Sunday, 26 October 2014

Emerald (Saturday) Silvers League Rd 2.

Back to Emerald lake to day for the second round of my silvers league and after a welcome breakfast at hilltops with traveling partner Darren greenwood we made are way to do the pegging before the draw, Alan the owner Had switched the aerator on due to signs of fish gasping for air in the last few days with the still mild airstream we have at the moment so we were hoping it wouldn't effect the fishing? I let Tim Lewis draw for me today and low and behold I only ended up on the same peg I had the first match being peg 7 on the far bank of the car park, I fancied a draw in the earlier pegs 3,4 or 5 as thought the fish may have pushed up a bit with the oxygen but never the less expected to get bites as you can from all around the lake.

last time I just opted on two short lines but came unstuck when the carp arrived in numbers so chose to swap things around a bit today fishing one short line at 4mts towards the tree in 4ft of water with caster or pieces of worm head on the hook over loose fed casters and nuggets of groundbait, the rig was a 0.3g PB3 on 0.13-0.09 and an 18 PR434 hook, followed by a 3x8 Chanti on 0.11-0.09 to fish up in the water should the case arrive, Keeping it quite simple I chose just to have another line at 9mts again with a 0.3g PB3 float on 0.11-0.09 and an 18 63-13 hook to fish maggot over small amounts of groundbait. For company I had John Barker on peg 6 and fellow blogger Ken Raynor on peg 8 but couldn't see anyone above me so would have to rely on Darren over on peg 2 to let me know how things were going.

At the all in I cupped 2 small balls of groundbait with some worm and casters in on the short line and started on the 9mt line with a single red maggot on the hook just cad potting a small nugget of groundbait over the top, It didn't take long to get a response but the fish were on the small side so started to change around hookbaits trying to find a better stamp of fish, After a hour I estimated to have around 9lb including a few hybrids pushing a 1lb and was doing ok from what I could see, All the time I had been flicking a few casters onto the 4mt swim and after the hour I had a look but after two quick fish they weren't happy to settle this close just yet so didn't spend to long on it, The 2nd hour was as good as the first catching some more net size hybrids and some tench to a 1lb and was admitting to 20lb, Darren informed me it was tough going were he was so it made sense to catch on the longer line as long as I could before having to chase fish around, I did expect things to slow up and going into the 4hr I noticed from others I could see the pace people were catching had slowed some what, I decided the best way to keep catching was to take a couple of fish off each line, re-feed a little then switch between swims catching what it could, Going into the last hour I began to feed heavier with caster on the 4mt line by hand and was pleased to catch some tench pushing 2lb and some bigger skimmers, Along with good size hybrids over nuggets of groundbait and single white maggot on the hook from the 9mt swim. At the all out I estimated to have a good 50lb which was great days fishing by any means and with people admitting to 30 & 40lb weights the lake had fished well again. Tim Lewis next to the bridge on peg 3 of are bank started the ball rolling with a mainly tench catch of 43lb followed by other 40 & 30lb weights it was my turn and it was nice to see my catch total 61lb for a great days sport, It turned out it was enough to take the win in this round picking up £50 along the way,

 Part of my catch.

 Runner up Tim Lewis.



As it stands Tim & Myself are Sitting at the top of the league but with only two rounds gone and anglers dropping there worst result theirs a long way to go, Back again in two weeks for Rd3 so looking forward to it.

                                                         Full Results -

1st Dom Sullivan (Maver/Cadbury Angling) peg 7, 61lb 2oz.

2nd Tim Lewis (Shiplate Farm) peg 3, 43lb 10oz.

3rd Kev Jeffries (PSV) peg 5, 40lb 13oz.

4th Ken Raynor (Southwest M.G) peg 8, 39lb 3oz.

                                                        Overall Standings -

Dom Sullivan & Tim Lewis 4pts.

Kev Jeffries & Darren Greenwood 7pts.



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