Sunday, 14 June 2015

Acorn Fishery (Saturday Open).

Only a brief report on this sorry as limited to what I can write and rushing around in the morning saw me forget the camera' 14 fishing today so the pegs were spread out allowing the option for pleasure anglers wishing to fish some vacant swims should the case arise? I ended up on the island swims peg 3 so my hand of god failed me again as I felt I would be up against it with some more fancied pegs spread around the lake. cutting a long story short I had 4 carp in the first 45mins on soft expanders before carp No.5 snapped my elastic at the net losing the whole rig along with the fish! I made a new rig but how often does it happen that it just doesn't work the same?? A frustrating day but I stuck it out to end up with around 30lb which was nowhere as I watched others catching well all day' Managing to draw next to Brian Hadley again who was on peg 1 we had a quid on it but called it a draw before the scales arrived as it was a close call between us and I had to get to the tackle shop to invest in some new elastic ready for my return visit on Sunday, Mark Walsh went on to win the match from peg 23 next to the bridge with 130lb odd catching short on soft expander's. Not the result I was quite hoping for but felt I had worked a few things out going into the inter club match on Sunday? So hoping for a swim with a bit more form?.       

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