Sunday, 3 April 2016

Viaduct Fishery Sunday Open, (Cambell & Cary Lakes).

Travelling on my own today which is going to take some time to adjust to after the sad death of travelling partner Donald Sutherland, Breakfast in Hilltops felt rather chilling this morning but a good chat with old friend Leon Hubbard over breky made it worth while. With Donald in mind for all those interested his funeral will be held at Weston crematorium on the 15th April at 1.30pm then onto the pier for the wake, The Funeral will be very well attended so it may be best to park away & take a short walk.

Their was a good turnout again today with 38 fishing, I did fancy another crack at the same peg as I had yesterday as I felt I hadn't made the most of it but not setting up the waggler to fish past the monk as I'm sure it would of give me a few more fish but after nipping in the draw halfway through I found myself on peg 111 of Cambell, It wouldn't of been my first choice but the peg did produce 90lb yesterday so I had the chance of a few now their starting to spread out a bit & I could use the day to get to grips with a few things encase I draw this lake next Saturday? I had venue expert & last years fisho finalist Roland Lucas on the end peg 110 who would be hard to beat if the fish have ventured his way, With the wind off are backs I fancied the waggler to fish dead depth to start with & go from there so set up a loaded waggler to an 0.15 bottom & an 16 power hook.

I got the bomb rod out just to have a look, but my other lines would be a short pole for meat at 7mts & a swim at 14mts to fish hard pellet over loose fed 4mm as a catch anything line. I started the day feeding some hemp & 6mm meat at 7mts off to my left & handfed a couple of cubes the same distance in-front of me. I decided to have a look on the bomb to start the match near the aerator with punched meat or pellet but after 20mins & just one liner it was time to try the waggler with banded 6mm pellet on the hook where I had been pinging a few, Roland & Chris Davis opposite him in the other corner had both started the match well & were soon in to fish, After 40mins I had my first carp around 8lb at depth then had two more in the next 30mins caught just off the deck but I was going nowhere compared to Roland & Chris & the pegs above the spit appeared to be catching.

Roland was really motoring on the waggler in the flat water but with the ripple were I was they didn't appear to be keen to feed in it properly? It was time to try the long pole starting with a 8mm pellet where I had been feeding some hard 4mms with the catty, First put-in I had a 2lb skimmer followed by a carp then nothing, I fed some more around the float & foul hooked another straight away so decided to try the shallow rig over the top. I swung an 8mm pellet in & was soon playing a fish which I puled out of close in but that was it. we were over halfway though & I was getting nowhere & seeing the amount of carp which had already been caught I thought my best option would be a switch to silvers? I could already see fellow blogger Tim Ford had targeted them from the off & was catching well so I switched to feeding a few more hard 4mms on the long pole but not as regular to try & catch skimmers with 6mm pellet on the hook, I did manage two more before carp came back for another look netting a couple more so decided with a couple of hours remaining to have a look on the short meat lines, Starting infront of me where I had been feeding the odd 6mm & 8mm cubes by hand from the off I had a good skimmers & a 2lb tench in 5mins but then that drew the attention of a near 9lb carp followed by another smaller fish, I had a look where I had fed slightly heavier but that didn't produce so reverted back to the 14mt line with hard 6mm on the hook again, 2 more skimmers & another carp before disaster struck as I went to net a decent fish & the elastic snapped taking the whole rig". Well to many carp their now for my liking now I was trying to target them so I would spend the last 90mins on the meat at 7mts between the two lines, I added another tench & a few more skimmers before the end of the match but also managed to and a few more carp but was never going to catch up with Roland or Chris as they had caught all day as had the pegs at the top of the lake which produced yesterday, I estimated around 20lb of silvers & hadn't added up my carp, When the scales arrived Tim had made the right choice to target them from the off as he had a cracking day finishing with the days best silvers weight of 65lb odd followed by a 40lb, My silvers went 21lb so considering I wasted half the day it proved worth while pinching 3rd overall in the silvers picking up £25 so at least I had a envelope, I was beginning to forget what they looked like'. It proved to be another great weight day with over 20 ton plus weights recorded" Top of the pile was Phil Cardwell from peg 97 Cary with a massive 271lb catching on the bomb & the waggler , Roland had come to borrow my spare net in the last hour as his four were nearly full' & ended the day with a great 194lb but was pushed into third overall by Chris Davis opposite on peg 132 with 201lb. A good days fishing for most & I cant think of anywhere else you can come away from such a variety of fishing, Didn't have a profitable weekend but at least I had some fish, In fact' A lot compared to the last couple of weeks" Looking forward to next weeks Fisho's, Weds see's Lewis Jones & Myself Travelling to Woodlands View, Haven't fished here for over 20yrs, Got a bit of info but think a corner peg or a bit of room will help so worry about it when I've drawn & back here next Saturday, Owe I went to see how Ian Williets had got on where I was yesterday & he had done really well finishing with 177b odd, Yep' On the waggler down past the MONK".. Good job I pre-baited it yesterday! Lol.

Full Results -

1st Phil Cardwell (Bait-tech Viaduct) peg 97 Cary, 271lb 11oz.

2nd Chris Davis (Frampton Cotterall) peg 132 Cambell, 201lb 6oz.

3rd Roland Lucas (Wiltshire Angling) peg 110 Cambell, 194lb 5oz.

4th Ian Williets (Wiltshire Angling) peg 81 Cary, 177lb 8oz.

5th John Hannan (Wales) peg 80 Cary, 173lb 14oz.

6th Lee Piscasho (Peanut") (Mosella) peg 118 Cambell, 171lb.

Silvers - 1st Tim Ford (P.I.Thatchers) peg 130 Cambell, 65lb 4oz.

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  1. While reading your post I have noticed that your philosophy influenced me greatly. Now I am also eager to go fishing. For me it's not a commercial thing but more like a hobby. Even though I don't have a lot of time, I am sure to find it for fishing.
    Nice post! Thanks!