Thursday, 21 May 2015

Viaduct Fishery (Thursday Costcutter)

Well with the outcome of my hand not being good, Signed off work for at least 4wks with no chance of me fishing as my hand has to be set in a cast at a certain direction  I was just desperate to get back on the bank even if it was only to watch a few others, Lucky for me I managed to get a lift off good friend Gabrial Skarba and with the sun already shineing it looked to be a nice day ahead. After a stop of for breakfast we arrived at the fishery to see a club match booked on Cambell lake so the open was to be held on Cary & Lodge lakes, It was soon time for the draw And Gabo found himself on peg 99 Cary which suited him as he planned to just fish for the silvers which he had been doing very well on here of late with weights of skimmers over 60b'. The only down side we were the wrong side of a big tree meaning we were soon going to be in the shade most of the day and with the breeze coming at us it could get a bit chilly but I panned to have a wander around so it wouldn't effect me.

Gabo plummed up to lines at 11 & 13mts as well as a short line down towards the tree along the inside edge, starting the match he fed 7 balls of fishmeal based ground-bait onto the 13mt line as well as a few balls on the 11mt swim and a coupe down the edge, Starting the match on the long line hooking two big carp snapping the hook-length both times it didn't take long to get a 1lb skimmer followed by a few smaller samples before things slowed up slightly, Venue expert Dan White who was targeting carp had a good start on next door peg 98 landing a double figure fish within minutes of starting up in the water slapping the pellet on the surface,

 Dan White.


From what I could see it wasn't hectic with just a coupe of carp landed in the first hour or so of the match, Gado was plugging away between the 3 lines putting what he could in the net taking the odd better fish from the 13mt line,




It wasn't long after the sun went behind the tree so it was time for a wander to see how everyone else was getting on. I hadn't see much caught from lodge lake as yet probably due to bright sun and calmer conditions on this lake as you can see from the pics I took from the bench whilst enjoying a warm pasty from the on-site shop,


On this lake there were only the odd carp caught as it seemed they were more interested in swimming around ignoring anything put in-front of them, I caught up with fellow blogger Tony Rixon who was putting a few of the lakes better skimmers in the net,

 Mr Rixon.




 In The Tail Tony..! lol.

Next door Titch Williams on next door peg 71 managed to hook a nice fish but not in the mouth' and after a few mins it got the better of him and pulled out,

 Titch peg 71 lodge lake.


I wandered on back to Cary lake and although things were quite there were the odd big bruiser's being hooked'

Dave Burford Peg 105 Cary.


Walking further around the lake the pegs at the opposite end of the lake seemed to be varying best and as I sat behind Mark Warne on peg 88 found himself attached to this beast taken down his inside swim,


 Mark Warne's beast' peg 88 Cary.

Buy now there were only a couple of hours left and it seemed a few fish had woken up and started feeding, Phil soon had a decent fish after mark on peg 90 taken on the bomb and pellet towards the end bank,

 Phil Peg 90 Cary

Back to the bank Gabo was on and next up was Mark Hannon on peg 94 who was now catching a few on the shallow waggler towards the bottom bank again on pellet,
 Mark Hannon Peg 94 Cary.
Further back around to Gabo the pegs just above him were fairing best with pegs 98 ,97, & 98 were all catching hooking fish in the last hour,
Gabo had a good run of skimmers halfway through the match and was still adding a few smaller fish and tony was still adding the odd big skimmer to his net so it looked like a close call between them from what I could see, I managed to catch up with Titch again before the end of the match just as he was playing another carp,
But you guessed it' it came off! I think I was a bit of a camera jinx today for some as poor Dan White lost two on the trot as I tried to capture him"
 The one that got away"
At the all out it was a close call between a few anglers as late fish were going to make all the difference, Cary always seemed to be the lake the winner would come from and John mills on peg 96 had a last cast fish to thank landed after the whistle to push him into top spot on the day with 152lb all caught up in the water at 16mts slapping pellet,
 Winner John Mills with a couple of his fish.
Bill Noble next door finished in 2nd spot with 141lb just ahead of Dan White with 136lb, It was a close battle on the silvers front between Gabo and Tony with Tony taking 42lb to Gabo's 40lb but the top silvers weight went to Mark Skyme over on peg 77 Cary with a great 52lb who I didn't get a pic of due to helping with the board at the weigh-in sorry mate. Well the lakes didn't produce as well as they have been but with the conditions the way they were and the fish with other things on their minds it fished quite well. I will be back following more matches over the weekend and hope to capture some more of the action, when I get chance I will print off some photos and hand out copy's to those I have so far captured.



















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