Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Acorn Fishery (Tuesday Costcutter).

With my hand now much better I took the chance of entering this Tuesday open at Acorn, I haven't fished the pole for a few weeks now and with this lake being pronominally canal shaped it was time to take the chance that I could manage ok. I left home in plenty of time to miss rush hour & get to the fishery in plenty of time for a nice fry-up as I was starving' Or so I thought, But when I arrived I found out they no longer serve breakfast as the attendances had been down on resent Tuesdays & it wasn't worth owner Bev wasting money on rolls or electric ect which was fair comment, A quick call from Gabo who wanted booking-in had me pleading to him to grab me some grub of some sort on route.

It turned out with the forecast for a nice day the attendance was up with 15 fishing & with Gabo arriving late I had to draw for the pair of us, I picked out his first and it turned out to be peg 1 on the middle island with me ending up on peg 18 of the far bank, I've never draw this peg before, always ending up on the wider area further down but after driving right behind my peg (No trolley needed") I was pleased to see it was only around 13mts to the far bank which would make it easier for me with the added comfort of the breeze off are backs. With the nights now getting much cooler I didn't fancy catching tight over in the shallower water so opted to plumb up at the bottom of the far shelf were I found just under 4ft of water in two separate spots which I planned to feed differently,
Rig wise I had two identical rigs being a 0.3g float on 0.13-0.11 one with an 18 808 hook & the other a 16 808, The only other rig I assembled as we all had plenty of room was a 4x10 Chanti to fish down in-front the next pallet on 0.14-0.12 and a 18 Wide gape pellet hook.
Gabo had managed to arrive in time & came around to give me a couple of sarnies he had knocked up before he left, I'm not so sure what was in um' but they tasted ok and I was truly thankful" For company I had Barry Fitchew on peg 16 and Keith Fisher Next to the bridge on 21, Looking Around I fancied venue regular Dave (Dogging) Wride to do well off peg 5 which I was told won the match on Sunday as well as a few others on the more noted pegs but was looking forward to the day.
All I had brought with today was various pellet and some sweet corn so I was hoping to make them work' At the all-in I cupped a small amount of hard 4mm pellet and a few bits of corn on a line off to my left towards the far bank, Fed a small amount of corn and a few 4 & 6mm hard pellet down to the empty pallet and started the match directly in-front of me about 2ft off the far bank at dead depth with a 4mm expander on the hook feeding a few micro's via a cadpot.
I had a carp of 4lb within the first minute which was a good start" Another of similar size came shortly after before I foul hooked two fish which came off and started it get iffy bites which saw me connect with nothing, I cut back on the micros and fed a few more hard 4mm to pin them to the deck but things were still slow, Looking around I hadn't seen much caught and some anglers were already trying their inside lines which told me they were struggling, After an hour I had managed to put 4 in the net off this line and just one fish from were I had fed heavier to the left.
The next hour proved difficult only adding 1 more fish but losing 3 more foul hookers so it was time to have a quick look on the swim by the pallet, Starting on a single grain of corn I had a fish of 3lb quite quickly but then nothing followed so I started cad potting a few grains of corn & 4mm pellets over the top, I had another fish but then had signs of fish coming up in the water which soon spooked out the swim so re-fed a larger amount & went back across.
resting the swim seemed to do the trick as I had 3 more all on expander pellet then another on corn before it needed resting again. One thing I did notice was the fish weren't keen on much feed as I still couldn't catch off the line I had fed heavier across, It seemed best just to feed small amounts after each fish where I was getting indications. Back down by the pallet and a couple more fish on the corn followed but they weren't keen to feed in numbers so it was a case of catch one or two then go back across and do the same.
It wasn't hectic but in the next couple of hours I got into a nice rhythm pinching odd fish off the two lines, With about 90mins to go I had about 17 carp then had a funny' 30mins hooking and losing a couple & missing some good bites! But thankfully things settled down a little when I just took a fish of each line before feeding small amounts and leaving it, I finished the match with 25 or 26? carp of similar size and thought I might have about 90lb odd. When I caught up with the scales the lake had fished harder than of late and the top weight was 48lb odd, Thankfully I had a really enjoyable day just plodding away searching odd fish when it got hard and was pleased to take top spot with 102lb, The fish certainly new the temperature had changed but feeding fragile amounts worked for me today. 
 Part of my catch.
Not a massive pick-up being £34 but it more than covered the day as I bet I never used more than £3 worth of bait, My hand was acing a little at the end as I forgot to wear my strap this morning' but more pleasing was the fact its the only the second time I've had chance to fish the venue this year and that resulted in a win so lets hope it comes in three's when I get chance to visit again?

Full Results -
1st Dom Sullivan (Maver) peg 18, 102lb 1oz.
2nd Keith Fisher (Over 50's) peg 21, 48lb 6oz.
3rd Mike Chapman (Over 50's) peg 7, 48lb.
4th Barry Fitchew (Pole Repairs) peg 16, 47lb 12oz.
5th Gabriel Skarba (Hillview) peg 1, 42lb 5oz.

Silvers -  Eddie Wynne (Over 50's) peg 3, 6lb.

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