Monday, 6 July 2015

Viaduct Fishery Saturday Open Cambell Lake.

With the weather forecast good for the day it was back to viaduct for their latest Saturday match on cambell lake which seemed to be the best for producing the better catches at the moment. With 20 of us fishing it the whole lake was in use and for once I drew an area I fancied for a few fish peg 114 on the near bank, I had the option of the open water as well as what looked like a nice margin swim down to my left towards the empty pallet 113 which doesn't normally get pegged.
Although Giles Cochrane makes it work I didn't really fancy chucking the bomb and pellet around all day but did set it up, my main line of attack would be the short pole at 8mts with meat and along the inside margin with pellet. I set up a  4x12 rig for 8mts on 0.17-0.15 and an 14 PR478 hook and a 0.2g AS2 float to fish along the margin in around 3ft of water on 0.19 to an 0.17 hair rig hook.
At the all-in I fed a large pot of hemp to help to the fish on the deck with a palm-full of 7mm cubed meat added onto the 8mt line and began pinging a few hard 6mm pellets down towards the pallet, Everyone else seemed to start on the bomb but I chose to go straight on the short line with double meat on the hook. It didn't take long for me to hook my first fish and it was a decent size until as I reached for the landing net it bolted under the pallet and smashed the rig to pieces" Great start then..! luckily I had an identical rig set up so was soon trying again, after a coupe of foul hooked fish I switched to a big worm on the hook and safely netted a 4lb fish but they didn't seem to want to settle.
I tried the bomb for a while without a response and after an hour it was time to look down towards the pallet as already a few fish had been caught on the opposite bank as well as the lads either side of me taking some early fish on the bomb. Starting with a banded 8mm pellet feeding just a few over the top via a cad pot it was instant but the fish wasn't happy' bolting for freedom under the empty pallet shedding the hook and leaving me snagged up resulting in another trashed rig!!. with a new one attached I chose not to go as far to the pallet fishing only half way along the inside bank hoping to have time to react and get then out easier?
Nope" Another hooked fish but this time it managed to tangle me up tight to the bank in all the under water debris from the tree branches which had fallen in over time and I coudn't see' Another trashed rig and already I was decorating my side tray with broken floats so things certainly weren't going to plan. I chose to start a new line a metre off the bank into the open water giving me more chance of adding fish to the net rather than have them run me ragged! it worked for a while but the fish soon moved back towards the pallet where they felt safe but to be honest the elastic I had been advised to use down the edge on swims like this just wasn't man enough and will soon be coming out of my top kits! I spent the rest of the day pinching the odd fish off the 8mt line with worm over mainly hemp which were of good size but they were few and far between and I could see a few anglers catching well, A few more attempt's at getting fish out from down the edge seemed to go one fish one more smashed rig! so not an enjoyable day although I don't think I made the most of my swim, perhaps a longer pole line or the pellet waggler would have worked more in my favour but that's why its called fishing not catching' lol, I didn't trouble the scales today but estimated to have around 70lb odd which wasn't going to get me anything so got the kit packed away just having time to get the results before heading home. It turned out Chris Davis fishing his favourite peg 135 on the end bank ( he's draw it 3 times in a row!) made no mistakes catching all his fish on 6mm pellet feeding the same to finish the day with just over 200lb so well done to him.

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