Saturday, 20 June 2015

Maver Match This Qualifier,  (Viaduct Fishery).

After looking forward to this match for a few weeks and a good practice on Thursday I was keen to get up this morning making an extra few rigs and making sure a my pole elastics were in order should I be lucky enough to draw on a few fish? Leaving home in plenty of time to arrive for a cuppa & a walk around the lakes before the draw with the lovely supportive wife we noticed the fish on Cambell lake were heavily spawning in the margins on most pegs,
With over a hundred Anglers keen to get the place in the big final at Larford lakes later this year five lakes were to be used, Cambell, Cary, lodge, Match & Spring-Middle It was going to be anybody's guess were we would all end up', If I could of chosen any lake it would have to be Cambell despite the early signs of spawning fish as I felt with the resent form of the lake it would produce the winner?
All keen to get the peg we all hoped for most of us were hanging around the hut eager to get into the draw.
I ended up nearer the front than most but as last year I still found myself next to twice Fisho" finalist Kevin Dick's"
The moment of truth and into the draw I picked up two numbers so decided to drop them back & try again' stuck to my hand came out comes peg 17 on spring  spring lake,
A bit disappointed as its not a lake I really expected the winner to come from but you never know and at least I had an island chuck as an option, For company I had venue expert and Thursdays open winner Gary O'Shea on peg 19 on one end of the island and another venue regular Dave White on the other end of it peg 16 in my section so had my work cut out. Matches like this you have to fish to positive so it was a bomb & Pellet waggler to fish over to the island, A rig to fish meat at 6mts in-front of me and a rig to fish on my top 4 down my inside against the bank in 2ft of water. Starting the match on the bomb an 8mm pellet I expected one of us to latch into some of the lakes munter's' early as we all had the same idea but it didn't happen' 45mins in and I did have a 6b fish dropping short of the island but I already had that feeling it wasn't going to happen, a change to the pellet waggler didn't get much better and although I stuck at it most of the day I missed one bite on it, I did have a problem with some line hanging from the tree opposite which cost me one waggler and two bomb rigs along the way which didn't help matters as I could only really cast to the same area each time.
After a couple of hours word on the bank was a few anglers on cambell lake were doing really well catching in there margins,
Things just didn't seem to get going for us are side of Spring lake and with an hour to go next door on peg 18 Colin Horn looked to be winning the section with 3 carp taken on the pellet waggler at this point, Things were really hotting up for a few back on Cambell and Pete Upperton on peg 112 was sacking up from his margins for most of the day by the sound of it,
Despite trying my other swims through-out the day it wasn't until the last 15min I added a similar size carp from the meat line at 6mts but that was it, Dave Also managed 1 on his paste line he had fished most of the day and Colin on peg 18 added two more on the waggler, A big disappointment come the end but that's the luck of the draw (or lack of it") lol as there didn't seem to be many carp willing to feed on this lake.
Pete went on to take full advantage of the only angler not to turn up on peg 113 to finish the day with a great 248lb and make his way to the final at Larford lakes in September picking up £250 on the day so well done to him taking all his fish from the margins at 8 & 13mt on meat, followed by Robert Taylor next door on peg 111 finishing the day with 187lb so that's were the fish hey" lol.
 Winner Pete Upperton.
Back to are lake and the section was won by Colin on peg 18 with 5 carp on the waggler and a few skimmers on the bomb to finish with 44lb making the trip from the isle of Wight worth wile picking up £85. 
  Section winner Colin Horn.
Back to the venue again tomorrow to take somebody's place in the final round of the spring series but with Spring lake not being used at least I've got a change of lakes to look forward too.
Full results -
1st Pete Upperton (Middy) peg 112 Cambell, 248lb.
2nd Robert Taylor peg 111 Cambell, 187lb 6oz.
3rd Fred Roberts (Sign Solutions) peg 88 Cary) 160lb.
4th Glen Butler (Maver) peg 114 Cambell, 152lb 3oz.
5th Tony Curd (Map/Bait Tech) peg 31 Middle, 144lb 11oz.
6th Jim Evans peg 127 Cambell, 133lb 15oz.




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