Monday, 18 June 2018

Chiltern Trinity (Ash Lake).

I had a message at the beginning of the week to say Titch Williams was running a match on the canal lake at Chiltern Trinity, I have only ever fished here once a few years ago in the winter & it was shite' but was looking forward to having a go in the warmer months but didn't really know what to expect. Was having second thoughts when I found out their were only five of us fishing! but me & the kit were ready so decided to at least have a go, Titch had to peg us around some pleasure anglers as no pegs were reserved for us" He had to peg a few either side of the bridge which leads over to the main lake but I did make a point of saying not to put one of them in as it was a jungle on the far side, We had the draw & off I went to my peg above the bridge, Low & behold where was I? In the F*****G jungle peg!!" I couldn't believe it, Titch had drawn below me & had a lovely clear far bank to fish to, as were the next few pegs above me & their I was with a bank of reeds to fish against, Don't get me wrong it looked fishy with a bay off to my right but to go anywhere near it would be suicidal as it had a tree hanging into it & stick-ups all over the place, I wanted to chuck the kit back in the van & do one but after parting with my £20 I had to give it a try but had that gut feeing it was going to end in disaster"??, I think Titch thought the two pegs above me were reserved but they weren't as I sat there setting up cussing the fact I could of been on one of them."

I kept it simple, A rig to fish as close to the far bank reeds as I could in 18inches of water where I found a small area around 4mts from the bay & hoped it to be far enough to be safe enough to steer them clear but had my doubts' I had a rig to fish a couple of feet back towards me in the deeper water around 3-4ft & finally a rig to fish down the edge.

This Is How My Day Went!"

I started with banded hard 6mm pellet set a couple of inches off the deck tight over, cad potting a few of the same to begin with as I didn't really know what to expect, I had bites straight away with a few carp to 2lb in the net before I had a battle with a bigger fish which was desperate to get in the snags but got it in around 5lb, A few more small fish in the next 45mins before I had a fish pushing 8lb, I basically hooked it & shipped straight back to my top kit to stop it doing me" Things slowed down after this, but when I did hook a fish they were of better size but everyone made a run for the bay area which cost me a whole rig & a few hook lengths in the process, Titch had managed just two carp & was struggling but below him John page had netted a few, I was already boiling up with the pain of trying to stop the fish when a couple of hours in the inevitable happened" I hooked a lump which bolted into the bay behind the tree branch & before I could even react, BANG" the pole touched the tree snapping my number 4 section clean in half !!!, The fish buried itself under the stick-ups the other side of the tree leaving my top kit, plus the number 4 sticking out the lake". Now I was really P****D Off'...

I couldn't do anything about it at this stage but hoped to retrieve it at the end of the day, The rest of the day was slow fishing but I was still hooking the odd fish but the ratio was around 3 lost to one netted! With around an hour to go I had another decent fish dive in the stick-ups behind the tree, I managed to keep the pole out but it was now tethered around them causing a right commotion & just as I thought it couldn't get any worse it disturbed the fish which appeared to be tethered to the sections I lost earlier & it disappeared" I managed a couple more before the all out was called which I was very pleased to here for a change' I assumed the sections hadn't gone far so after asking for the boat which couldn't be used had to do the inevitable & dive in! I got into the bay area & retrieved a top kit, Just a shame it wasn't mine!" I had a good feel around but nope' it had disappeared...

Well what a day that was.. I managed to win the day with 49lb odd & john was 2nd with 33lb so I picked up £45 in the process, Just a shame the true price of the day would cost me around £250 to replace the three sections! well that wont be happening anytime soon so the high-light of my day was a couple of pints to calm my nerves in the Bristol Bridge Pub on the way home with a few Lads who had been fishing the two day event on the other lake" I shouldn't get wound up but today was totally avoidable if I had just been slightly further up on one of the other free pegs" I Knew from the start the jungle peg was going to be testing, It was that alright & expensive in the process!!

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 17, 49lb 12oz.

2nd John Page (Drennan Thyers) peg 15, 33lb 2oz.            

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Landsend Fishery (Saturday Open) Match Lake.

Time for a change of scenery for me so at the last minute I gave owner Mike Duckett a ring to book-in, It looked like being a fair day weather wise still warm with the risk of a shower, I arrived in plenty of time to enjoy a bacon & sausage sarnie in the on-site café which was very nice' I didn't really mind where I drew as its been sometime since I've been here so just hoped for a days fishing' Into the draw & out come's peg 18/19 which meant I had the choice of which swim to fish either side of the split between the island on the far bank, I opted for peg 18 as it was a bit easier to fish the edges & I also had the edge of the island at 16mts. I set up two of Stu Bartlett's hand made 0.2g, one on 0.17-0.15 & an 18 PR36 hook to fish around a 1ft off the bank but it was shallow around 12 inches, the other on 0.15-0.13 to fish in the deeper water a few feet off the bank in nearly 3ft of water, I had a 4x12 chanti on 0.17-0.15 & a 16 hook to fish at 7mts down the track to my left in 4ft of water, & finally a 0.2g AS4 float to fish down doth edges again at 7mts to the left & 5mts to the right where I had a tree stump in the water to fish towards both swims just over 2ft deep.

On the all in I fed some hard 6mms down the left edge, Fed a decent amount of the same across to the island & began down the track on meat feeding just a couple of cubes by hand, I had a bite after as couple of minutes which I managed to miss" but had another soon after & netted a 5lb carp so up & running' I gave it another 15mins or so but added just a couple of roach so time to look across.

I started on banded hard 8mm cad-potting a few hard 6mms over the top, I managed an early fish on this but started to miss bites? I went a couple on inches shallower & began to ping some 6mms with the catty over the top, Again it worked & I had another then it appeared the fish were spooking all over the place across & I lost a couple of foul hookers, This didn't seem right & I was going knowhere fast, I changed to fishing tighter in to the island again with 8mm banded pellet this time cad-potting a few hard 8mms over the top, This proved best for a while adding a few more before I started to get fish in the swim but couldn't hook any", Around halfway through I had had a look down the edges but was getting bitted out with the float dibbing up & down so switched to feeding just a few hard 8mms by hand every now & again, No more fish on the meat line so had to try & catch a few more across at this stage.

I decided to switch to hard 6mm in the band & came off the point of the island where I hadn't fed with the rig set around a 1ft deep, I began by just swing the rig in to start with & after a couple of goes I was in! another fish around 5lb soon followed by another around 4lb" I continued to ping a few hard 8mms closer to the island & every now & then dropped in to pinch the odd fish, I started to slap the rig off the point without feeding here & although it wasn't hectic I began to add the odd carp, It was to good to be true though & from nowhere the wind got up & was howling down the lake" I even got an extension out to take the pole to 17mts to give me some more balance but I was spending more time just trying to hold it still for a few seconds before getting spun round on the box than I did putting anything in the net, It was so frustrating as I knew the fish were still their but just couldn't present the rig! I had no chance of trying tight to the island without hooking the foliage, Which I managed a few times! I wasted nearly an hour trying to make it work really before I had to give up for the time being.

I had been feeding the edge with the odd hard 8mm pellet so had to give it a try, I started to the left & within a minute had a 4lb fish the nothing so dropped in on the right edge again with 8mm pellet, Again an instant fish before I pulled out of another just after hooking it which caused a commotion" I had continued to feed the track/meat line with the odd cubes & gave it another try but missed just one bite, I managed another carp from either edge before one took me the wrong side off the tree stump on the right snapping my elastic in the process" with 20mins to go the wind dropped a little so I went back off the point shallow again on 6mm pellet, as soon as I gave it a couple of slaps I was in' & had a fish around 7lb the wind picked up again slightly but I managed one more before the all out just a shame the wind hadn't stayed off for the last few hours as I feel I would have done well without even having to feed off the point, Come the end I had 76lb on the clicker which today I thought would be close, I didn't really know what had been caught but I knew Eric Fouracre on peg 5 had done ok as he began the day catching some F1's on worm across then added some better carp through the day.

I gave Beany" a hand with the weigh board whilst he did the scales, Rod Wotton had a few carp & 14lb of silvers from peg 2, Eric had 20lb of mainly F1's which count as silvers here to add to his 59lb of carp for a total of 79lb odd, Weighing around the rest of the lake the weights were quite close as there were a few 60lb weights before it got to me, I had a massive 11oz of silvers to add to my carp & it was close by I just pipped Eric to finish with 80lb odd, Ray had 16lb of silvers & a few carp above me before Stu Barnett was last to weigh on end peg 24, He admitted having a great last 30mins adding what turned out to be 39lb of carp to go with his earlier fish & 6lb of silvers to finished with 85lb winning the day so well done to him, It turned out to be a close match with just one fish separating the top three, happy to finish 2nd picking up £40along the way & will be back for another go soon I'm sure.

Full Results -

1st Stu Barnett (Landsend/S.B.Floats) peg 24, 85lb14oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 18, 80lb 9oz.

3rd Eric Fouracre (Sedges Fishery) peg 5, 79lb 12oz.

4th Dave Wescott (Landsend|) peg 13, 68lb 2oz.

5th Russ Pecker (Landsend) peg 11, 64lb.

6th Rich Lovering  (Clevedon. A.A) peg 15, 62lb 12oz. 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Shipate Farm (Squirle Pool)

Back on this little lake again today, It usually produces a few bite from the small carp & goldfish' with a few better fish in the lake if you can find them, 14 of us fishing so no spare pegs today, I fancied pegs 4 or 5 either side of the small bridge but it wasn't to be as I ended up on peg 13 at the far end off the lake with my back to hawthorn lake, It can produce a few fish but when I arrived at my peg I was disappointed to find it coated in pollen as the wind had blown it all down'. I struggled even plumbing up getting the rig coated it the stuff, I had a small dibber rig to fish close to the back of the small island at 9mts but with the water levels down it was shallow around 10inches deep, I wanted to have another line at 12mts behind the bull rushes further along the island but had no hope for the start of the match so had to hope it somehow cleared through the day? The only other rig I had was a rig to fish the deeper water off the island by a metre or so which was around 4ft deep, I Had Peanut Howell opposite me on peg 12 but he didn't have the pollen issues as it was all holed up on the rope my side", & Rich Hawkins on the last peg 14 next to me, On the all in I fed some hard 4mm pellets & some micros in the deeper water, fed a few 4mms down the edge by hand but again I thought it was a bit shallow? & began in the deep water with 4mm expander, I had a 2oz carp after 5mins but already I knew it wasn't right, Gary finders further down & Kurt Pinkett next to him on pegs 9 & 10 started right across & were already netting better size fish, I had to switch to the shallow water by the island, feeding a decent pot of G/bait starting with a bit of worm on the hook, I did net two carp over a 1lb but before they spooked off, Peanut had started to catch a few fish to the point of his island closer to where I wanted to try but I couldn't fish it so back to the shallow water feeding a bit of G/bait each put in with a cad pot, I was getting the odd fish but felt I was already falling behind with the pegs further along the straight & peanut, I had a look down the shallow edge but no early signs, I tried the deeper rig again but just another tiny carp on this, I plugged away for a few hours catching the odd fish with a couple close to 2lb, Rich seemed to be struggling but Gary & Kurt were still doing ok. I was really frustrated being limited to how far I could fish, the edge had now covered over in skum ect so that was now ruled out" so it was a case of fishing the 9mt line and making do".

I added the odd fish after switching to small pieces of meat on the hook instead of worm but you had to feed each put in to draw anything into the swim,  I was able to get further along the bank in the last hour but not close enough to the bank so fished meat shallow where I had been pinging a few pieces but this just resulted in a couple of small rudd" The last 90mins were a right struggle, I managed a decent 3lb plus fish but only added a couple of small carp before the all out. I thought I had 20lb odd as the fish were  on & off most of the day, I thought peanut had over 60lb as did Gary & I thought Kurt wasn't far behind? Me & rich were the last to weigh being on the opposite bank & when the scales arrived Peanut was leading the way but with less than I thought as he put 47lb on the scales, Gary again had less than I thought finishing with 41lb odd but Kurt had less than him finishing with 28lb odd, My turn & I was surprized to finish with 38lb odd for third on the day picking up £35 so a decent result in the end, I really didn't feel as if I was competing today & was surprized I wasn't to far off come the end, Frustrating when I knew I had the chance of catching more further along but I couldn't fish it so nothing I could. oddly I never had a goldfish today, most of the fish I had were carp from 10oz - 1lb odd. turned out to be another close little match come the end.

full results -

1st Steve Howell (Shiplate Farm) peg 12, 47lb 7oz.

2nd Gary Finders (Shiplate Farm) peg 10, 41lb 8oz.

3rd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 13, 38lb 8oz.

4th Nigel Webber (Shiplate Farm) peg 5, 33lb 15oz.

5th Kurt Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 9, 28lb 15oz.         

Friday, 8 June 2018

Shiplate Farm Friday Evening Match (Hawthorns).

I mentioned last week to a few anglers about running a few evening matches on a Friday being short pole matches to level things out a little, Top kit plus two sections only, We drew at 4pm & would fish from 5 till 9. For this match only eight of us but simple pegging for me as it meant every other peg from peg 1 to 15,  I had the last in the tub ending up on peg 5, Gabo had drawn peg 1 which I fancied for a few on this type of match but I expected it to fish well & we all had an empty peg so the winner could come from anywhere?

A simple set up, A shallow swinging rig but the rule I had is it was only allowed to be the length of you top kit. A 4x12 Rube on 0.17-0.13 for down the track at the maximum length allowed which was around 5ft deep, Set the same float up on 0.17-0.15 to fish down the edge to my left a foot or so off the bank in 4ft of water, Any closer & I would be in the stick ups on the deck, And finally a rig to fish down my right edge in a couple of feet of water on my top-kit.

I started the day feeding a decent amount of hemp & a few cube of meat down the left edge at the max length, Fed some G/bait & dead maggots in the shallow right edge & started on the deck at down the track on meat feeding just a couple of cubes by hand over the top, I expected a few early signs but 15mins on this I switched to the shallow rig trying further along the right edge where I had fed the odd cube, Still nothing, Down the left edge on the deck it was then again on meat but I started on two 6mm cubes, At last I had a fish but only around 2lb' I had heard some splashing above me from resident Steve Howell on peg 7 & John had caught below me on peg 3 by the sound of it? I was really struggling to get bites & after 90mins I had added just one carp around 3lb, Terry Taylor who was behind me from the start went for a wander after 90mins or so, I had tried down the track again but still nothing, & even tried in the shallow water with a bunch of maggots after seeing a sign of a fish but  that soon disappeared, I had just gone back down the left edge on single meat contemplating what to do next when I hooked a decent fish which turned out to be around 7lb, Followed by a 5lb fish not long after, I was feeding the odd cube by hand over the top & tried the shallow rig over the top when I saw a carp swirl, I missed a bite straight away then nothing but it didn't seem right, Terry return to say Gary |Finders on peg 9 had around 20lb & Peanut Howell had netted seven carp' I had 26lb on my clicker.

We still had a couple of hours remaining so thought if I could get the feeding right down the left edge I could get some more, I started to feed with a big pot again hemp & a few bits of meat & leave it for 5mins whilst trying the track line, I started to get the odd fish here again decent stamp but they were few & far between, Down the left edge proved best in the end I had a few fish feeding heavier then sitting on it & a few when I fed the odd cube over the top but this seemed to cause a few fish to come off the deck so didn't feed much by hand, The last hour was slow with only three fish added to the net but I cursed losing a decent fish down the track & from down the edge, I had heard a fair bit of splashing below me & though John Hawkins on peg 3 had done ok & Steve above me, Whilst packing up Steve said he only had around 40lb odd & John said he had around 35lb? I had 56lb on my clicker so we would see. Word was it had fished harder than we all expected as most said the had 30-40lb, Starting with Julian Pinkett on peg 15 he ended up with 46lb odd as did Gary on peg 11, Peanut finished with 45lb before my turn, I had a little more then the clicker finishing with 63lb odd, John guessed well finishing with 37lb odd & Gabo was last to weigh, He said he had a mare & would have 40lb at best but had 47lb of carp & 5lb of silvers for 53lb odd. So a good result for me winning the day when I thought I had been battered picking up £53 along the way, 2nd went to Gabo meaning John Hawkins won the silvers pool by default with 1lb 14oz!"

It didn't fish half as well as we all expected but I think there were a lot of fish interested in spawning as they were crashing in the reeds across further up the lake but it lead to a close match in the end & a pleasure to make the most of a pleasant evening. I'm running another in two weeks on the same lake/same rules so if anybody is interested either contact myself or book in at the fishery, £20 entry, Draw time will be 4pm & fish 5 till 9pm weather conditions permitting.

Full results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 5, 63lb 4oz.

2nd Gabo Skarba (Mosella UK) peg 1, 52lb 14oz.

3rd Gary Finders (Shiplate Farm) peg 11, 46lb 14oz.

4th Julian Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 15, 46lb 12oz.

5th Steve Howell (Shiplate) Peg 7, 45lb.

Silvers - John Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 3, 1lb 14oz.      

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Shiplate Farm (Main Lake) Sunday.

After spending the day with the wife again yesterday it was back to Shiplate Farms main lake, It was going to be a warm day with the sun already out but little wind, I had felling unless you drew the fancied pegs 1 & 15 it would be hard fishing for most with the bright conditions, A good turn out with nineteen fishing again, I let a few go before me but Titch drew one of the flyers peg 15 when he had the first peg out" I wasn't surprized to find myself on peg 6 as I haven't drawn it for at least four matches & was over due being back on it! I didn't really fancy it for winning the carp, Most times I have fished it I've struggled for a few carp but its got me nowhere, Most times I see others on here the same thing has happened so would be more inclined to target some silvers if early signs of carp didn't happen.

I set up a 4x12 rube on 0.17-0.13 & a 16 B911 to fish on the deck at 14mts in 5ft of water, Set up two shallow rigs, Long & short lines, & a 0.4g rig to fish down the edge in 3ft of water just off the rocks to my left at 9mts, Finally I set up a small method feeder to chuck to the island in the hope of some early fish. I had Gary Finders next to me again on peg 7 & Jonny page on peg 6 & had a feeing they would go all out for carp? On the all-in I fed some meat/hemp & corn down the short edge line, & cupped a decent amount of hard 4mm pellets at 14mts, I started on the method with Micros & 8mm pellet on the hook chucking to the island, I gave it 30mins but not a sniff, I had seen peanut Howell catcha couple of smaller carp on the method from peg 13 on the opposite bank & Mark jones had mugged two early fish down on peg 9. Onto the pole shallow to start with but still nothing in twenty minutes of trying, Gary was yet to catch as was john, Onto the deck rig with 6mm expander on the hook I still couldn't get bites, I began to feed 4mms with the catty over the top & finally I had a bite & a skimmer around 1lb, In the next 45mins I added another four around the same size before I felt it was time to feed a bit more with a large cup & rest it, I had been feeding corn on a new line at 13mts to my left so gave that a try but no signs here so fed another new line at 10mts this time with some micros & 4mm expanders.

Back out at 14mts I managed a few more bigger skimmers one pushing 2lb, Things seemed to be going well as I had over 10lb of skimmers by 1pm & still had 4hrs remaining' I think I had one more decent skimmer & a couple of had sized fish then nothing, & I mean Nothing! I had one more bite on the long pole which was a carp but we parted company' I had one bite on the new micro line but missed it' Never had a bite down the edge & never had a sign over the corn line, I just cant suss why this happens on here, It wasn't just me as those who were catching silvers on the far bank had seemed to have there lines shut up shop" I tried shallow for them, mid depth & just of the deck but it made no difference I just couldn't get another skimmer for the rest of the match, John had a couple of decent carp shallow one pushing 20lb late in the day, And Gary had netted a few but most seemed to be anywhere but in the gob". maybe if I had took some maggots or casters I could of gave that a go but don't think it would of gave me any more skimmers just roach ect? Frustrating really if it had of kept going I thought I was going to be in for a cracking day but it wasn't to be.

When the scales arrived Glyn Wickham was leading the silvers from peg 13A with 23lb odd, I knew I didn't have that but the next best weight was 12lb odd so thought it would be close, The scales went 14lb odd which saw me pick up 2nd overall in the silvers worth £45 so a good out come after all. As I expected peg 15 produced the goods with Titch Williams winning with 142lb odd catching on the method & the pole at 10mts with Meat/Corn, A great peg but you still got to catch them so well done, Surprize, Surprize peg 1 finished 2nd with Rich Hawkins catching down the edge to finish with 71lb odd, looks like I made the right choice to target silvers today.

Right" I have Negotiated With Owners Steve & Carol to run some Friday Evening matches on Hawthorns starting this week coming the 8th of June, the draw time is 4pm, Fishing 5pm til 9pm, The rules are a maximum pole length of top-kit plus two sections With the rig length no longer than the top kit only". It looks as though it will be popular as only put the word out today & I'm up to ten names already for this week with the maximum being 15 so anybody who may be interested in this week or coming weeks please contact me on 07967243456 or Steve & carol at the fishery, I really expect the lake to fish well for these matches so looking forward to it along with the rest, The payouts will still be Carp & Silvers depending on numbers entry £20.

Full Results -

1st Titch Williams (Drennan Thyers) peg 15, 142lb 6oz.

2nd Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 1, 71lb 4oz.

3rd John Page (Drennan Thyers) peg 5, 61lb 6oz.

4th Gary Finders (Shiplate) peg 7, 53lb 8oz.

Silvers -

1st Glyn Wickham (Tom Thick Baits) peg 13A, 23lb 4oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 6, 14lb 12oz. 


Monday, 28 May 2018

Shiplate Farm (Main Lake) Monday.

The last of a five day stint back on the main lake with the wife for company so she was hopeful of a peg in the sun", nineteen fishing today so a good turn out, obviously pegs 1 or 15 would be first choice but the wind was blowing down the lake so maybe a few fish would be caught here today? Into the draw & I didn't get my choices but was happy to draw peg 2 again as a few fish have been caught off it lately, arriving a the swim I was having second thoughts as there wasn't a sign of fish from what I could see but further down they were boshing in the open water with the wind on it but you never know, I caught a few fish down the edge back towards peg one last time on was on here & hoped for the same today so had a 0.2g rig on 0.17-0.15 & a size 16 hook to fish 8mts along the bank in just over 2ft of water, Next up was a rig to fish across in a few areas, to the left by the bush hanging off the island at 16mts tight to the bank in just over 2ft of water, A swinger'/shallow rig on a longer line & finally a 4x12 rube to fish in 4ft of water off the edge of the bush between me & peg 3, I had Glyn Wickham on peg 1 who normally fishes for silvers but change of plan after drawing it" & Roy Ede on peg 3 but I couldn't really see him but he said he was silvering today.

I started the day feeding some hemp & meat off the bush down my left edge, Fed some hard 6mms again down the edge back towards peg 1 & fed a few cubes of meat right across tight to the bank towards the rope separating pegs 1 & 2 & started the day at dead depth towards the far bank bush just cad a few hard 6mms & fishing a banded 8mm pellet, 15mins later & not a sniff, I still hadn't seen a sign of carp & felt if anywhere I would hook one tight over, I tried the meat fed line across but still nothing so time to start feeding some 6mms with the catty to try & draw some fish in back towards the bush, finally I had a bite then had a skimmer about a 1lb a couple more followed in the next hour around the same size but still no signs of carp over, I had a quick try down the edge & on the short meat line but nothing here so fed a new line with some corn & meat closer to the rope at 16mts in the deeper water & left it to settle, Back across I had another skimmer but bumped two of shipping back as the elastic was a bit heavy for them but didn't want to risk losing a decent carp, At this point the Mrs who had been sat quietly in here deck chair reading the paper shot out the seat like lightning' asking here what the hell was the matter she pointed to he front of the swim whilst on route over the bank to hawthorns where a grass snake was basking right next to us!" Lol, It got it away but she didn't sit near me for the rest of the match!  Around halfway Mark Wynn had come for a wander & said it was fishing hard but Titch Had had one big carp & a couple of silvers & that was winning' I kept trying the shorter lines & the new open water line but nothing so decided to dump pot a larger amount of 6mms across & continue to feed over the top with the catty, I was getting the odd bite but foul hooked a couple more skimmers, I tried shallower but no signs so went back to fishing just over depth, The odd skimmer kept me interested but bites really had to be worked for, I had tried the edge with pellet a few times & with no signs switched to feeding hemp & corn in the hope of some tench if no carp showed, With 90mins to go I went back in with corn on the hook & had a 6lb fish in seconds, Back out I had another fish this time around 11lb' no more signs so re-fed it with a larger amount & went back across, I had a couple more bonus skimmers but pulled out of a better bream near the net around 3-4lb' Again elastic at fault but wasn't going to change it now as could get a few carp in the last hour, I fully expected a few more carp down the edge in the last 45mins but spooked just one fish in the last few minutes, I had a couple more late skimmers across finding it best in the end to feed a few pellets over with the catty & sit & wait for bites. I thought I had around 15lb of carp & around 10lb of silvers but lost track of how many skimmers I had netted? when the scales arrived the top weight was 53lb from Mark who had returned to his peg to catch a few fish down his margin in the last hour & the silvers weight was 11lb odd, I had more than I thought in silvers finishing with 16lb odd & my carp went 16lb, Glynn had chucked back a carp & a few skimmers on peg one so it meant I was fortunate enough to win the silvers pool picking up £60 along the way, It fished hard today for everyone but at least it was a close match & well done to mark for preserving which proved worth while picking up £100. was surprized not to catch anymore fish down the edge in the last hour but that's fishing & at least I enjoyed the day & a good finish to the last few days, & we met a new friend not that Yvonne was to keen."

Full results -

1st Mark Wynn (Colmic) peg 9A, 55lb 4oz.

2nd Rob Birch (Summerhayes) peg 15, 43lb 12oz.

3rd Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 10, 35lb 13oz.

4th Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 2, 32lb 14oz.

5th Titch Williams (Drennan Thyers) peg 6, 30lb 14oz.

Silvers -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 2, 16lb 10oz.

2nd Ray Wickham (Tom Thick Baits) peg 9, 11lb 8oz.  

Shiplate Farm Open (Hawthorns) Sunday.

Back again for the Sunday open hoping to draw the somewhere around the middle of the lake but for once I ended up on peg 1" its probably the best margin peg & even though 30lb odd was off it the day before I hopped to catch a few, When I arrived it was flat calm with the wind blowing further down the lake & I never saw a fish move whilst setting up which had me a bit concerned' then disaster, I span my pole roller over not realising my pole was close by & managed to shave off the last 6 inches of my number five section!! FFS" head gone before we even start..." Luckily Lewis Jones rang his dad to drop a spare down for me to use & he arrived shortly after the start, I began across tight to the bank & had three fish on 8mm pellet over cad-potted 4mms but it was still a bit deep & soon how a few foulers, After an hour I started to see the odd shadow appear in the peg followed but more as the day went on, I spent the next few hours mugging a few before they drifted further down the lake & I couldn't follow them due to the rope going across which was a bit frustrating as Gary Finders on peg 3 started to get a few, I expected to catch shallow down the edge but it didn't really happen I had a couple but caught better when I fished on the deck late in the match with double meat but did it to late in the day & wasted to much time chasing the shadows which didn't really want to play ball, Steve Howells draw hand never lets him down & one peg away from where he was the day before he won the day with 139lb catching across in the shallow water on worm over G/Bait, I think?? but still got to catch them, I ended up with 86lb odd but felt the peg was worth a few more, Expected to get liners if I fished on the deck down the edge in 4ft of water as I saw fish swirl here in the day but oddly I didn't.

Back to Shiplate today for the late starter on the main lake & with my draw in the last two days being 1 & 15 then on this lake either of them again & I'm on a flyer so bring it on"

Full results -

1st Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 8, 139lb 12oz.

2nd Russ Peck (Thatchers Tackle) peg 5, 118lb 4oz.

3rd Gary Finders (Shiplate) peg 3, 94lb 4oz.

4th Dom Sullivan (Mosella) peg 1, 86lb 8oz.


Summerhayes Longs Lake Silvers Only & Shiplate Farm Knock-Up.

Friday saw me at Summerhayes for the latest silvers qualifier, I drew peg 13 which was in the widest area & going on last weeks weights expected a few bites".

I had Tom Thick next to me on peg 11 who was being greedy as he wanted a quid on it just after winning the Avalon Festival the previous four days" Well done mate. Well it didn't quite turn out as we expected' I had two small skimmers after two hours & was winning the lake! Tom had a run of seven small skimmers mid match then nothing & called it a day with an hour to go, I kept plugging away picking up the odd small hand size skimmer on soft pellet but nothing of any size, I saw Bill Hopping on peg 17 net some good skimmers late in the day & Rob Birch was netting some better late fish on peg 8 behind me but it was rock hard today & the silvers just didn't want to play ball.

Full results -

1st Rob Birch (Peg 13) & Bill Hopping (Peg 17) (Summerhayes) 4lb 10oz.

3rd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 13, 3lb 5oz.

4th George (HLS) peg 34, 2lb 12oz. 

Saturday saw me have a friendly knock-up for another Johno Mania match on Shiplate Hawthorns lake which is just a piss take among a few of us a couple of times a year, I ended up on peg 15 at the far end, Had a strange day, Couldn't really get more than one fish on any method, Managed to dob a couple through the day, Had one early tight across but soon scraped that due to the wind so fished up & down in the edge & 6mts on meat on the deck which got me some late carp & a few silvers, I ended up with 50lb odd but easy winner on the day was Peanut Howell With 138lb on peg 9 in the middle of the lake catching shallow down the track but don't ask him what he caught on cause it wont be the truth!! I ended up 2nd & did win the silvers but no double bubble so only £32 quid back, A small profit I thought but not to be as I snapped two elastics through the day Losing both fish & the entire rigs in the process so had to quickly make a trip to the tackle shop for some more!

Full Results -

1st Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 9, 138lb 8oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 15, 53lb 10oz.

3rd Andy Light (Shiplate) peg 1, 38lb 8oz.

4th Paul Hawkins (Pole Repairs Needed) peg 6, 35lb 4oz.

Update on the last Four days" Shiplate Main Lake, Summerhayes, Shiplate Hawthorns.

Been a busy few days so whilst I have five minutes Ile do my best to run through how things went, Thursday started with a last minute decision as I had finished work early not feeling great but didn't want to sit at home so got in just in time for the draw on the Cost-cutter on the main lake at Shiplate Farm, I let Steve's helper Jim draw for me & fancied a few bites on here for a change when he handed me peg 5, Titch had drawn peg 1 again' so fancied him to be the winner but was still going to target carp, I kept it simple, Shallow on the long pole, the pellet waggler, & a rig for down the edge towards peg 6 where I had around 3ft of water away from the rocks, I started shallow on the pole but no early signs, Saw a few fish on the wagg line but only two foul hookers in the next hour which both came off, Two hours gone & I was blanking, Gary Finders had had a couple shallow on the pole so spent most of the match doing the same, I ended up with six carp for 50lb odd but lost 12 through the day mostly fouled or not hooked properly?? Their is no ruling on how shallow you can fish here & even inches deep I was having problems, They were big fish as well. As expected titch won the day with 107lb, Gary did well to finish 2nd with 80lb including some late fish on the method & a few shallow in the tail"Lol, Silvers wise Dave Wride showed the way here yet again with 23lb odd, A funny day as they weren't keen to feed & tempting a few on the hook proved hard, I tried the edge but never had a bite here all day.

Full results -

1st Titch Williams, (Drennan Thyers) peg 1, 107lb 15oz.

2nd Gary Finders (Shiplate) peg 4, 80lb.

3rd Mike Owens (Sensas 88) peg 13, 78lb 1oz.

4th Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 5, 50lb 14oz.


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Shiplate Farm (Squirle Pool)

After spending the day car booting with the wife yesterday I was looking forward to getting back on the bank, Only a knock-up with nine of us fishing but usually once this lake has warmed up a bit you get plenty of bites from generally small carp & Goldfish with the odd bonus carp thrown in' It was already a glorious morning with the sun out from the minute we got there, I had the wife in tow for a few hours who wanted to make the most of the sun". I fancied a draw on the low numbers today below the footbridge but ended up on peg 9 again which I just happened to draw last time I was here but it was a lot cooler then. Its just over 12mts to the far side so first up was a rig to fish at the bottom of the far side shelf as its quite uneven the closer you get to the bank, Being a 0.2g AS1 float on 0.15-0.11 & a 16 F1 Pellet hook where I found around 3ft of water. Next up was a small 4x12 float on 0.15 & a 16 B911 hook to fish in just over a 1ft of water tighter to the bank between two clumps of bull rushes off to my right, A rig to fish the track again a 0.2g AS1 on the same line/hook where I had around 4ft of water & finally a 4x12 rube to fish down each edge in 3ft of water.

My plan today was mainly soft pellet on the hook over micros, 4mms & G/Bait, & meat down the edge. I stared the day feeding a ball of G/bait with 4mms added down the track, Feed a handful of 4mms down my right edge at 6mts & began the day across on 4mm expanders over cad-potted micros & 4mms in the deeper water at the bottom shelf, It didn't take long to get my first fish being a 6oz carp, & a run of smaller fish after was interrupted when I had a bonus 3lb fish soon followed by another around 2lb' I had a good first 30mins & had around 10lb in the net before things slowed up a little, I was still getting odd fish including some chunky 6-8oz goldfish so was happy to keep putting the odd fish in the net at this stage.

I had a couple of carp just over a 1lb off this line along with some smaller fish for the first few hours & on the halfway mark thought I had a round 28lb in the net, I hadn't seen that much being caught above me around the island pegs but didn't know if they were catching down on the lower pegs. At this stage Simon Ryall who was struggling on the peg below me had switched to fishing the shallower water across with corn on the hook & had netted a few decent stamp fish. With things slowing up I followed suit fishing corn in the shallower water tight to the bank, I had a carp around 8oz then foul hooked a fish but it wasn't really happening, I tried meat across shallow against the reeds to my left which got me another 1lb carp & a 6oz chub but that was it, I had a look down the edges but no signs here & to be honest the 4th hour was wasted trying to chase fish around the peg looking for so bonus fish. I switched back to fishing the bottom of the far shelf again on soft pellet just adding anything to the net I could catch, I had to keep tweaking the depth & the amounts I was feeding but one thing I did notice was I had to feed something every put-in to induce bites, This was it for pretty much the rest off the match, I did keep trying the shallow water across & added a couple more small carp before taking two 2lb plus fish in the last two dob-ins, Simon had managed a few more better sized carp but was having to wait a bit longer for bites as the day went on so felt I still had enough to beat him? I ended with 46lb on the clicker but it went a bit to pot after struggling for an hour so thought I may have 50lb odd? I helped with the scales doing the board & first to weigh was Ray Wickham on end peg 14 who finished with 14lb odd as did Paul Faires on peg 13 so harder over that side today, Steve Howell did well on peg 12 in the top corner of are bank to finish with 40lb odd before Titch on peg 11 had 20lb odd, My turn & I was a bit out finishing with 67lb odd after two weighs, A Good days fishing with plenty of bites, Simon finished with 44lb then Dave White had 49lb next to the bridge on peg 6, last to weigh on peg 2 was Golly Jones who did well to end up with 59lb.

So back at the results & I picked up £50 for winning the day, A great little lake for plenty of bites in most areas & a lake you have to work hard at to keep bites coming, I used the white Mosella Ozone elastic for the first time today & found it perfect for this stamp of fish & plenty enough for the odd bonus. I was only 3lb odd off breaking the lake record today which would of been another bonus of £100 but don't think I could of had much more so not to worry & sure they'll be another chance. Another great day weather wise, long may it continue'?

Full Results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 9, 67lb 12oz.

2nd Golly Jones (Shiplate) peg 2, 59lb.

3rd Dave White (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 6, 49lb 4oz.

4th Simon Ryall (Shiplate) 44lb.

5th Steve Howell (Shiplate) peg 12, 40lb 4oz.


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Chiltern Trinity Woodlands Lake, Shiplate V Clevedon A.A.

Guesting for the Shiplate Farm Team Again today on a venue I don't get to fish enough to be honest, I think the last time I was here was in the winter a couple of years ago when I had my new lead rod & reel dragged in! Luckily I got it back somehow" More of a friendly event but the Shiplate side had taken the spoils in all the previous rounds when fished together so were keen to keep up the good work' Unfortunately The Clevedon Team were Short as Paul Faires couldn't get his car started but the top eight weights from each side would decided the out come, It looked like being a nice day but their was quite a breeze blowing from the north west down the lake, Into the draw & I pulled out peg 17, I was told it was a good area in the bottom corner of the lake on the right hand side, Apparently Peg 15 not far round from me had won a resent match with 200lb but I had good mate Nick Harvey who has just returned to the bank having hibernated for the winter on peg around from me on peg 14 which gave him the option of fishing down to 15 so expected him to do well but also hoped to be in for some decent action, I did warn him though if he started bagging I would slig the method his way! Lol.

A few options here that's for sure, I got the shallow wagg & Method feeder rods put first up, I do have to add I have used these Mosella Hardcases which fit into the Mosella holdalls for over a year now and their really sturdy, There as good as new with no issues with zips ect that usually break in time & all the stitching is still perfect.

Pole wise I set up a rig to fish shallow/Slapping with banded pellet, A 4x12 Rube on 0.17-0.19 & a size 14 hook to fish meat at 6mts which is fairly deep around 7ft, The same float/line to fish down both edges which turned out to be over 4ft deep so would fish at 6mts on my right towards the empty pallet peg 16 tight to the bank & 16mts past the pallet to my left again against the bank which looked fishy with the wind blowing are way.

I started the day pinging 6mm pellets in the open water to my left in the open water to try & draw some fish shallow whilst I started on the deck with 8mm meat at 6mts, I also cupped a decent amount of 6mms down the edge at 16mts & fed a few hard 6 & 8mms down my short edge by hand, I gave the meat line around 15mins but with no signs had a quick look infront of me on the pellet wagg shallow, This didn't work with no indications so it was time to try shallow on the pole where I had continued to ping some 6mms, It was a bit of a mare with the wind to get the rig in properly but after a bit of persistence I hook a fish which turned out to be around 8lb so I was up & running, Soon after I had a 3lb fish then lost another Decent fish foul hooked Near the net! I gave it another 40mins or so but again just two more foul hooked fish one I got in around 3lb. the wind had started to get stronger & I missed a couple of bite but things just weren't right & I was going nowhere, I had Terry Taylor behind me again today & after he had a wander around not much had been caught at this stage.

It was time to try down the edges, I started with banded 8mm on the short line to my right where I had been dripping in the odd pellet, I missed a couple of bites before connecting with a 3lb F1" A while later had a 3lb carp foul hooked then lost a bigger fish fouled again, I added a cad-pot and rather than throwing a few pellets by hand started to cup 3-4 8mms each put-in, I had a carp around 5lb straight away, By this time Nick who was yet to catch followed suit & started to fish down to the boards on peg 15. It didn't take long for him to start catching & they were decent sized fish by the look of it with the first one over 10lb" I noticed he was fishing corn but could see that he only had a couple of feet of water, I had another plumb around but still had at least 4ft of water to contend with so had to make do, I decided to follow suit & feed some corn down the edge when I couldn't get anymore signs.

Back out shallow I hooked & lost another fouler but soon slung it up the bank as the wind just wasn't playing ball" so time to try down the long edge where I had been feeding 6mms with the catty with banded 8mm on the hook. I had a 6lb fish in seconds,  then another F1 & a small carp before things went a bit iffy as I foul hooked two more in the next ten minutes so went out on the shallow rig, A couple of plops with the pellet & the elastic was soon out & a 5lb fish in the net, I thought I had sussed it & would start bagging" Wrong' I couldn't get a bite here after. I feed another decent amount of 6mms back down the long edge & though as soon as tried down my short edge with corn I would be catching as Nick was still doing well on it. Nope' Just small dinks on the float so I had draw in the small fish then" I tried had pellet again but nothing so was regretting feeding the better amount of corn here, I plumed a new line close to the pallet leg & started to drip feed 8mm meat here with a few 8mms. The second half of my match turned out to be pretty much a disaster" I managed to hook another decent fish shallow on the long pole which managed to dive between my nets & snapped my top kit in the process but I still managed to net it around 6lb" Then I managed to hook the bottom at 16mts" I got back to my top-kit with it still attached then managed to snap another top-kit just as the hook length gave way! FFS...

I did managed a few more fish down the edge at 16mts when I switched to cad potting a few 8mms over the top but they wouldn't stay here, The shorter edge was a waste of time where I had fed the corn as I never had another fish off this line & wished I had just continued to feed the odd pellet by hand, & the new line produced just one bite near the pallet leg but it turned out to be a 2lb tench". On the all-out I had 62lb of carp on the clicker & my tench & two F1's would go about 7lb? I had seen Rich Hawkins further along Nicks bank netting on the end peg netting fish through the day but new Nick would be the likely winner with over 100lb as he caught most of the match in the shallower water on double corn.

I caught up with the scales just up from Nick & Rich Hawkins was leading the way with a level 70lb, Nick was next & finished with 115lb, before it was my turn, I was a lot closer with my estimate today & finished with 73lb odd, back at the results & Nick easily won the day so well done Mate, Thankfully after my expensive day' I held on to second picking up £50 so not a total disaster' On the team stakes it was a lot closer today & Clevedon finally took the spoils after the top eight weights were added for each side with a total of 325lb odd to Shiplate's 305lb odd. I did enjoy the day, The wind ruled out the long pole shallow as I'm sure I would of had a few more on it? Have to say a big thanks to Titch Williams after he donated me some of my beloved Chanti's which will come into use in the winter months, A few people struggled for fish today in some areas so thankful for a better draw this week after missing yesterdays match at Acorn due to work.

Full Results -

1st Nick Harvey (Sensas 88) peg 14, 115lb 12oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 17, 73lb 10oz.

3rd Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 8, 70lb.

4th John Page (Drennan Thyers) peg 26, 63lb 6oz.

Silvers -

1st Mark Broomsgrove (Sensas 88) peg 27, 9lb 12oz.    

Monday, 7 May 2018

Shiplate Farm Main Lake, (Monday).

Back on the main lake again today & with 16 of us fishing fancied it to produce a few fish as we had a late start, 10.30 draw & fish 12 til 6pm, Obvious we all wanted to draw the normal two hot pegs but didn't mind being in the middle of the lake as a fancied a few fish shallow here? Into the draw & out comes peg 9, Dire!" I keep hearing of fish in the area of the lake but yet to see it produce in matches, Last time Mark Jones called it a day here so wasn't that confident of catching much? It looks inviting with decent margins left & right & an island chuck some distance away being sat in the bottom bowl on the lake but the level was down last from last time with much of the undercut back showing so new it was very shallow tight across, 

I found a couple of areas down the edges, 13mts to the right & 12mts along the end bank to my left which were the same depth around 2ft, Had a rig to fish the open water at 9mts in 4ft or so of water, a long line/slapper rig to fish at 14mts & just one rod, a Method Feeder!" Yep I am Finally going to succumb to giving it ago". I had Steve (Peanut) Howell on peg 9A & Glen Baily on peg 8 through the gap to my right, We had the lakes aerator on between us as well as an overflow pipe running water in at 17mts along the left bank but agreed to keep them on rather than risk things switching it off as it had been on overnight.

I didn't go into details of my rigs because simple my day went like this, started short with banded 8mm feeding just the odd hard 6mm, Not a sign after 15mins so my first try on the method" Banded wafter on the hook, Micros around the feeder, 15mins I missed a right pull round the rod nearly went in! 20mins later this time fish on, All 2lb of it" & that was it for the rest of the day!! I Lost another on the method & had another snap me late in the day, never had a single sign of fish on any of the pole lines despite seeing the whole match out, I never saw a fish move except for one fish against the island & that was before I had one" so guess it could of been the same fish, It was rock hard are end, Nigel on peg 7 had around 2oz's", Glen had called it a day with two small tench with a couple of hours to go & went on Hawthorns, Peanut had one small carp I could see & a few silvers & Rich Hawkins on peg 10 had a couple of silvers so loads of carp are end then!" Walking back around Rob Birch who was on peg 2 told me how many carp had been hanging around him all day, even hooking them on expanders short whilst trying to catch silvers' Next to him Paul Faires was admitting to around 100lb so certainly at the wrong end yet again today, Didn't get the results sorry as made are way straight home to attend the dog as was fortunate the have the Wife's company the last couple of days with the time off work & great weather to boot, I nearly wet myself though when she was saying she wished the day hadn't started after spilling coffee on her leg on-route among other things only for seconds later her bed chair collapsed..!" Perhaps it was an omen??.

Full Results -

1st Paul Faires (Sensas 88) peg 2, 138lb.

2nd Mark Jones (Shipate Burger Van) peg 4, 112lb.

3rd Tim Ford (Thatchers P.I) peg 14B, 85lb.,

Silvers - 1st Steve Howell (Shipate Farm) peg 9a, 20lb 12oz. (Had More Than I thought) Lol.


Shiplate Farm (Hawthorns Lake) Sunday.

Back on Hawthorns today with 13 of us fishing & what a weekend of weather we were forecast in are favour for a change with bright skies & plenty of sunshine, Steve put all the pegs in the tub today meaning someone would draw an empty peg but on this lake you cant really tell what peg will win which is a good thing'. Into the draw I ended up on peg 13, & guess what, 12 & 14 weren't drawn so had an empty peg either side", I planned a simple day, two rigs to fish across around 14mts, one tight to the far bank in 2ft or so of water & a shallower rig to fish over the top, A paste rig to fish down the edge which was deep around 5ft, & finally a swinging dibber rig for mugging if I saw fish milling around which I expected once the sun had fully come out, I thought I had some tins of meat at home but didn't so had to make do with pellets & paste down the edge instead & I planned to fish pellet across.

Just before the start I saw a fish surface down the edge so before feeding any lines I started on the swinger rig on my topkit plus two sections down the edge with banded 8mm pellet set around a 1ft deep, Bingo' Two carp for 10lb in the first 5mins! That was it though, I tried the left hand edge at the same distance but no signs so switched to fishing across. Again banded 8mm with the rig set a couple of inches off the deck, I didn't feed to start with which got me a 3lb fish but they easily spooked so started to feed a few 6mms with the catty, Straight away the fish were coming up in the water so switched to the shallower rig across, This worked for a while adding a couple more 4-5lb fish, I had another shallow down the edge where I had been dripping in 6mms, but still no signs to the left. after a while the fish were now chewing up the far bank" this sounds ideal but it was causing me a mare' I had managed a fish nearly 10lb on the swinger rig near the rope between myself & peg 14 & another around 6lb 20mins later but across to the bank where I had been feeding I just couldn't get to work properly, I would get the fish in the peg but as soon as the pole went out the were gone & I ended up waiting for indications but most no mater what depth I was fishing were foulers".

I wasted far to much time here through the day fishing it totally wrong in hindsight, I may of been better of cad-potting just a few pellets at a time to keep them down long enough to feed properly, I persisted fishing down the edge shallow which got me a few more fish later in the day but after a good start & around 40lb in the net after 90mins the middle few hours I put hardly anything in the net, I could here peg 15 catching well in the closing stages & I knew Rich Hawkins had done well again down on peg 11 as I could here him catching. When the scales arrived peg 15 finished up with 99lb, 46lb of which he had in the last hour down the edge, I knew I didn't have that much as I had 78lb on the clicker, A bit out as I finished with 87lb of carp & a 1lb Tench' But rich looked to have done the business again today finishing with 146lb mainly down the edge on meat", Felt I fished it wrong today there seemed to be plenty of fish around but getting them to feed was a different story, I should of tried the paste rig again in the later stages after having a go mid match without signs, & meat would have got me a few more fish I'm sure? That's fishing though & sometimes its better to admit you did it wrong rather than make up excuses' Lol. Back at the results & it was a day for the wormheads, Rich won the day again so well done to him, & the silvers went to Ray Wickham with 13lb odd But I don't think anybody else fished for them Lol'. I'm writing this blog just before making my way back to the fishery for the later start match on the main lake today so fingers crossed'.

Full Results -

1st Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 11, 146lb 6oz.

2nd Julian Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 8, 120lb 4oz.

3rd John Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 2, 106lb 6oz.

4th Andy Bishop (Matrix) peg 15, 99lb 14oz.

5th Steve Howell (Tinder Love Match) peg 5, 93lb 6oz.

6th Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 13, 85lb.

Silvers -

1st Ray Wickham (Tom Thick Baits) peg 7, 13lb 12oz. 


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Shiplate Farm Open (Hawthorns & Westpool Lakes)

With the Wife off today we enjoyed a nice breakfast at the wooden Spoon together before she dropped me up the fishery, It was still rather chilly with a north easterly win blowing up both the canal lakes we would be using today, A slight difference as far as the payouts went, Twenty of us fishing with ten on each lake, A little more to enter today at £25 but Owners Steve & Carol would be paying out the top winner on each lake As well as the top silvers but over the two lakes the silvers winner would pick up £75 & the overall winner a decent £100', I fancied a draw on Hawthorns as I though this is were the winner would come from & there were some decent weights on a knock-up here yesterday but Westpool coud also produce, I let a few go before me in an orderly Queue" Lol, I couldn't get the ticket open & was dreading ending up on the narrows on Westpool again but was relived to find myself in the middle of Hawthorns peg 9, It was around 14mts to the far bank but I could already see the wind was going to cause a few problems, I set up two 0.2g floats to fish tight across infront the bull rushes in just over 2ft of water on 0.15-0.13 & 16 PR36 hooks, one with a hair for banded pellet, A shallow rig again with a hair rigged hook, A rig to fish meat on my top-kit plus two sections which was a decent depth around 5ft & finally a 4x12 rube on 0.17-0.15 & an 16 pellet hook to fish again on my top-kit plus two sections down my edge but couldn't go further due to drawing next to an aerator rope again' which was just under 5ft deep.

For company I had Bristol's finest Paste Head' Glen Bailey on peg 10 so knew what he would be fishing" & Venue Regular, Wormheads Rich Hawkins on peg 7, I fancied Fellow Blogger Tim Ford to do ok on peg 1 of are lake as the peg is known to hold fish but any peg can produce on these lakes, At the start I cupped in some hard 6mm's & a few 8's down the edge, Just a few cubes on the short line, & fed a small amount of 6mm's right over, I started across & as I did Terry Taylor turned up behind me who was pleasure fishing the main lake, already I was struggling to hold a conversation As well as the pole in the wind & concentrate" I gave it 15mins but just felt it wasn't right already, I dropped in on the short line with meat whilst I had a re-think & missed a bite' Just a liner in the next ten minutes so I decided to feed a decent pot of hemp & a few cubes of meat to try & get some fish to feed on the deck & left it to settle. I continued to feed a few 6mms across with the catty & had a quick look down the edge with banded 8mm were I had been feeding just the odd pellet by hand, I finally caught a fish' Shame it was a carp around 1lb". I was going nowhere at this stage, I decided to venture back across this time with the rig set a few inches off the deck again with banded 8mm pellet.

At last I had a decent carp around 6lb but had some catching up to do as Glen Had netted a few carp & I could here Rich netting a few fish, It was akward in the win to try & hold the rig tight over & feed with the catty but at least I was getting signs of fish & began putting the odd one in the net, I ended up fishing the shallower rig after a couple of foul hookers, This worked for a few more fish for a while. I had noticed a few carp swirl the other side of the rope across the far bank so began to ping the odd few pellets over at 14mts my side in the open water in the hope of drawing a few down. Around halfway I thought I had around 41lb but knew I was still behind the pegs either side of me but didn't know how the rest of the lake was fishing? I was getting a bit frustrated fishing across but every time I was a bout to knock it on the head I would catch a fish which kept me persisting with it best it could, I dropped in on the 14mt line in the more open water & had a 5lb fish straight away followed by a slightly smaller fish but then they backed off again, I spent the next hour or so switching between the line tight to the bank & the open water, And managed a few more in between a few stressful moments including catching the willow tree after attempting to helicopter the rig in the swim!" I planned to go on the short meat line & down the edge which I had been feeding by hand through the day but even though Glen was still catching fish my far lines seemed to get a bit better so struggled with the wind & kept at it, I picked off a few more fish to 6lb as well as a 7lb fish the last dob-in in the open water" I had 111lb on the clicker but these fish can weigh a bit more than they look so we would see', Glen was admitting to around 100lb & Rich though he had around 120lb, When the scales arrived 70lb was winning are lake. Glen was first to way & finished with 110lb odd, I had a bit more than I thought finishing with 125lb going just over in one net so had 14oz deducted' Lol,

Rich had some decent fish in his nets to finish with 140lb mainly catching down the edge so well done to him, Back at the results & it turned out that Hawthorns had fished a bit harder with onsite chef" Mark Jones leading the way with 70lb odd, It turned out Rich's weight was enough to win the day picking up the £100 & it turned out I ended up 2nd but picked up the Lake win & £55 along the way so a good result, Overall the top silvers was won by Rob Birch again on Hawthorns peg 15 with 21lb odd, Apart from the wind making things hard to present things fishing across I was happy with the out come & was sure I would of had a few more conditions allowing? Haven't really done much of this hard pellet fishing an canal lakes often opting for the soft pellet approach but doing ok adjusting to it so it seems, It was important today to keep swapping between the rig just off the deck & the shallow rig to keep in-touch with a few fish. Bank Holiday Next week so missing the Saturday to spent with the Wife & back to Shiplate Sunday for another open on this lake & an open on the main lake on the Monday being a later start/finish so looking forward to them. Another enjoyable weekend with a few quid back in the wallet.

Full results -

1st Rich Hawkins (Wormheads) peg 7 Hawthorn, 140lb 2oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 9 Hawthorns, 125lb 12oz.

3rd Tim Ford (P.I.Thatchers) peg 1 Hawthorns, 115lb 4oz.

4th Glen Bailey (Bathampton) peg 10 Hawthorns, 110lb 9oz.

5th Geoff Francis (Bristol) peg 6, Hawthorns, 105lb 12oz.

Silvers - 1st  Rob Birch (Summerhayes) peg 15 Hawthorns, 21lb 8oz.

Overall Winners - 1st Rich Hawkins £100.

Silvers - Rob Birch £75.

Lake Winners - Dom Sullivan & Mark Jones £55.

Silvers Lake Winners - Ron Stark & Ray Wickham £45.



Saturday, 28 April 2018

Acorn Fishery Saturday Open (Paddock Lake).

A return trip to Acorn for there latest open, I stopped off for a great breakfast roll from the burger van set up on strode road in Clevedon arriving early as normal, I had a wander around before the draw & it appeared fish were showing in some areas, Fourteen of us fishing after a couple of no shows & again Walshy was left to peg the match, I et the normal keen ones have there pick before I had my go, I wasn't to disappointed to draw peg 7, Normally peg 6 near the bridge is used but I could fish that direction if need be & I could go as far as the corner of peg 5 but it was a fair distance at 15mts. Plenty of options with lots of open water but with all of us spread out we all had the same. It was a lot colder in the air today & I predicted around 70lb would be a good weight even though peg 11 produced over 130lb on Tuesdays open, I had a 4x12 malman on 0.17-0.13 & a 16 hook to fish the top two plus two back towards peg 6 & would use the same rig to fish 12mts towards peg 8 a couple of metres off the bank in the same depth of water around 4ft, It was shallow in-front of me tight to the bank at 14mts around 2ft or so but thought it would produce so set up a 0.2g rig on 0.17-015 & again a size 16 hook, Finally I had a 0.4g rig to fish off the point towards peg 5 & found a flat area just over 14mts around 3ft deep.

For company I had Tim Whitchurch on peg 9 who fancied his draw with the island in range at 12mts or so, Chris fox below him on peg 11, & Walshy the other side of the bridge peg 40, My day would mainly involved around pellets, On the all in I fed some hard 6mms on the 12mts edge line, fed some hard 8mms & 6mms off the point & a small amount of the same down my right edge a metre off the bank.

I started across to the island cad potting a few micros & 4mms with 4mm expander on the hook, By the time I had fed some lines Tim & Chris were already netting fish"  I expected some early signs but after 15mins I knew it wasn't right, I decided to try my short line back towards peg 6 as Tim & Chris were into fish again, I started with a bigger 6mm expander on the hook, Straight away I had a bite which resulted in a 5lb carp so off the mark' I had a tiny hand size tench & a carisso?? so after fed another better amount & tried the 12mt inside line.

Nothing here so over to the point of peg 5 with banded hard 8mm pellet. No early signs of fish here which surprized me as I had it down as a banker area, Back down the edge on the short line & a couple of fish around 3lb were added before more nuisance small fish, I couldn't seem to string a few bites together other than down the edge, I decided to feed a decent amount of micros tight over in the shallower water with a few hard 4mm's added, I thought I had a round 18lb after 90mins but knew Chris & Tim were ahead at this stage, I had been pinging a few hard pellets off the point & started back on the deck with hard 8mm, I missed what seemed to be proper bites but saw signs of fish so got a shallow rig out, I spent 4omins or so trying to get it to work but it wouldn't happen, Shallow I couldn't get a bite & on the deck I would wait ages then foul hook a fish, I wasn't going anywhere at this stage...

Back down the edge & another 3lb carp & a decent F1 then nothing, we were over halfway through & I had to hope something would happen, I noticed a fish move in the shallower water across so went back over with 4mm expander, I had a few indications before having a 3lb carp but was missing bites, I switched to a bigger expander just touching the deck feeding a few hard 4mms & micros each put-in with a cad pot & waited for a proper bite.

This seemed to work a treat' It wasn't fast fishing but I was soon adding fish between 3-4lb & appeared to be doing ok from what I could see as Tim & Chris had slowed up, I found it best to feed a few hard 4mms with the catty over the top to draw a few fish but as soon as I found the fish to come off the deck fed a better amount with a larger pot & leave it a few minutes. With around an hour to go the wife turned up after visiting the mother in law who lives close by, Not to say she jinxed me but the next 30mins were a mare! I lost two fish at the net for around 9lb" managed to hook the far bank vegetation but luckily didn't trash the rig' & put one fish in the net around 1lb"  I got my head back together for the last 45mins Adding a few more fish to 5lb in the closing stages. I had around 50lb on the clicker but think I missed a couple after the stress time". I gave Dan a hand with the weigh-in as he had a customer just as we were about to weigh so started with Walshy on peg 40 who finished with 21lb odd, We had are own thoughts when Harry said this morning that are missed friend from above Charlie Barns had told him how to win the silvers today on a Ouija board" Perhaps Charlie was thinking of someone else as Harry didn't trouble the scales"! Lol, On peg 36 Steve Rolfe put 58lb on the scales which was the top weight with me last to weigh, I had 3lb odd of silvers & my first carp net went 39lb odd, The next net went 31lb so I finished with 74lb to make it three open match wins here in a row so chuffed with that even more so when I picked up £90 in winnings!" An enjoyable match here again today, I have a lot of faith in expanders in the cooler conditions , I tried to make hard pellets work today but it wouldn't happen, Even on my short line all I fed in the end was the odd hard 8mm but could only get bites on the bigger expander, enjoy this type of fishing when you don't need massive weights to win & can always claw your way back if you have a slow start. The silvers weights were effected again in the cooler conditions with Jack Jones taking the spoils with 12lb odd, Off to Shiplate Tomorrow for a match on both Canal Lakes.

Full results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 7, 74lb 14oz.

2nd Steve Rolfe ( Team Poppetts) peg 36, 58lb 10oz.

3rd Chris Fox (Maesknoll Angling) peg 11, 52lb 4oz.

4th Glen Calvert (Sensas 88) peg 21, 49lb 8oz.

5th Tim Whitchurch (Team Poppetts) peg 9, 45lb.

6th Andy France (Cadbury Angling) peg 13, 29lb.

Silvers -

1st Jack Jones (P.I.Thatchers) peg 31, 12lb 2oz.

2nd Mike Owens (Sensas 88) peg 24, 10lb 2oz.


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Shiplate Farm V Clevedon A.A (Shiplate Main Lake).

Back on my doorstep today Guesting for the Shiplate Farm team again today, Its just a friendly thing held a couple of times a year at different venues which also boosts the attendance a little, Another fine morning greeted us & after a nice breakfast in the café by the rugby club in Weston for a change I got the kit to the lake way before the draw.  I spotted a decent pole float near the edge in peg 2 which I tried to retrieve but got a wet foot instead so that will teach me".Their were 22 of us fishing on a random draw basis & the overall winner decided on total weight, obviously pegs 1 & 15 would be my first choice, As well as everybody else's" but not to be as I ended up on peg 2 so at least I could get the float with my cutter now!..

It wouldn't be my choice of peg but I never fished it before so was looking forward to the day really, No rods required though as I could reach the island at 14mts directly in-front of me & 16mts to the left & right, To the left I had a bush over hanging the water at 16mts left so had a rig to fish tight across around a metre off it being a 0.2g hand made float on 0.17-0,15 & a 16 hair rigged hook where I had just around 3ft of water which was the same depth the same distance to the right but didn't want to go further than this as a rope runs across the lake to the aerator & the near bank from around 17mts I set up a 0.1g rig on the same line/hook to fish shallow over the same lines, A silvers rig to fish expanders over micros at 12mts left down the track if need be, & finally an inline float to fish down the edge in just over 2ft of water at 12mts on 0.17-0.15.

I had Clevedon's match organiser Aide Baker on peg 1, & Wormheads John |Hawkins on peg 3 who was also fishing for the Shiplate side, I started the day feeding a few hard 6mms towards the bush at 16mts, fed a decent pot of micros at 12mts down the track & just a few 6mms down the edge, I started the day on the shallow rig towards the rope after seeing a fish move across whilst setting up, It didn't take long to get a bite after a minute or so of lifting & dropping the rig which was a nice start with a fish around 7lb soon in the net, Nothing followed so I started to ping the odd 6mm pellet over the top with the catty as well as pinging a few over the line towards the bush, It wasn't fast action but after 40mins I had added two more fish around 5lb, One from each line both shallow & things were going nicely, Terry Taylor had come for a walk around & returned just in time to see me land a fish around 12lb' Then all hell broke loose again, It must be my after shave as yet again I had issues with the geese.." One was having a right sulk at anything that swims so it seemed & when another of the same arrived on the scene it wasn't a quiet outcome & when they finally took off they took me & the pole with them..!

I couldn't believe this had happened to me again' I feared the worse & so it proved as all I added in the next 40mins was a decent skimmer & all the signs of fish I had across seemed to have disappeared, I added a couple more skimmers across again a decent size but no more carp at this stage. I went onto the deck rig starting over by the bush & had a 6lb carp straight away, Back out & a decent skimmer followed then nothing again, By now we were around mid match, Any signs of carp to my left were now the other side of the rope into peg one but I keep pinging a few 6mms my side in the hope so would return to feed, I had been pinging the odd hard 6mm & 8mm pellet down the edge so after having a quick look on the silver line without a bite had a look down the edge, I was just about to give up when I hook a fish which turned out to be a tench around 3lb but I lost it between the nets" I had another go but with no more signs cupped in a better amount & went back across, I had fed a decent amount of micros at 14mts so went in with the deck rig & banded 8mm pellet, Another carp & skimmers then again nothing' As the day went on I couldn't get a bite nearer the bush which I put down to the shade now covering the swim nor on the 14mt line, With 90mins to go I went down the edge with banded 8mm cad-potting a few of the same, I had a decent fish in minutes but when I went to unship the number 4 section It shot out my hand & took off across to the island with the carp attached! It went along the island around the rope & around the island in peg 1" Minutes later Aide shouted he had it attached on his bomb rod, I went round to him & after a few iffy minutes it popped its head up just in time for me to net it & get my top four back!" Result' Thanks Aide! It turned out he had hooked it in the top fin" How it didn't come we will never know!.

Back to the swim & I had another down the edge ten minutes later but got a bit keen when it got near the net & trying to bully an 8lb common I smashed the rig" That will teach me... Prob Not??.

I had a bit of a nightmare last 45mins, I foul hooked two down the edge losing both & trashing another rig in the process" & I hooked two more proper lumps shallow late in the day which hardly moved when I hooked them & both shed the hook! I did manage to net a couple more along with a few more skimmers & a Tench before the all-out. I was one of the last to weigh before Aide who I thought had around 90lb come the end, When the scales arrived Tom Light as I expected had done well from fancied peg 15 catching on the method feeder to the lawns & down the edge on the pole later in the day to finish with 128lb odd but the next best weight turned out to be 44lb odd, I thought I had around 50lb of carp & 10lb of silvers, I ended with 12lb odd of silver & the carp were bigger than I thought going 66lb odd. Back at the results & after a tasty burger from the on-site van after, Tom had easily won the day, It was close for second though as I just had enough to beat Aide on peg 1 who finished with a bit less than I thought finishing with 76lb odd, Silvers went to Julian Pinkett who finished with 14lb odd. On the team front the Clevedon lads took another thrashing today as Shiplate's total weights did them by nearly 200lb!" A good bit of banter though even though the score now stands at 7 - 0 ...! Lol.

I had an enjoyable day really, Its a shame the wild life spoilt things as I'm sure it unsettled things for the day, The same happened later in the match only this time I wasn't so fortunate as pushed the rig up into the tree as the goose took off snapping the elastic... but at least I picked up £55 in the process & it probably needed changing! Well done to the Shiplate side a good day all round.

Overall Results -

1st Tom Light (Shiplate Farm) peg 15, 128lb 7oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 2, 78lb 10oz.

3rd Aide Baker (Clevedon A.A) peg 1, 76lb 4oz.

Silvers -

1st Julian Pinkett (Wormheads) peg 7?, 14lb 14oz.

2nd Mark Jones (Marco Smith Catering) peg 9, 13lb 2oz.

3rd Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 2, 12lb 6oz.     

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Viaduct Saturday Open (Cary Lake).

What a joy to wake up to what looked like being a really pleasant day weather wise with the sun out already, Arriving early as normal it gave owner Steve chance to rack his brains as to how I can get the end of my broken number 8 section out the end of my perfectly good no.7, Now I've had this stuck for around 3mths & tried allsorts from frozen peas to using the wife's hairdryer (Wouldn't be mine would it!") but nothing worked, Steve managed to find a section which fitted into the broken bit & with another chap & myself on each end & Steve in the middle with his rolling effect' He had it apart in two minutes!" Legend.. Lol.

Seventeen of us fishing today & after a walk around before hand there appeared to be a lot of fish on the spit back around pegs 74 & 77,78 so hoped to draw here for a change, I let a few go before me before taking my turn & couldn't believe it when I drew peg 102 which I was on a in the last match here a couple of weeks ago" I found it hard going that day for carp & finished with just under 70lb catching a few on the long pole with meat, I would try this again & if it didn't work would switch to fishing hard pellets long so set up a 0.2g rig on 0.17-0.15 & a 16 hair rigged hook, I would also use the rig to fish short around 8mts with meat. I set up a rig on the same lines to fish shallow if need be & apart from this just got out the normal bomb rod & waggler to fish out in the lake, I was going to have a rig to fish infront of peg 103 until a chap I hadn't met before (Chris Kitchin) turned up to fish it! It turned out he was on route to Whiteacres for the next festival & had stopped off on the way through for the match.

I started the day short on the meat but after 15mins switched to the waggler & banded pellet on the deck to start with towards to middle of the lake, I gave it 30mins or so but couldn't get signs on or off the deck, Already things weren't going to plan, Onto the long pole with 8mm meat at 16mts where I had been pinging the odd cube, I missed a couple off bites before eventually found the culprits to be small skimmers & did catch one around the 1lb mark which got me off the mark after two hours", Onto the bomb & pellet but this failed to produce a bite but I did have a decent fish around 14lb casting off to my right on meat feeding just a few cubes over the top but it was a one off, Around mid match a few fish appeared near the surface further out in the lake where I had continued to ping a few hard 8mm pellets so switched to the wager again this time fishing shallow, I had a carp around 7lb straight away then lost another near the net minutes later then couldn't get a sign' Chris next to me had faired a bit better after having a few early good fish on the long pole but now like me was searching for fish, This was hard work.

I was hoping things would get better going into the last couple of hours but it didn't really as I managed another carp on the wagg shallow & just two more carp on the long pole with banded 8mm pellet after switching from meat here to feeding just a couple of pellets at a time over the top. It appeared that the fish wanted to be in a bit of ripple on the water again today to feed more confidently which we struggled to have, Next door he had a few more late carp on the long pole after Ginge" on peg 105 called it a day & packed up early. I think I got it wrong again today & perhaps should of concentrated on catching shallow on the long pole but not so sure that would have worked as the pegs either side of me tried but failed to catch on it.

Back at the results & Roland Lucas had another good day catching on the long pole & pellet Shallow from peg 85 to finish with 175lb to win the day so well done to him ahead of John Mills on the opposite bank from us peg 78 next to the tree who finished with 148lb odd, The silvers was won by Nigel Bartlett from peg 88 with a small fish net going 26lb odd.

In hindsight I should of maybe targeted silvers again today as I didn't really expect to have enough carp to compete with some pegs but that's fishing & at least I gave it a try, My 45lb odd wasn't going to get me anything today but there's always tomorrow'. Truly thankful to Steve for getting my section free which got the day off to a good start, We did have some down pours of rain after the first hour but it cleared into a cracking warm day.

Full results -

1st Roland Lucas (Wiltshire Angling) peg 85, 175lb 6oz.

2nd John Mills (Bait-Tech Viaduct) Peg 78, 143lb 7oz.

3rd Jamie Bowden (Unknown) peg 94, 126lb 3oz.

4th Steve Denmead (Keyford) peg 96, 97lb 2oz.

Silvers -

1st Nigel Bartlett (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 88, 26lb 13oz.

2nd Mark Hannon (Summerhayes) peg 74, 17lb 9oz.    


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Viaduct Fishery (Cambell Open).

After a nice breakfast on Burham-on-sea I arrived in plenty of time, There was a club match on Cary Lake & a silvers only match on Lodge Lake today so it was a sell out again with twenty of us fishing, Apparently a few were saying the fish seemed to have moved up the lake a bit from the last week, That's ok then as I always seem to draw up there lately so should be on a few', No such luck as I ended up on the winter flyer peg 110 in the corner' I wasn't to put off until I realised that peg 135 on the end bank to me was in,
As well as being told the guy on my peg didn't even weigh-in yesterday! Sounds about right for me here..

I had no intention of targeting silvers so first out the holdall was the normal bomb & waggler rods to fish the open water, Obviously I still had the option of fishing down into the corner at 16mts if I wanted too but then remembered that Steve Jacko' Jackson who had his toys out the pram a few weeks back decided to deposit all the branches he had hooked in here through the day straight back in after the match!!" I found what appeared to be a clearer area around 12mts so would start this far down the edge & go from there so set up a 0.2g gram rig on 0.17-0.15 & a size 16 hair rigged hook to fish in just over 3ft of water, Apart from a shallow rig if needed the only other rig was a 4x12 chanti on 0.17-0.13 & a 16 hook to fish meat at around 8mts in 4ft of water. I had good company with Clint Wojtyla on peg 111 who is always guaranteed to give you a laugh at some stage, Martin Preston on what has been the hot area peg 112 & Ben Broxson on the end bank peg 135.

I began the day feeding a handful of hemp & a few cubes of meat at 8mts, Fed a smaller amount down the edge of the same & began the day on the wagg at depth towards the middle of the lake with banded 8mm feeding a few of the same, 15mins in & nothing, the wind was off are back to start with but turned around slightly blowing up the lake which kept towing the rig out of place so had a quick look on the bomb over the same line but even this didn't produce, It was first blood to Clint at are end as he managed one on the wagg but things weren't looking to promising at are end already?.

After 40mins or so it was time to try down the edge with hair rigged meat, Fishing 12mts was just over the stump you can see below,
I had a bite straight away resulting in a 7lb fish after a bit of a battle to get it out the corner' soon after I had a 4lb fish after cad-potting just a couple more cubes over the top then the fish backed away, I decided to have a look at 16mts down the edge & missed a bite but then found myself attached to a branch which I managed to drag out the swim but ruined any more bites here for a while. The first couple of hours were slow, just one more small carp & a decent tench at 12mts again but did lose another decent Tench between my keepnets shedding the hook in the net in the process".  Ben was struggling on peg 135 with just a few carp & it seemed to be the same for Clint & Martin with them both just taking odd fish although Clint was ahead of us at the halfway stage, I managed a 5lb fish on the bomb & pellet whilst I was having a cuppa but it was a one off, I had been topping the 8mt line up with hemp & a bit of meat every 30mins or so & after another carp down the edge decided to have a look, I missed a bite then had another decent tench around 3lb before I managed a 6lb carp here but that was it for the time being.

Back down the edge & a managed a couple more carp to keep ticking over, It seemed best to feed small amounts with the cad-pot & if I couldn't get indications over the bait I would pull the rig further into the corner which seemed to work better, Going into the last couple of hours I expected to catch on the shorter meat line & after Martin had a couple of fish off it I gave it another try, I hooked a decent lump which I saw a couple of times but had a hell of a job to try & get it up, It turned out to be hooked outside the mouth & ended up snapping the hook length after 5mins of struggling with it". Things did improve late in the day as I managed a couple of decent fish on the short meat line & a couple of lumps down the edge late in the day one around 13lb, I though I had around 80lb of carp plus my sivers come the end but we had heard the other end had fished well on both banks with the wind in that direction, Typical", Ben had managed a couple more late carp but decided not to weigh-in so I was first to weigh, I wasn't far off as I had 11lb of silvers & 83lb of carp to finish with 94lb odd, Clint finished with a level 80lb & Martin ended up with 72lb odd, Unfortunately that was going to get us nowhere as from peg 115 up they all broke the ton mark as did some pegs opposite.

Back at the results & it turned out Gary O'Shea won the day from peg 125 With 190lb odd catching mainly on the pole with meat as well as a few on the bomb earlier in the day so well done to him, there were some decent back up weights but they all came from the far end today, It looked like the fish had moved up in the warmer wind as those of us in the calmer water didn't compete but I still enjoyed the day & felt that I had a good result considering, I did have one result today as when playing one of my carp it must of brushed along the bottom causing a catapult to waft up from the deck, I don't quite know how but it managed to swim through the elastic & frame & when I netted the carp there it was threaded up my rig" Result!! One decent Preston Catty to add to my collection!" Lol.  Might be back for the open match next Saturday but fishing Shiplate Farm next Sun in a Shipate v Clevedon.A.A match on the Main Lake.

Full Results -

1st Gary O'Shea (Bait-Tech) peg 125, 190lb 5oz.

2nd Mark Cullerton (Viaduct) peg 118, 181lb 1oz.

3rd Tom Magnal (Mosella UK) peg 116, 166lb 15oz.

4th Leon Hubbard (Mosella Bathampton) peg 119, 159lb 11oz.

5th Adrian Jefferies (Avon Angling) peg 128, 133lb 1oz.

6th Paul Blake (Viaduct) peg 127, 128lb 1oz.

Silvers -

1st Chris Davis (Westerleigh) peg 124, 35lb.

2nd Clint Wojtyla (Future Networks) peg 111, 12lb 1oz. 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Acorn Fishery (Saturday Open).

Overcast skies greeted us on arrival this morning but it was Forecast for us to see some sun & warmer temperatures so we would see' Only twelve of us fishing spread around the lake leaving out the island pegs, It had fished quite hard on Tuesday so I was told with only 39lb winning so would go steady at the start wherever I would end up? I let a few draw before ending up on peg 34 next to the bridge, I've draw here before a couple of times & done well Usually catching somewhere over to the far bank around 13mts just off the bridge or along the far bank & I had plenty of room with the island swims empty, I set up a 0.1g hand made float on 0.13-0.11 to fish near the bridge which was just over a foot tight over and nearly 2ft or so about a metre off the bank which was the depth all along the far bank to 14mts, I set up a rig 4x10 to fish the slightly deeper water around 3ft at 13mts to the left & set up a 4x12 Malman to fish just into the deeper water around 4ft on my left hand margin at 5mts & tight to the bridge at the same distance. It was nice to see Andy France back on the back after suffering an injury to his (Cant spell it but its in your leg!) behind me on peg 37 & I had Darren Wilton on peg 31 to my left the other side of the bridge, Gabo was also with us, Well sort of but the previous nights alcohol contents was still evident"   

 After feeding a bit of corn down the edge & some micros & 4mms on the 13mt line I was just going to start the day dobbing a bit of bread but felt it was a bit murky for that so started across tight over on soft pellet fishing around a metre off the bridge feeding just a few hard 4mms & a pinch of micros, It wasn't long before I had a few bites & after 30mins had three carp for around 10lb' This is usually the case on here before you end up searching around for fish when they move off, Just as I thought it wasn't long before things went funny so switched to fishing banded hard 6mm pellet feeding just 4mms, I couldn't get this to work at all & after 30mins of trying went back to the soft pellet & micro approach, After about an hour or so I had around 16lb adding just a few small stockies' A goldfish", I decided to try the slightly deeper water off the back which did give me a couple of quick 2lb fish then nothing, I had a feeling the fish were backing off under the bridge with nobody on peg 33, Darren had also started well on peg 31 catching a few early fish across but now seemed to be struggling for bites. I decided to start pinging a few hard 6mmts at 13mts across right off to my left looking to drop in on it now & again of for signs of fish here.  I gave the far line a rest & had a look down the edge lines, I foul hooked a decent fish on the corn line to my left the couldn't get a sign, I tried next to the bridge with 6mm expander on the hook & had a bite straight away which was another 1lb stockie then nothing.

Back across I had another 3lb carp as soon as I went tight over where I began then had a decent F1 dropping the rig closer to the bridge where I hadn't fed' This set the pattern up for the day really, I couldn't catch over the area I had been pinging 6mm, All I had was a couple of small skimmers to show here, there didn't appear to be fish showing themselves anywhere along the far bank to my left with any indications coming nearer the bridge as I expected but after a couple of indications I knew they were backing off under the bridge, I did managed one fish on the corn to my left down the edge & really expected to catch here later In the match but it didn't happen & I just missed one bite at the same distance next to the bridge. Andy Had been netting the odd fish threw the day & a couple of bigger fish later in the day, Halfway through I said I had around 20lb & Andy was admitting to 25lb so the last hour it was all to play for between us but didn't know what else had been caught, I had a feeling I would get a couple more better fish across later in the day after catching any size from 10oz to 2lb on & off  through the day, & so it proved with a 3 & 4lb fish in the last ten minutes"

On the all out I had 52lb on the clicker along with just a few silvers & Andy was admitting to 50lb so it would be close'? I caught up with onsite Cadbury Anglings Match organiser Dan doing the weigh-in helping him do the board & at this time 35lb was leading the way, Mark Walsh over on peg 21 did well to finish with 27lb of F1's included in his 49lb total,  A couple more weighs before it was my turn & I wasn't far off finishing with 58lb of carp & 2lb of silvers for just over 60lb, Andy's turn & I still had him down as the winner but it was closer than I thought as he finished with a total of 56lb odd, A good result for me then picking up £70 along the way on which I treated myself to a new pair of sunglasses' I even had time to pop-in the bookie on my way home to have a small flutter on the grand national & returned in time to watch me gain another £20' Result! Lance Tucker took the silvers with 11lb 4oz which is lower than the recent weights again here.  

It turned out to be a glorious day with a decent few hours of sun for a change, I had loads of options today but just kept trying to add fish to the net on the lines I chose regardless of size which worked for the best, I did have a few when I new fish weren't in the swim to try close to the bridge without feeding which worked a few times. Off to Viaduct tomorrow for another crack on Cambell Lake but mind already mind up on its carp or bust!" Lol.

Full Results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Mosella UK) peg 34, 60lb 9oz.

2nd Andy France (Cadbury Angling) peg 37, 56lb 10oz.

3rd Mark Walsh (Acorn) peg 21, 49lb 4oz.

4th Rich Heatley (Clevedon A.A) peg 11, 35lb. 

5th Dave Carroll (Burt Baits) peg 9, 30lb 6oz.

6th Lance Tucker (Sensas 88) peg 15, 29lb 2oz.

Silvers -

1st Lance Tucker (Sensas 88) peg 15, 11lb 4oz.

2nd Wayne Trimmings (Burt Baits) peg 18, 11lb 2oz.