Friday, 13 March 2015

Shiplate Farm Pleasure Session (Hawthorns Lake)

After My resent trip to Shiplate farm on the outskirts of my home town of Weston super mud" I was keen to pop up the road for a go on the canal lake, Only just finding time after starting a new role in my job to tell how the session went last friday for whom I had the company of my good wife Yvonne who was a tad disappointed not to be fishing herself as I am awaiting the arrival of my new Maver Seatbox and have promised her my present one so she will be fully kitted up and be keen to give me a thrashing know doubt' but was keen to learn as always.

 I chose peg 6 in the middle of the lake,
 And as always it was to be a chanti day" I live by them for this time of the year when the carp are a bit more lefargic, Lefarjick , Lafargic, Owe sod it' you know what I mean!, but after years of use I feel I can get these floats to behave to induce more bites which means more fish in the net, I know they can be prone to breaking and I take my time to re-glue the eye and give them a lick of hardener before I use them, Fiddly I know, But I've lost count how many brown envelopes they have helped me with'.

I had a rig to fish right over at 13mts in 2ft off water which was ditched after 20mins as the wind had picked up, A rig to fish down the track where I had around 6ft of water, and a rig to fish just off the bank in 4ft of water down the edge where I would drip feed meat by hand.
After switching to fishing down the track on maggot where I had been loose feeding maggot by hand starting at dead depth with single maggot I began to catch the odd small fish add the odd skimmer to 12oz, I felt there were some bigger fish in the swim but had to feed off some of the smaller fish to get to the so began to feed more but less often which soon worked and I was catching regular skimmers to a 1lb with some chunky roach in between, As the day went on I managed to draw the attention of some nice commons and mirrors to 8lb again on maggot along with a few chub and a lone tench' I did have a try down the edge on meat but after a couple of liners I was soon back down the track catching mainly on single maggot, It was a really enjoyable day as you never new what the next bite was going to produce and by fish a soft white hydro it landed everything nicely,
Ending up with 9 carp for around 50lb odd and a good mixed net of silvers for nearly 30lb all for the price of a pint of maggots"
My kinda fishin!'. Booked in for the match on this lake this coming sunday so lets see if it works for me then..?


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