Thursday, 5 April 2018

Viaduct Fishery Costcutter (Cambell, Cary & Lodge.

A good turn-out today with fifty fishing so using the three lakes again, What a pleasure it was to see the sun out this morning' It was still chilly in the air but much better than of late, A quick chat with welsh team mates Lee Peanut' & Steve (The Bomb) Shaw' before the draw but got caught out a bit when it was done outside but wanted to be near the back for a change, I ended up with peg 102 on Cary & the wheels would off come off the trolley drawing this in the winter league but the fish seemed to have moved a bit from the middle of the lake in the last week or so but would still be hopeful of a few & would skip the silvers today, I set up the normal bomb rod then a waggler to fish towards the aerator in the middle of the lake at depth to begin with, Apart from this just one pole rig to fish on the deck at 16mts in 4ft of water being a 0.2g hand made float on 0.17-0.15 & a size 16 hair rigged hook, This rig would double up to fish short on meat at 9mts.

For Company I had team mate Vince brown on peg 100 & I didn't know the chap on peg 103 but he seemed a happy chap, I started the day having a quick chuck on the bomb & pellet hoping for a quick fish or signs of liners, Nothing for 20mis so began to ping a few hard pellets in a couple of areas trying the bomb over the top, I switched to the wagg again with banded pellet & missed a bite on the hour mark' I gave it another 15mins but nothing, At this stage Vince & peg 103 were also yet to catch. I had been pinging meat at 16mts so decided to give it a go.

First dob-in & I had bite straight away which resulted in a fish around 7lb in the net, Next put-in & a few minutes later a slightly smaller fish, Out again & I missed another bite but that was it, I gave it another 15mins even trying off the deck but no signs so dropped in on the short line after seeing a couple of small bubbles, I had a bite soon after but it was a skimmer over 2lb, I had kept pinging a few hard 6mms & some 8mms in a couple of different spots in the open water so had another look on the wagg & the bomb for 30mins but still no signs here.

back on the long pole I had another carp around 4lb then a skimmer around a 1lb but bite were still hard to come by, I had another skimmer at 9mts & did prick' a better fish, I really thought a few fish would switch on longer pellet fed lines with the bomb but it didn't happen, I did have one proper pull round which caught me off guard as I was pinging a few pellets elsewhere but even this managed to spit it out before I got to the rod", back on the long pole with just an hour remaining & I had a proper lump on' I did eventually get it in Which weighed separately went 19lb 4oz" I had one more on the long pole in the last hour again a double figure fish & a couple more skimmers on the short pole but nothing on the bomb, Vince had called it a day with a couple of hours to go & the chap on 103 tipped back just a few pounds of silvers, Scott Russell had done ok from peg 105 from what I could see catching a few on the bomb & a few down to the next empty platform, When the scales arrived Dan White was leading are lake with 89lb from peg 98 above the tree, My five carp went 57lb odd & silver added another 5lb odd for 62lb 12oz but Scott won the lake with nine carp from peg 105 for 109lb odd, Cambell proved the lake to be on again today with Team mate Steve (The Bomb) Shaw showing us how its all done again from fancied peg 112 winning with a massive 221lb" Well done mate' All caught on his normal bomb & pellet approach. Kev Dicks was next to him & finished the day with 156lb to finish runner-up, The silvers was won from Lodge Lake again as I had expected although the weights were down a little with Nigel Easton taking 38lb from peg from the monk peg 64 on Lodge which included 18lb of hybrids down the edge & skimmers on the longer pole.

Not in the frame but still enjoyed the day funnily, I did miss a couple of bites on the long pole & with neither guy opposite on pegs 77, & 78 bothering to fish the open water just sticking to the pole may have made a difference as to why the bomb wouldn't produce? I'm back Sunday for the open on Cambell which is already full & has a waiting list but at east I'm guaranteed to be on it".

Just to say had a few hours on Westpool at Shiplate farm yesterday, caught well across taking carp to 10lb before getting bored so switched to fishing the track & catching around 28lb of silvers including skimmers, a few tench & a couple of roach over 1lb on the corn so a fun few hours.  

Todays Results -

1st Steve Shaw (Mosella) peg 112 Cambell, 221lb 11oz.

2nd Kev Dicks (Mosella Bathampton) peg 111, 156lb 12oz.

3rd Steve Woolloff (Un-known) peg 131 Cambell,  140lb 5oz.

4th Luke Hancock (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 132 Cambell, 128lb 11oz.

5th Scott Puddy (Tackle UK) peg 105 Cary, 109lb 3oz.

6th Dan White (Garbolino) peg 98 Cary, 89lb 3oz.

Silvers -

1st Nigel Easton (Langport) peg 64 Lodge , 38lb.

2nd John Gray (Mosella) peg 60 Lodge, 33lb.

3rd Chris Jones (North) peg 69 Lodge, 25lb 12oz.     





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