Friday, 11 September 2015

The Sedges Fishery, (Weds Costcutter).

Still unable to fish due to having my arm in plaster I had to opportunity to take a trip with Gabriel for the day for his first visit to the fishery, Its not a venue I have had much chance to fish over the years but has been producing some great results so it would be a bit eye opener for both of us. The match would be held on the re-formed brick lake which I must say looks very inviting from what I remember it to be a few years ago when it was classed as their speci lake, Since owners Jamie & Denise took over the hold some years ago now they really have put the effort in to produce another excellent and very tidy fishery on the map in the south west so all credit to them.

The total pools entry on the day was only £10 and with the peg fee taken out there wasn't much to fish for money wise but these matches can be used as a chance to try a few different things with costing a fortune' after the draw Gabo found himself on peg 35 in the middle of the first of the lake but at least he had an island chuck as well as the breeze of his back, Arriving at the swim it looked perfect for a pellet waggler approach if the fish should be up in the water or maybe a method feeder tighter to the island which a lot of the regulars seem to favour, The only hitch here was Gabo had never fished one before but wanted to give it ago as a bit of a practice but I did warn him I would have the camera out if he tried it as it was bound to go wrong!?,
He also assembled a couple of pole rigs to fish on a short line at 5mts & a rig for down the edge. Starting on the pellet waggler towards the island with 8mm pellet on the hook feeding a few of the same there were already signs of fish in the upper layers of the water and after 20mins he had his first fish around 4lb,
Things proved a little difficult after this as the breeze had picked up slightly and Gabo was clipping the branches from the tree behind him hampering the cast, After a few more missed bites and another 3lb fish the inevitable happened and he managed to snag the tree properly snapping the main line and leaving the rig sitting pretty in the tree!"
Plan B' then? He decided to have his first attempt on the method (Should Be Interesting?) over to the island with a hard 6mm pellet on the hook and a mix of micros and ground-bait around the feeder, Fair play to him as his first cast landed as tight to the island as it could without looking foolish"
It didn't take long for an un-miscible take resulting in another 4lb fish which had him beaming as he was telling me how he would empty the place on it' lol,
After a few missed casts he removed the clipped up line to try further off the point of the island, The only problem was he hadn't re-attached it" And yep it had to happen' as he clipped the tree again on the cast resulting in the feeder flying straight through the tree in the middle of the island!" That was the end of that then..!
As I tried to get my breath back I decided it was time for a wander leaving Gabo to try his poles lines as by now it was all he had left set up' The bank we were on seemed to be fishing quite hard & Gabo's Polish Alcoholic friend Ziggy on peg 39 Also had 3 carp and others were struggling for the time being, When I Returned To Gabo after noticing some fish moving around on the top in the middle we both thought it best to have ago on the long pole shallow without the risk of clipping the tree whilst trying to cast a rod & line. Starting with 6mm pellet on the hook feeding the same with the catty after a few minutes he added another carp followed by a big roach and a decent skimmer, Another look down the edge saw a foul hooked carp and another skimmer but it seemed more active on the long shallow line, After a few missed bites a bit of alteration to the shotting saw a bigger fish attached which was safely netted at around 9lb,
With about 90mins to go I took a wander up to Venue Regular Paul Lock on the end peg of are bank who was playing a good carp as I arrived,
The only problem was it was in the tail so trying to get it safely was proving difficult but after a bit of persuasion he steered it in the net which turned out to be near double figures'
I watched Paul for a short while & he was fishing paste on the long pole on the deck in around 10ft of water, Paste Can be tricky to fish at the best of times but after watching him hook and lose two more fouler's' I now know why I try and avoid the stuff" Returning to Gabo his last hour was proving the most prolific with a couple of double figure carp and more skimmers all on the long pole shallow,
By the time of the all out I thought that Gabo had safely enough to be top weight on are bank, I didn't venture over the other side as it looked a bit chilly judging by the way they were all rapped up' but it proved the best area to be as a local chap by the name of Eric was leading the way with 147lb of carp caught on the method feeder in the middle of the lake followed by fishery owner Jamie with 98lb from peg 21 in the corner, Gabo's total of 87lb was enough for 3rd on the day but not in the money as just first in Carp & Silvers were paid out overall although he was a tad unlucky as he missed out on the silvers by 7oz". All in All a good day for Gabo on his first visit to the venue and one im keen to try when I can in the near future. 




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