Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It All Happens At Once"

Just to let everybody know I haven't given up fishing or my blog for that matter' but did hit a bit of a crisis" After having the house on the market for the last few month's without much interest all of a sudden along comes a cash buyer who puts in a decent offer and wants a quick sale, All well & good we thought until the people we were going to rent a property off of for the time being let us down at the last minute meaning not only did we have nowhere to go we had the added problem of finding somewhere which would also accommodate are rather large dog! It was a real struggle to tell the truth and as we were beginning to give up hope fortunately we have found a nice bungalow very near to were we are now. With everything rolling along at full pace we complete the sale of are house on the 1st of August but move into are new residence this weekend so I wont have chance to wet a line again this week but will be keen to get back on the bank the following weekend and get back to my blogging so good luck to those fortunate enough to at least be fishing' .      

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