Sunday, 6 March 2016

Viaduct Fishery (Team Of Five) Winter League (Final Round).

Back to Viaduct today for the final round of this popular Ninety-Five peg league held over all the lakes, With Donald picking me up we were fortunate to have are hilltop stop off for breakfast before the cavalry arrived' Team wise we hadn't had the best of luck as far as the team draw has gone & with me being on Scary Cary' lake today I was hoping that captain Chris Hook would be luckier than the rest of us having his turn"? Thankfully he picked what looked to be a good draw all round, Chris Himself had an ok peg on the far end of match lake peg 42, Last time lake winner |Lewis Walker had draw peg 16 on spring which had won the first match out right so had to fancy it, Steve Segar had draw the monk peg 66 on lodge which is usually worth a few fish, Donald had finally had his best draw being on peg 127 on Cambell, not the best on the lake form wise on their at the moment but still better than some & I found myself on peg 96 Cary which has had form for a few carp though-out the series so I fancied my chances to at least put a couple in the net to earn good points for the team & to give myself a chance of a pick up'. Arriving at my peg I had already decided fishing the pole wasn't going to be an option today as I didn't feel it was warm enough for fish to venture to close to us & with the cold win already blowing are way fishing the waggler was also going to prove difficult. A simple day for me then" Two rods to fish the straight lead at distance!, Both with 6lb main line, One with an 0.22 15'inch hook-length to a size 14 guru hook with a hair stop, The other with a 2ft 0.17 hook-length & a size 16 hook direct. At east when it came to packing up it wouldn't take long' I'm not really a lover of sitting on the tip for 5hrs but if I was to do any good it would my best option, Set up in plenty of time I had a good walk around & my option seemed pretty much the same as most as I didn't see many poles being assembled' Even fellow blogger Tony Rixon only had a tip rod set up' He told me it was only this year he took the wrap off the handle!" Good mate Des Shipp had only happened to end up on the peg I had yesterday on Cambell peg 115 so found time to go & have a chat & give him some tips before the start.....? Ok just told him what I did Lol, He showed me something new & gave me a sample to try so thanks for that & we would see if  works for me"?.

Time to grab a cuppa before the start & arriving back at my peg I had good company with Anton (Smiley) Page on peg 94 on the end of are bank, Garbolino's Steve Tucker Next to me on peg 97, Adrian Jefferies below him on 98, & Chris Davis next to the tree on peg 99, Finished off with Gary O'Shea right behind us on peg 64 of Lodge so good banter'. A simple start to the day then, casting the bomb out towards the point opposite me,
Choice of bait to start with was a plain punched 8mm piece of meat having caught on it when last on here a few weeks ago, I at least expected a few liners to show their were some fish present as did Steve next to me but over 45mins all I had was one small knock, I had switched between red meat, corn, & even maggots but it still failed to produce any early fish, It appeared their were a few carp coming out opposite us above the spit judging by conversation between the welsh contingent" mind you I think we could or heard them from the Huntspill".
The first carp are side was caught by Anton above me from the end bank which turned out to be a good double'
Steve was next to catch after an hour or so & added a double figure fish soon after,
It was just approaching the 90min mark when Steve was playing his third I had my first bite on red meat which turned out to be a fish around 8lb so at least I was off the mark' I had another about 20mins later which was slightly smaller but Steve was still finding them as he was up to five. Adrian below him was yet to catch & Chris had one carp & some silvers off his pole line, Nearly halfway thought & Steve mentioned that he had take a couple on polony which was quite comical as I had mentioned before the start I was yet to have any success with it, I had some on my side tray so had nothing to lose decided to give it a go. Well B****R me it had only been out their a couple of minute before I added another but it was short lived as again I couldn't get a response.
I had been pinging a few cubes of 6mm meat at 20mins to my left but even here I couldn't get a sign, I spent the next hour casting longer & shorter to different parts of the swim with polony or red meat on the hook, Approaching the three hour mark I had two more in as many casts from the same area the nothing again.
Steve was up to seven fish but had caught most of them in an hour period & was also struggling to add anymore, I was hoping they might have a proper munch later in the match but it just didn't happen, I added one more as did Steve, Adrian finished the day with a couple, Chris ended up with five thanks to a couple of late fish & Anton finished up with four two of which came in the last hour off the end bank , When the scales arrived at Anton 51lb was winning the lake but Anton's four fish went 55lb odd, My six fish went just under 54lb but Steve faired best winning the lake with a good 89lb with his eight fish so well done to him, I fancied pegs 85 & 86 to do well today but they didn't produce really so not so sure I would want to be their on Wednesday in the Fisho" Qualifier?
It Turned out that well talked about hot peg 113 on Cambell produced the goods again to day As Fred Roberts on the 2nd time lucky mob took the spoils with a good 130lb odd & this certainly will be a peg would set my trolley wheels on fire getting to it!" Back at the car park Don had finished over halfway on his lake & I finished 3rd on mine but it turned out we had all managed a few fish & back at the results we ended up finishing in 2nd spot on the day pushing us up to twelve place in the league overall, not great but considering some of the draws we had in the earlier rounds but a pleasing finish nether the less. It just goes to prove fishing at this time of the year does require a bit of luck with the draw as the fish certainly wont be holed up in every swim.
In the overall standings 2nd Time lucky took the title so well done to them with 305pts six points ahead of P.I Thatchers Gold on 297 with Frenzee Orange taking 3rd spot with 293pts.
In the individual stakes Fred Roberts Also fishing under the 2nd Time Lucky banner came out on top with 80pts (Well Fished Mate) ahead of Phil (Fabio) Harding on 79pt & that man England Star Des Shipp finishing with 76pts. A big mention to Steve, Helen, & Matt for running another popular league which takes a lot of work, Clayton Hudson For doing the pools ect each match & not forgetting those who helped with the scales. Well roll on Wednesday for the big one, We all know where we would like to be so lets all keep are fingers crossed..!".               



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