catch fish between 5-8oz quite regular before they were wiped out in one go when Julian Pinkett next to me netted a fish around 4lb", I spend the first few hours swapping the two lines across to keep trying to add fish to the net, Julian hadn't caught as many fish but he was now sticking it out in the hope of catching some better fish tight over, The last couple of hours were a bit harder as I had to keep changing depth to try & add the odd fish to the net, I did manage a fish of 3lb & another around 3lb but most were 4-8oz, The last hour proved best for Julian as he soon added a few fish to nearly 5lb" I did have a quick look tight over on a new rig but though it best to just plod on catching what I could until the all out in the deeper water across, When the scales arrived 42lb odd was winning the section, I had Julian down to beat me with his bigger late fish but he finished with 41lb odd before I was very surprized to end up winning the section & the day with 52lb odd picking up another £40 as the money is paid the same to first in each section. Another really busy days fishing which I really enjoy, most of my fish came on expander over G/Bait Or over 4mm's with a few dampened micros fed over the top. Glad to be having another go, Like I said most of my fishing will be on my doorstep for the next few months but try & get into a bit more detail when I have chance.                


Monday, 17 July 2017

The Return"

Sorry but a lot has gone on over the last few weeks some not so good but more of that in a bit, I did make a half hearted attempt back on the bank starting at Shiplate Farm main lake a few weekends ago, I say half hearted, When loading the gear in the motor I just didn't seem that keen still, I managed to draw my normal haunt of peg 6, Decided I was just going to target silvers with expanders or corn with ground-bait as that's all I had with me", As soon as the whistle went it all went tits up" My Cupping kit somehow snapped shipping the first ball out which caused it to sink" I made a bodge job of trying to fix my spare cup on with a piece of stick? Nope" The same bloody thing happened with the next ball! Well that was the icing on the cake really, I scraped together around 8lb of silvers but with two hours to go sitting in a sun trap on the hottest weekend of the year not putting much in the net I had enough & the kit was soon back collecting spiders again!"

I returned to the bank last weekend & to be honest I was really looking forward to it' Simply because it was an Open on the River Huntspill so a welcome break from the commercial scene. I've always enjoyed the challenge of either trying to catch bream usually on the feeder or targeting eel's on the pole, I always opt to fish for eels as I've never really seen massive weights of small fish from the pole lines & usually those who put a net of small fish together have to fish it for a long duration therefore missing out fishing for the bigger skimmers/bream on the tip & some of the eels are big' so soon add weight to the net. 

It was a good turn-out with 65 Anglers fishing the first open on the river since this time last year" I ended up drawing peg 100 below Woolavington bridge, Last year I drew this section on the last super league & peg 99 was the form peg framing in the first two matches, I had to contend with peg 101 also being the end peg of the match at are end but was keen to get going'. I had around a dozen chucks with the feeder full of bait before attaching the hook-length but it was a very slow start, We new are pegs hadn't been fished yet this year so the fish have to get used to seeing some of are baits" with my peg set back slightly I could only see the guys either side of me & the tip of the rod from peg 98 who had a few early bream in the first 30mins" I spent most of the match on the tip the pole line was slow with just one 6oz perch to show for it after a couple of attempts, I struggled to catch eels here last year for some reason & am convinced the don't like some areas. It was hard work but I plugged away for just under 12lb of skimmers with a couple pushing 2lb late in the day but did lose one slightly bigger when chatting to an old team made from my Thatcher's days who reminded me I had hair then" The section was won with 20lb but the pegs either side of me they finished with 3lb & 4lb so felt I had learnt a bit & fished a good match for a change" Lol, Stretch" Won the match from the end peg at Puriton with 31lb & 16lb made the frame so I wasn't far away.

I was back again this weekend firstly an attempt to fish a match on acorn fishery but planned to just fish worm an casters I had baby sat from last weekend, I thought I was onto a winner when I drew the peg I fancied, Peg 9, A nice short reach at 12mts, Perfect as well as plenty or margin, I cocked it right up! and struggled to put 37lb on the scales, Saying that peg 5 had 38lb peg 6 53lb & peg 11 similar to myself, Most of the fish seemed to be on the straight or up the far end which makes a change, It didn't help as I chose to fish around 6inches off the far bank due to the foliage, Big mistake as the fish were rooting against the shallower mud line which I should have gone & trimmed before we started to get tight to it. Lesson learnt".

Back to the Huntspill to fill in for the Maver Team for the latest round of the Super League, In all the years I have never had the privilege off an end peg in any league match but was happy when captain Chris Hook handed me peg 60, end peg at the top of woolavington this time which turned out to be a bloody long walk" The unfortunate part is it fished hard in the practice last week compared to other areas but some bait had now gone in so kept an open mind, Chris had been fortunate to draw peg 98 which won the section I was in last week but Ivan Currie had an even better result with an end peg one above where the match was won last week' so things looked hopeful for them? It was a fair old chuck to the far bank which I new I couldn't reach so opted to fish as far as I could comfortably cast which was around 25mts from the far side, I felt for the best result most of the better fish would come from this line to do well in the section so would be on it for most of the day? I did set up two pole rigs to fish at 13mts, One on the deck for Eel's & one to fish off the deck for roach ect, I had to be positive today so spodded out twenty feeder full's with a mix of chopped worm, Squatts & dead red maggots to get a carpet of bait down encase a shoal of fish approached from my right to try & hold them their? That's the theory anyway".

It took me 15mins before I feed some maggots on the pole line & started the day with dead red maggot on the hook, In the first 20mins I managed a tiny roach & a 2oz perch so it wasn't hectic' I was switching baits to try & get a response and after 45mins of the match gone I had a decent fish on, I got it over some weed it kited for & just as I went to get it to the net the feeder bounced & the hook flew out" Bye Bye 3lb Bream!". Marvellous.. At least I didn't lose it over the feed so kept my hopes up of a few more even though I wanted to cry" I kept hoping & did manage a couple of small 6oz skimmers among the tiny perch' & did manage a fish pushing 2lb & one close to a 1lb but after 2hrs decided to give it another quick five chucks with some feed before having a look on the pole line I had been feeding from the start, I was going to try the lighter rig to see what was in the swim but went straight on the deck to try & snare some eel's, Starting with maggot on the hook it took a matter of seconds to get a bite, Eel number one around 7oz, Then another & another" both of similar size, next put-in I had to weight a bit longer but had a slightly bigger fish around 12oz, A short wait again saw me add another around a 1lb then 5mins later one over a 1lb' this couldn't last surely? I gave it another 10mins but no more so was back on the feeder.

I spent the rest of the match giving it 30mins at a time on the feeder before having a quick look on the pole, oddly I never had another eel on the pole only some small perch & rudd, Thankfully I did manage to land a bream close to 3lb & some more 1lb plus fish later in the day & thought I had ended with around 14lb? Nigel Evans was admitting to 20lb but went on to win the section with 24lb of bream, skimmers & roach, The lobby's chap to my left weighed 17lb odd before I also finished with 17lb odd but lost out to him for second in the section by ounces costing me £50 along the way but again I had a really enjoyable days fishing, I couldn't see a soul all day let alone here anything so just got my head down working away for bites. Back at the results Chris (Gappy) Parr of the Sensas 88 mob did well to win the day next to Chris off peg 97 with 57lb of bream al on the feeder, Chris did ok though to finish 2nd in the section with 20lb & Ivan came back with an even better result winning his section with 31lb & finishing 2nd on the day, 19lb was 6th on the day so again not far away & the bream defiantly was costy' Really enjoyed the day again & looking forward to filling in again for them next week.

Back to the not so good news, My Lovely Wife Yvonne has been suffering with loss in her fingers so had an MRI Scan which has revealed she has a form of MS which wasn't good news, It looks like she has to go for an opp on her shoulder blades sometime soon after a visit with the specialist but that's about as much as we know at the moment, Doing this blog does take up some time & after a days fishing & I'm sure their will be some jobs I have to help with for her on my return home' I will do my best to update any matches I may be fishing asap but hope you can understand Yvonne will always be more important at the end of the day.                        

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Just to update things I chose to have a weekend or two away from fishing as I needed a break, Un-fortunately it has been somewhat extended' Due to some idiot I was put in a situation where it became a case of having to defend myself as I wasn't going to get one first" Not ashamed to say it landed quite sweetly seeing as I'm getting on a bit now but just my luck I smashed my hand in the process, The result was the Local A+E a few hours later due to swelling. Nice & simple to patch up I thought but not in my case, It resulted me going under the knife in the Theatre of the New' Southmead Hospital last Friday which didn't turn out to be to severe with no tendon damage but still needed a good flush out & stitching back together! Hopefully his dental bill expensive but they do say don't pick on the little one's". Well that's me off the bank for at least a couple of weeks until its all healed but that's life, So until then Tight Lines until I'm back on the bank.    

Monday, 15 May 2017

Sedges Fishery (Top-Kit) League. Round 1, Tile Lake. (Sunday)

Well back for another crack at this top-kit league with three rounds of twenty anglers & the top ten from two sets of qualifiers making the final to be held on the same lake on the August bank holiday, The day started with a lovely breakfast at the wooden spoon in Weston which now opens at 7am on a Sunday with fellow competitor's John page & his Travelling partner Simon Ryall who haven't fished it before, Last year I did make the final coming 2nd on the day so a nice pick-up & was keen to try & make it again, The wind was in the same direction as the day before but not quite as strong but again I fancied the far bank with the wind off their backs. I was quite late in the draw queue so had one of the last numbers & I could of cried, I Only went & picked the same peg as yesterday, 32!" FFS..... No I didn't fancy it, Again..

Fish have fins as they say so lets just hope they were still munching on my left overs from yesterday!" Owe well not a lot to set up then', I say this is a top kit only match but you can use a short number 4 section as long as the length of the pole you using does not exceed 3mts". I had two rigs, 4x14 & 4x14 Rubes set up on 0.17-0.15 & a 16 & 14 PR438 hooks, & a 0.3g rig on the same line to fish down the edge 2ft deep towards the tree overhanging the water,
between myself & are foreign counterpart Ziggy Slowiski on end peg 31 which I fancied to win the section with the wind blowing right in, & on my left I Had team mate Bobby Gullick on peg 33, Now its not my rules but he was guesting today as he's fishing the other set of qualifier's, His points wouldn't count but personally I don't agree with it as you still get a picture of what to do when it comes to his rounds'?? Not that he needs it as he's won it the last two years! Yesterday I put all my faith in meat & although this would be my main attack I also had some pellets on the tray including some 6mm expanders.

I started the match down towards the tree in the shallower water which was probably a mistake as after 10mins Bobby was already playing a decent fish caught straight in-front of him on the deck which turned out to be over 13lb & added one slightly bigger in the next hour' I couldn't get any indications on the meat so after an hour fed a few hard 6mms off to my left, I gave it a try after 15mins before trying a 6mm expander over the top, I had a bite straight away but the 4oz skimmer was a bit much for my elastic' & came straight off, Ziggy had a decent tench & had started to hook a few carp but judging by the foreign language it wasn't all going well". After nearly 3hrs of sitting like a gnome & just one 8oz skimmer on the meat I was losing the will to live so time to stretch my little legs , I walked down to Pagey' on peg 35 who was also struggling having just two small roach & a tiny skimmer, Back at my peg I continued on the meat, I had just looked at the time, & my float shot under which I promptly missed but at least it was a sign, at 1.30pm I had my first carp around 5lb soon followed by another slightly smaller, 10mins later I hooked a beast but not in the mouth & we parted company before I landed a 7lb fish in the fin' I had to wait for bites but at least I was getting signs of fish, At one point the heavens opened & I had only gone & left my coat in the van but because I was getting indications I had to stick it out with just my sweater which proved worth while as I netted two more but again they weren't decent fish but at least I was catching. Not for long, The rain stopped & so did bites" the last part of the match again was a struggle, I was hoping for some late fish down the edge but never had an indication here all day, I managed one more fish around 7lb but lost two more foul hookers, One just moments before the whistle around 15lb" Ziggy had finally sorted his swim out & went on to finish 3rd on the day with 80lb odd, And Bobby's good start added to the fish he had through the day saw him finish with 70lb odd, My fish went 44lb which was just over halfway so not a bad result after my dire start, Winner on the day was Weston's Matt Culpin from end peg 40 with 110lb catching on 6mm expander over hard pellets in the open water & a few fish down the edge on meat so well done to him, You can see his report on his blog, Culpins Calamities.

 Winner Matt.

I can't say I'm really enjoying my fishing at the moment, I took last weekend off hoping for a change of fortune but it wasn't to be, This match fishing lark doesn't come cheap with entry fee's ect ect, It gets a bit much sometimes so planning to take another weekend away from it next week so sorry for shortage of blogs at the moment. On a more positive note after a chat with a few people I'm thinking of running a six match series next season on Saturdays, Six different venues with a maximum pole length of 5 sections?, This will probably take some arranging so please mention to me if you may be interested as it will probably be limited to around 20ish anglers. Owe' & how spooky is this' I decided on the way home the wife & myself would have an Hungry Horse meal at are local, I couldn't believe it when they asked for are table number & it turned out to be 32..!" At least this one had a horseshoe under it..'

Full Results -

1st Matt Culpin (Culpins Calamites) peg 40, 110lb 1oz.

2nd Neil Fuidge (The Sedges) peg 28,  89lb 14oz.

3rd Ziggy Slowinski (The Sedges) peg 31, 81lb 13oz.

4th Bob Gullick (Mosella UK), peg 33, 79lb 7oz.

5th Jess Jordan (Summerhayes) peg 25, 72lb 14oz.

6th Rich Coles (The Sedges) peg 37, 64lb 10oz. 

Sedges Fishery (Guru Series Tile Lake). Round 4.

Back again for this fourth round of this five round league, Not in contention for an overall frame place despite finishing in the top 6 in the first three rounds but have so far enjoyed the matches so was looking forward to the day. I had a wander around before the match & their seemed to be a few carp chasing the silvers spawn in the margins of the far bank swims which would have the wind off their backs today which was due to increase as the day progressed so was hoping for a draw on this bank for a change. Into the draw & I found myself on peg 32 on the split bank between brick lake,
The higher number pegs further along tend to dominate & with the peg only producing 20lb in the last round I wasn't to hopeful, I set up the waggler to try & fish towards the island but if the wind got any worse I would have a job presenting it so set up a small cage feeder to fish the same distance. Tomorrow is the start of the topkit only league so I decided this would be my only pole swim today to hopefully give me a hindsight as what to expect so set up a 4x14 float on 0.17-0.15 & a 16 B911 hook.

I started the day fishing the pellet wagg towards the island feeding shorter feeding a few 8mm's & began to feed a few 6mm's just over halfway across, I did have an early 4lb carp after ten minutes but only when I got the float tight to the island,
Already the wind had picked up as was making things difficult, King of the swingers' Mark Leader who was guesting today on my left had a better size fish on the method early but things were already not looking good with fish being caught further down on are side. I would like to say things got better but they didn't for me" . I switched to the small cage feeder to the island & did hook two more, both which snagged me within seconds snapping my hooklength like cotton". I managed one more on the wagg & Finally got a couple of bites on the topkit on meat, The first turned out to be a 16lb 8oz carp which seemed to take forever to net as it was hooked just outside the mouth so couldn't get its gob up which wasn't helped with this topkit not having a puller kit! but at least I landed it' The only other bite was from a 1lb skimmer & that was the end of my day. Mark had a couple more on the method & did get a monster eel & a few late carp on his longer meat line & was admitting to 40lb & peg 31 in the corner was admitting to 50lb so I didn't trouble the scales again today"  Tiverton's Martin Heard took the top weight on the day with 146lb from peg 39 Followed by two weights of 114lb, Fishery owner Jamie Rich finisher 2nd by 1oz' which now see's him on four section wins & as the day panned out it now means he cant be caught for the overall title, Back again in a couple of weeks for the final round so hopefully I can have a better day as this is getting hard to take at the moment'.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Summerhayes Fishery (Weds Rover).

I booked in not knowing how many were in but a bit disappointing with only 5 of us present including team mate Gabo who booked in at the last minute, Perhaps with everyone favouring costcutter' matches perhaps the £21 entry puts them off? Still here now so plenty of choice where to fish" I ended up with third choice & after Mark Hannon went for one I was hoping for on longs  I ended up going on Lily Pool all on my tod" with the wind off my back I planned a simple day fishing short as I new with some resent weights over 150lb on the other ponds I would have to catch from the off, Gabo opted for a peg with the wind blowing in to the small island on peg 13 Sellicks & the other two went on longs. I simple rig to fish meat at 6mts & off to my left at the same distance & a rig to fish at 5mts to the point on my left down the inside edge & back towards the pallet on my right.

I wont bore you with hooks line Ect as at the moment I seem to be ill fated or have I just became crap overnight"? No funny comments please because I could get my Mo-Jo back & batter you off the next peg! wishful thinking? My day went a bit like this, Started on the meat at 6mts, 20mins, Not a sniff, Off to my left the same distance where I had fed a decent amount of 6mms at the start, One foul hooker which came off, down to the right hand inside point on the hour mark, Nothing, Down to the pallet on corn, Still nothing...

I rotated lines for two hours before I finally caught, A 1/2oz rudd! finally I caught a 2lb carp by feeding 6mm hard pellet & using 8mm on the hook to avoid the blips playing pin-ball with my banded 6mm" , Before the halfway point Gabo was off for more nets as he was already close to his limits on the first two" Chose the right peg today then didn't I.. I did start to get the odd carp between 2-4lb but had to wait to long for bites, So with a couple of hours to go dumped nearly the entire contents of my bait tray down the edge" & took a wander over to see how Gabo was catching for a while. I gave it another go on my return & had a couple more but called it a day with just under an hour to go tipping back a mere 40lb. I went to see Gabo again who was still catching the odd carp & admitting to 60 odd carp & a few small tench so I guessed he had over 200lb & their were two weights over 100lb on longs, I didn't stay for the weigh-in but it turned out Gabo did win the day but had the added bonus of beating the lakes & venue record with 240lb odd so well done Mate. He fished well for it being positive as he does" Lol , Bill Hopping ended up with 160lb odd with Mark having 120lb plus.

Good weights for the few of us fishing but I certainly chose the wrong lake today to try & compete, I know some fish from this lake have been moved, A few more than they thought I'm hoping as I managed to skilfully avoid the lakes entire contents for most of the day despite being here on my own! I would of probably been best to pick a swim with the wind blowing in on the opposite bank but who knows hey" Its only fishin!.          

Monday, 1 May 2017

Shiplate Farm (Squical pool) Sunday.

Only a little knock-up again but with loads of small carp & goldfish' in this lake we were all hoping for plenty of bites, I let Carol draw for me again today & wasn't to disappointed when she handed me peg 14 which I've drawn twice in the three times I've been on here winning all previous knock-ups so was hopeful of catching well again. The only difference today is I had John Hawkins opposite me on peg 11 so we would be sharing the island so to speak. I had a dire day, I started cad-potting a few 4mms fishing hard 6mms or 4mm expander on the hook off the island in the deeper water & caught a couple of small fish but already I was having to wait for bites which wasn't a good sign as the pegs in the lower numbers were already catching one a chuck' I spend the day scratching around for between 12-14lb which was probably last on the pond, Kurt Pinkett won the day with 54lb odd from peg 1 & Julian Pinkett next to me on the other side of the small island finished 2nd with 30lb odd but he didn't have a peg in opposite him which would of helped. John Hawkins ended up catching a few when he put some G/Bait in which I didn't take today but to be honest I don't think you can get it to wrong if your on a few but today wasn't to be for me Lol.

Shiplate Farm (Main Lake) Monday.

Back Again for another go on the main lake, Myself & John Page decided we would have the last two tickets in the bag & swap with each other, Big Mistake" Peg 9a in the bottom end of the lake which is very shallow & not produced lately & Kurt only managed 4lb here last Sunday so I wasn't to hopeful, I drew John peg 4 which can be ok & I would have much preferred it to mine but hey ho",

I chose to ignore the rods today as I new John didn't catch here on them last week & the waters very shallow over to the island so set up two rigs to fish for carp off the tree to my left at 13mts one in the shallow water tight in & one for the deeper water just over 2ft off the end of the tree. Apart from this I would fish for silvers in the open water & settled for a couple of lines at 9mts in 4ft of water because if I went any further out it got even shallower". I started the day off the tree hoping for an early carp but nothing, so started dump-potting hemp & Small amounts of corn off the end of the tree. I went over the G/bait & Chopped worm line to my right at 9mts & caught a 1lb skimmer but bumped one the next put-in which cocked this line right up as I only caught small skimmers over it for the rest of the day & some chunky roach, I fed micros at 9mts infront of me but never had a bite over it" I managed one carp off the end of the tree, All 12oz of it & managed another skimmer over a 1lb but that was it, With just under an hour to go the skies started to blacken right over & rumbles of thunder made the decision for me to call it a day, It hadn't been an enjoyable weekend as I was hoping but that's the way it goes so I tipped back around 6lb of silvers & just managed to get the kit in the van before we had a downpour, I finished the day off with a quick pint where john met me afterwards, He struggled for a few bits & a couple of carp so not much better but the day was won be Pete Sivell from the famous peg 1" with over 100lb & the silvers was won by Julian Pinkett on peg 6 with 20lb odd.

Weekends like this make you want to pack it all in but I'm sure by next week I'le        be just as keen to go again".

Monday, 24 April 2017

Shiplate Farm Main Lake (Shiplate v Clevedon A.A).

Back on the main lake today guesting for the Shiplate v Clevedon A.A friendly they have been holding home & away for the last couple of years & with the score standing at Four - Nil in Shiplates Favour so keen to keep the winning going in the teams run." Ten of us from each side would be spread around the lake on alternant pegs, After a wander around & a brew before hand it was nice to see a few old faces, Dave Smart of the old Thyer's Team & Steve Warren who has recently returned to fishing, I even snapped this bunch of fish following the pollen from peg 2'.
 It looked like being a nice day again with little breeze & I was going to ask Carol to do my draw again but being busy with the board I had a dip myself, I shouldn't of done as peg 8 was stuck in my mit' Not the best of pegs but the day was on total team weights so I didn't even bother to try for silvers as I didn't think I would compete for a weight from here so carp all the way for me today, hopefully!.

Having drawn here before I new the peg held a nice margin to my left & a bush in the water on my top-kit to my left which I hoped would produce a few fish,
 As well as an island chuck but it was really shallow tight over as the geese were stood up in some parts".
As soon as I was setting my box up I noticed a decent fish swirl down my left margin so spend the next hour assembling my kit as quiet as possible, Simple again today a shallow swinging rig for mugging any swimming around further out on the long pole two rigs to fish a shallow & on the deck down the edge but didn't plum this as I didn't want to disturd any fish' & a rig to fish on the deck at 9mts over micro's in 4ft of water as a get out of jail line'.

I cupped a decent amount on this line & went straight down the left margin with a rig set 18inches deep to start with with meat on the hook but didn't feed anything, I gave it 5mins & nothing happened so set the rig around 2ft & switched to banded hard 8mm pellet cad potting just a couple of the same over the top, a few minutes later & I hooked a lump only for the hook to pull as it swam out! B*****K's, I fed the same again & gave it ten minutes but nothing happened, Before the start Steve (Peanut) Howell had wandered around & pointed out a bunch of carp feeding on the surface in Mike Owens peg 7 around half-way across, They were feeding on some sort of pollen & by now they were heading my way & within reach at 16mts' I couldn't resist it so out went the swinging rig with banded 8mm, Wallop' He's on & 8lb soon in the net". I probably shouldn't have dobbed straight on them as they had disappeared but at least I had one in the net.

back down the edge & after a bit of lifting & dropping I was in again, It was a decent fish which soon came in around 12lb so 20lb in the first 45mins was a good start, The problem was all signs of fish down the edge had long gone, I gave it another 20mins but all I added was a skimmer & a crucian around a 1lb each, I had been pinging the odd pellet towards the aerator to my left at 16mts so had another go on the long line rig, I hooked one straight away but again it came off but I checked the hook & it was blunt so my fault' I couldn't get another bite here after as the fish what were present seemed very cagey, I had been feeding the odd 8mm pellet on the top-kit line to the bush & gave it a go after a couple of hours, I did have a fish around 4lb quite quickly but never had another sign here all day, The next few hours were a real struggle, The sun was out but I was totally in the shade as were my margin lines & I'm sure this made a difference to catching more from them as the water still isn't at it warmest yet, I managed a couple more skimmers down the left margin & managed 1 carp on the shallow wagg around 4lb to the island but did miss two bites, The shallow rig near the aerator didn't produce & I even assembled a paste rig to fish on the deck over the top which didn't produce a bite & nor did the 9mt line. A bit disappointing after the good start but I don't know what else I could of done to catch more carp today, At one point I looked at the flat calm swim for any signs of fish but they had all disappeared by the look of it!" It turned out I didn't do to bad finishing with 33lb as peg 9 didn't catch & Kurt Pinkett only managed 4lb odd from 9a so not a lot in are bit then'. Back at the results & Rich Hawkins on 14a had a great day finishing with 141lb on the paste ahead of Golly Jones who took 62lb from peg 1. As far as the winning team went well its now 5 - 0 as we nearly doubled Clevedon's weight with 400lb odd thanks mainly to Rich being on the Shiplate side' but a good bit of fun & banter before & after makes for a good day.

Full Results -

1st Rich Hawkins (Shiplate) peg 14a, 141lb 8oz.

2nd Gordon Jones (Shiplate) peg 1, 62lb 6oz.

3rd Dave Smart (Clevedon) peg 15, 50lb.

4th Andy France (Shiplate) peg 3, 45lb 12oz.

5th John Page (Clevedon) peg 5, 42lb 12oz.

6th Mike Owens (Clevedon) peg 7, 36lb 10oz.

Silvers - 1st Andy Deverant (Clevedon) peg 14, 12lb 6oz.  


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sedges Fishery Guru League (Round 3) Saturday.

Out with the wife after yesterdays match so time to catch up on the last two days, Back to the tile lake of this five match series, Not doing to well in the overall standings but still decent monies on offer to the daily winners so all to play for, Greeted with another nice day ahead weather wise, & close to the front of the draw I found myself on peg 39,
Happy with this as theirs been a few fish caught here in the first couple of rounds so fancied it for a few, End peg 40 has been the hot peg so hoping Mike West wouldn't give me neck ache all day'
The rest of my section consisted of team mate Bobby Gullit on 38,
Jamie (Top of the moaners') Parkhouse on 37 with Comic's Ken Raynor on peg 36 to complete are mini section, The wind wasn't really in are favour pushing at us from the other side of the lake but I still fancied catching a few over to the far island on the bomb or shallow waggler, Paul Holmwood drew this on the first round when I was on 38 & suffered with snagging on the bomb so I decided to chuck right up the side of the island hoping any fish I hooked I could steer over it?
Apart from the rods all I assembled was a rig to fish shallow on the long pole for banded pellet & a meat rig at 5mt in close to 5ft of water were I set up a 4x14 chanti on 0.17-0.16 & a 16 PR478 Hook.

On the all-in I fed around 30 pieces of meat at 5mts as wanted to try & force it a bit on this line & just a couple of cubes off to my left at the same distance & started the day on a small cage feeder with pellets in to the island with paste wrapped around the pellet, I was the first to catch in are section but it wasn't an expected carp just a 1lb plus skimmer, I gave it nearly an hour whilst feeding hard 8mms over the top, Mike Had caught one carp but nobody else had in my section so decided to switch to the wagg with banded 8mm, I soon had a fish around 3lb expecting another straight away but the a bit wise to this' The next one I hooked put me in the snag" but I did eventually have another of 5lb Which I got right up over the snag by standing up as soon as it was hooked but getting a bite was proving hard work, Approaching the third hour I had had one more but wanted to try the pole line encase any better fish were around but 15mins later & no early signs I decided to give the conker' another try, I did hook a fish but it was after I fed & I think it was a fouler snapping my hooklength, Mike had added another fish but Bobby had just a skimmer & a decent eel but he managed to let it slip back" & Jamie & Ken appeared to be struggling, I had been pinging a few 6mm at 14mts but after the others had tried these lines without fish I was back  on the wagg.

It wasn't hectic & was proving hard work to feed & fish the distance with the wind not in are favour & my knuckles were getting well & truly wrapped" but it seemed I was the only one getting the odd carp in the section so stuck at it, With a couple of hours to go I seemed to be stuck on 30lb for ages before I had a better fish out of the blue pushing 8lb which helped to keep ahead of the section, I had kept dump potting meat on the 5mt line at regular intervals as well as feeding the other line lightly so gave them another go & at this stage nobody had caught on it but again it didn't happen.

With around an hour to go mike had netted a couple more carp but had lost a few, Bobby had borrowed a waggler rod off Jamie & caught one carp straight away then nothing & Jamie & ken were still struggling, It was hard work to get any indications on the wagg but I had caught a few late fish on it last match, Bobby was putting his faith in the meat on the short pole & it paid off with a fish nearly 18lb followed by another over 13lb minutes later" I did manage a three late fish to add another 11lb or so on the wagg in the last 30mins but bobby had managed to net a couple more 8lb plus fish so I new on the all-out it would be close between us for the section, When the scales arrived 116lb was winning the match with a 115lb weight on are bank further up the lake, Bobby had estimated on having 55-60lb but I didn't quite think I had that as some of my fish were small, He ended up with 68lb odd to my 61lb so just a decent fish in it for the section but fair play to him for having the faith in the meat line to produce, Well done mate, I fed mine to heavy from the off hence no fish of it but I just wanted to try it positively, lesson learnt Lol, I enjoyed the day & had to work hard to get the odd fish but it paid off in the end as Bobby ended up 3rd on the day meaning I picked up the section pools of £35. Winner on the day again was fishery owner Jamie Cook not on peg 40 this time but opposite on the other end peg 21" This man can draw! with 116lb on his favourite method & pellet wagg.

Back again in a few weeks for the fourth round, Out of it in the overall standings but still winning to fish for on the day which proves worthwhile. Forgot to mention the duck with her chicks, All nineteen of them" that must of been a job sitting on that lot!

Full results -

1st Jamie Cook (The Sedges) peg 21, 115lb 14oz.

2nd Mark Bellringer (The Sedges) peg 35, 114lb 2oz.

3rd Bob Gullit (Mosella UK) peg 38, 69lb 4oz.

4th Lee ( The Sedges) peg 26, 65lb 5oz.

5th Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 39, 61lb 1oz.

6th Tom Magnul (Mosella UK) peg 29, 55lb 13oz.

Silvers -

1st Vic Bush (Mosella UK) peg 34, 17lb 11oz.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Maver S4 Z-Frame Double Cross Draw Seatbox For Sale.

After Purchasing a New Seatbox a few weeks ago I've been meaning to advertise my Maver Box.
This box has been well looked after & is in very good condition & the only reason I wanted to change is I found it just a tad to high to fish the long pole properly which is hardly surprising with my dumpy legs".

I took the time to make separations in the two cross draws to stop things moving around & the box comes with a decent sized unit under the lid,

It comes with another unit which fits into the frame above the seat box ideal for winder trays ect, as well as room for over twenty winders under the seat,

The only slight issues is the paint chip off the frame on the front you can see in the 3rd pic and the bottom part of the frame you can see here where it's been rubbing on my trolley', These boxes are still selling at the moment for £545.00 but I'm wiling to take £300, Its a box at the high end of the market which I was reluctant to change but needs must. you can contact me on 07967243456.

Shiplate Farm (Main Lake). Sunday.

Bit late with this one as I'm up at 3.30am for work most days at the moment & was shattered after yesterday (Not By Bagging") Lol, No fry-up this morning but I did make sure I ate this week' A sell out again with 20 fishing but conditions looked favourable with a slight wind blowing into the near bank, I've not seen much of this lake for a while after drawing peg 1 on my last four visits" Or should I say The Lovely Wife or Owner Carol have drawn it for me so with the wife working today it was down to Carol to do the honours again'.

It wasn't to be peg 1 this time around but peg 13a on the far bank just off the end of one of the islands but was a long chuck" Happy with the draw & a couple of weeks ago Andy France had a few here & caught some big fish down the edge so was hoping for a bit of the same? With the conditions near perfect on are side I fancied to catch a few on the long pole shallow failing this on the deck with paste" yep Paste! Don't do this often these days' so had a shallow rig for banded pellet & the rig for the deck with a size 12 hook' both to be used around 14mts, A decent rig' for down the edge in 2ft of water at 5mts between myself & Roy Ede on peg 13 but it was a bit tight sharing it' I also assembled the bomb rod & pellet wagg but decided to start the day fishing a small cage feeder with pellet & Conker on the hook (Paste moulded around pellet). I fed a good helping of 6mm pellet at 14mts then chucked the conker in the open water at around 30mts whilst pinging 6mms with the catty on the long pole line & feeding just the odd hard 8mm down my edge, I left the first cast in around 15mins without any liners so chucked slightly further towards the end of the island, Ten minutes later I had a slow pull round which kept going' I soon had a 5lb fish in the net but it came attached to some carpers' set up with a braid hooklength & a lead I would use to hold a keepnet down" What made it worse it wrapped around my small feeder & hook trashing it completely! Ho Hum another day spent tackling up hey"?? I was soon back out but nothing followed so had a quick look on the pellet wagg as a few fish seemed to be near the surface.

This didn't work' as soon as I pinged a few 8mms out the fish were gone" but I had confidence the shallow pole would be ready to plunder as I had been feeding it for an hour or so, Starting with a 6mm hair rigged hard pellet I expected indications straight away but it didn't happen I continued to ping a few & kept the slapping up" but my only sign was a 1lb skimmer'. I thought they just might be on the deck so out with paste on the hook & a bite in seconds saw another 1lb plus skimmer followed by another & another" before I started to see signs of carp nearer the surface, Back on the shallow rig I finally managed one near 7lb but that was it! What was even more frustrating was Kurt Pinkett on peg 14 had taken a couple shallow the same distance but had not fed a thing' I remember being on this swim last year & Russ peck caught shallow on peg 14 but on peg 14a Andy France & myself caught next to nothing" I went further out & to the right where I hadn't fed but still couldn't tempt any, Back on the deck I had a couple more skimmers before things went dead completely, I had a look down the edge after the first 90mins but decided to be positive after no early signs & dump potted bigger amounts of feed down the inside, With an hour to go I saw signs of fish & dropped in with a decent piece of paste, Gone!.

I just couldn't catch a carp" Roy next to me had a carp in the first ten minutes then spent the rest of the day struggling but Kurt had managed a few more late in the day, I did prick one late in the match shallow but that was it I just couldn't get a bite on any method. When the scales got to Kurt 37lb was winning before he finished with 55lb which was good on the day so well done to him, I ended with just two carp & 8lb of skimmers, Roy didn't weight & apart from John Hawkins on peg 12 who won the day with 74lb odd catching down to a tree with hard 8mm he had between himself & Glyn Wickham on peg 11 who chose to fish for silvers & won this with 31lb odd most of us struggled for fish today.

In hindsight I would of been better off fishing the wagg on the deck for silvers today as 15lb was 2nd but hindsight's a wonder thing, I just couldn't get my head around Kurt not feeding but had fish appear on & off through the match in numbers. Well done to those who managed a few & I'm back here next Sunday guesting for Shiplate V Clevedon A.A so hoping for a few next time around.

Full Results -

1st John Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 12, 74lb 14oz.

2nd Kurt Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 14, 55lb 2oz.

3rd Pete Sivell (Frys) peg 8, 40lb 5oz.

4th Alan Healey (Frys) peg 15, 36lb 13oz.

5th  Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 11, 31lb 9oz.

6th Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 1, 26lb.

Silvers - 1st Glyn Wickham 31lb 9oz.


Sunday, 16 April 2017

Avalon Fishery (Teams of Four) Final Round.

I was filling in again today although I'm not quite sure for whom" Lewis Jones offered to pick me up which was handy after a few bevey's yesterday, We stopped off for breakfast in burham which thankfully was ok today, We arrived in plenty of time & I soon got to draw, Peg 6 which thankfully meant the wind which was due to increase was off are backs but just so happened to be the peg I had in the last round I filled in" I caught a few on the bomb & bread that day didn't even had any this time around putting my faith in a total pellet approach, First up I had the bomb rod & waggler rod assembled although I would put most of my faith in the shallow waggler across to the island at 30mts or so. Apart from this I set up a 4x12 F1 pellet float up on 0.15-0.13 & a size 16 F1 pellet hook to fish on the deck in nearly 7ft of water at 14mts & a shallow slapping rig' to fish the same distance off to my right.

For company I had Fishery Owner & Mosella Boss Vic Bush on peg 7 but he was going to concentrate on targeting the lakes silvers, On the all-in I fed three balls of G/Bait at 14mts to my left with micro's & 4mm's added & just fed a few hard 6mms the same distance to my right, Starting on the pellet wagg which I had clipped up before the start to land as close to the island as possible so no issues here then..

Like F**K" First chuck & I Was in the branches of an overhanging tree off the island I hadn't taken into account" & yep I lost the lot! Ok then Ile just chuck the bomb to the island whilst I Re-assemble the wagg, I Hadn't clipped this up before hand as usually I'm not a bad shot, The problem was I had forgot my sun glasses & as I cast it caught me right in the eyes, I was waiting for the plop' but it didn't happen as I had only chucked straight into the island' & yet again Lost the lot..!" Not a bad start to the day then....

I managed to set them both back up quite quickly & was soon back on the wagg, I missed a couple of early indications but it was a slow start, I did manage a carp but by now we were an hour into the match' Vic had netted a few decent skimmers on the long pole but I hadn't seen much being caught, I had a ook over the G/bait with 4mm expander on the hook & did manage two skimmers around 7oz a piece but had to wait for the bites so was soon back on the wagg, I would like to say it was a hectic day but it wasn't, I tried the bomb over to the island a couple of times without so much as a liner, the 14mt line with G/bait didn't produce, I kept pinging a few hard 6mm's to my right which I tried a few times, On the first put-in I pricked' a decent fish but apart from one more bite here later in the day I never took a fish off it, I ended the day with five carp, all taken on the wagg with 8mm pellet as tight to the island as I could get, I did miss a few bites most of which came as soon as the float hit the water & I did lose two but they could of been foul hookers, When the scales arrived 31lb was winning my section, I weighed 29lb odd before Vic managed 32lb of silvers & one carp for 40lb. Back at the results & Luke Pester from corner peg 24 won the day with 116lb ahead of Tom Magnal with 98lb, Vic went on to win the silvers so by default I picked up 2nd place in the section worth £25 so a bonus their' The league was won by the Fu Fighter team so well done to them picking up £300 between then which included the individual winner being Luke Pester so a big well done to him, Sorry again for no pic's as I remembered the camera but not the Sim card & it wouldn't allow me add photos" Off to Shiplate Farm tomorrow on the main lake for there sold out match & I couldn't possibly be on peg 1 for the fifth time in a row.. Could I ??. 

Full Results -

1st Luke Pester (Fu Fighters) peg 24, 116lb.

2nd Tom Magnal (Mosella UK) peg 27, 98lb.

3rd Paul Warton (Thyers) peg 48, 68lb.

Silvers -  1st Vic Bush (Mosella UK) peg 7, 32lb.

Overall Teams

1st Fu Fighters

2nd The Sedges

3rd Thyers.