Sunday, 11 October 2015

Viaduct Fishery Saturday Open (Cambell & Cary).

With the All-Winners Silvers Final on the horizon next Saturday with a cool £750 up for grabs for the overall winner' I was keen to use the weekend as a practice & target the silvers hopefully having chance to fish Cambell today after being on Cary last week, Traveling alone I arrived in plenty of time, I have been getting my casters from the fishery of late & fair play to Steve there good quality which turn lovely and crisp' Into the draw & I found myself on peg 131 Cambell, Above me I had Steve Denmead on peg 129 below the spit but couldn't see him through the tree so was it was gonna be a day of talking to myself with no-one below me".

This can be a good area for tench if they show as well as a good area to target roach on a short line so was glad I had a few pints of casters' The problem I had as we were setting up was a slight breeze towards me which was skimming all the leafs from the trees opposite right were I was hoping to start the match"
Nothing I could do so set about tackling up and would worry about it at the start. I planned to feed casters short & At 7mts and fish a longer line at 13mts With Ground-Bait & Dead red maggot. I set up a 4x10 chanti to hand on my top 2 on 0.11-0.10 and an 18 808 hook, The same set up but on a shorter line to fish at 7mts, & a 4x12 Wire wonder on the same line with an 16 808 hook for the 13mt line in the white gap of the shadow you can see in pic,

At the All-in I feed 4 balls of ground-bait at 13mts containing some dead red maggots, fed a handful of chopped worm & casters in some ground-bait at 7mts and started the match fishing my topset to hand feeding casters with the same on the hook, It was proving awkward to get the rig in properly amongst the leafs but the small roach seemed to like the cover as once got the rig in properly I was having a fish a chuck from 1 - 3oz, In the first hour alone I counted 68 roach into the net also managing to top the other two lines up along the way' but things were slowing a little and with the roach on the small side I decided to have a look on my other lines I the hope of some skimmers or tench. Starting at 13mts with double dead red maggot I had an 8oz skimmer as soon as the rig settled, That had my hopes up but after 20mins all I added was another of similar size, I tried a piece of worm without a sign and added 1 more on 4mm expander but it wasn't getting me anywere so after a quick look on the 7mt line with caster on the hook adding a couple of 3oz roach it was back to fishing the top set to hand, another good run of roach of various sizes with a bonus 12oz skimmer & tench added it was a case of catching what I could happy to be putting something in the net for the time being, After wasting to long in the second hour looking for bonus fish & after another hour on the roach it was time to have another look.

Back out with red maggot on the hook at 13mts I bumped a decent fish within seconds" Balls! 5mins later I had a 12oz skimmer but nothing followed so it was onto the 7mt line with double caster on the hook. Again a couple of chunky roach but despite regularly topping this line up I couldn't catch the bonus tench I had hoped for. I could here a lot of splashing from Steve's peg and although I couldn't see him presumed he was catching carp like the guys opposite, For the next couple of hours I concentrated on catching as much as I could to hand and kept having a look on the other lines briefly every 30mins or so. Going into the last 90mins I noticed a few small bubbles on the 7mt line tried again this time with double red maggot on the hook, Bingo a nice 3lb tench was soon in the net'. Nothing followed so a top up and a try on the 13mts line still didn't produce so back to adding more fish short whilst keeping my eye on the other swims, It didn't take long for more signs on the 7mt line and I added another tench this time on a piece of worm. In the last 30mins I managed a couple of 1lb skimmers on the short line to hand and another 2lb tench and also managed another from 7mts on caster, A really busy days fishing with the added bonus of the late tench just a shame they didn't put in an appearance earlier' I thought had close to 20lb of roach & what ever my bonus tench went? Colin arrived with the scales and it turned out my small fish weight went 23lb added to just over 10lb of tench for 33lb odd which I was more than happy with,

 Part Of my catch.


I offered to give Colin a hand with the board on are bank and was really surprized when arriving at Steve's swim all that splashing I presumed to be carp included some tench and skimmers & nice one at that" for a great silvers weight of 45lb which now see's him in next weekend final so well done to him, Sorry I didn't get your picture as as it was to ate by the time I realised'. My Weight turned out to be enough for second in the silvers getting my £20 back at least but more to the point another enjoyable days fishing" The match was won by Mark Wynn on hot peg 112 Cambell with 151lb catching on pellet shallow and on the deck on the long pole, Back Sunday for the match on lodge lake which is sold out at 14 pegs so another chance to try a few things on the last lakes for next Saturdays final.

Full Results -  1st Mark Wynn (Bait-Tech Viaduct) Peg 112 Cambell, 151lb 8oz.

2nd Roland Lucas (Bait -tech Viaduct) peg 110 Cambell 127lb.

3rd Andy Cronston (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 115 Cambell, 126lb 7oz.

Silvers - 1st  Steve Denmead (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 129 Cambell, 45lb 10oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Maver) peg 131 Cambell,  33lb 14oz.



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