Sunday, 10 April 2016

Viaduct Fishery Fisho Mania Qualifier (Saturday).

Bit late getting this result in as when Lewis picked me up yesterday I was totally trashed" Id been to Steve Seniors Funeral yesterday & ended up on a right session' I suppose it doesn't hurt now & again to have a blow out but it wasn't the best choice before this match, We did stop for breakfast but to be honest before we even had chance to draw I was feeling worse for wear! Quite late in the draw today ending up on peg 107 Cary being the first peg on the causeway as you approach the lake, Not what I wanted & with Dan Squires on peg 109 facing up the lake with the wind in the opposite direction we didn't fancy are chances as room was a bit tight. Not going on to explain to much about my day as it was never going to happen, the only place I managed to get any indications was at 16mts towards the overhanging tree on the opposite bank by feeding just 3-4 8mm hard pellets with a cadpot, fishing the same on the hook, I stuck the whole match out but only landed two & losing two' It was never going to get me anywhere as my section also included the better pegs on the start of Cambell, Dan had called it a day before the end & the chap to my left on 106 finished with three carp. Word on the bank was local & newly sponsored Dan White who was on the reserve list managed to get in ending up on peg fancied 112 on Cambell was admitting to 170lb, It turned out he had a bit more than he thought as his final weight totalled a massive 210lb odd to easily win the day. Dan spends a lot of time at this fishery with good results so it was no surprize to see him through to the semi final, Well Done Dan You Worked hard today catching shallow when others around you dismissed it so thoroughly deserved, I was exhausted by the end of day as I've been suffering with a pain down my arm all week & holding a pole all day did me right in'. Lewis managed 3 carp for 43lb odd but didn't see him with a pick-up either but that's the way it goes with these big matches, First you have to draw well then you still got to catch um". Nice to see both Andy & Dan making it through this week being Somerset lads, Still got a three more attempts so hoping I'll be the next one! Lol.


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