Sunday, 7 September 2014

Summerhayes Open Sellicks & Lily Pool.

After the usual tasty breakfast at hilltops and a chat with some fellow anglers I was asked the reason why I have been making regular trips to the venue of late is the main fact there are always 20 or so fishing every week which In my eyes is a good turnout considering the amount of single matches spread around the area most Sundays and it makes it a bit more competition which is what its all about isn't it"

Arriving in plenty of time for the 10am draw I had a chat with Giles Cochrane & traveling partner lee who have been cleaning up of late anywhere they have been so its good to have some new faces, Their were 23 fishing today meaning there would be an overspill of 8 pegs on Lily pool and the rest on Sellicks, I was hoping for a peg on Sellicks myself and wasn't disappointed when I pulled Sellicks peg 14 which has been a good area of late, The only trouble is the peg holds so many options" I had a nice far bank at 14mts with a depth of around 2ft where I was to fish two lines one with meat and one with micro,

 rig wise I used a 0.3g rig on 0.15-0.13 and an 18 wide gape pellet, A 4x12 Chanti to fish meat At 5mts on the same line with an 16 PR478 hook, My last rig was to fish shallow towards the Lily's on my left which kited all the way back to the bank between and Carl on peg 15 which could be interesting!

 On the all in I cupped a palmful of hemp and meat onto the 5mt line, fed a small amount of micro on to one far line to fish 4mm expander over the top although I wasn't going to put my faith in them to much today with it still being warm I felt there were still a few fish to catch so put more faith in starting with 6mm meat across cad potting a few cubes over the top. I had my first fish after about 10mins of around 2lb followed by a few of the same size over the space of the next hour and from what I could see that was doing ok apart from Jim Jenner On corner Bonus peg 12 who had 11 empty to help, Carl had began to draw the attention of a few slurpers on his long line by firing pellet over the top but was suffering foul hookers and after a few false bites followed bow waves from my far line I shallowed up to half depth to try and temp some but the spooked to easy so went back to fishing on the deck cupping I larger amounts of meat via the cad pot and waiting for bites. After 2hrs or so I had 10 carp but the last two were only a 1lb each so it was time to change, I had a go on the shallow line to start with near to the lily's and had a 4lb fish first dob followed by a bigger one which I managed to get out of the pads only for it to snag me in open water at 7mts but I did manage to get my rig back'. After all the commotion the carp had said balls to this" and retreated back under the pads in safety..!

I had been flicking a few bits of meat onto the 5mt line and down both edges which were really shallow but already had signs of interest by swirls coming up, I decided to give it a go with the rig set 12inches deep to my right hand edge at 6mts.


I had a couple of small carp and a couple of 3lb fish quite quick before I had to rest it being so shallow all the way back to a small island on my left, I had started to see signs of fish tight to the bank between my pallet and the lily's on my right which was mad land" as far as getting them out would go but I couldn't resist!


WELL! No sooner had the rig hit the water I didn't have time to react and before I new it the elastic was through the pads resulting in a new hooklengh. At Least I had two inside swims with fish present so began to pinch fish of each when I saw signs except it was like a work of art watching me steer then away from my inside lily swim but ended up with me snapping a no.4 section so just fished my top kit but that was bad enough!  I had been feeding the 5mt line at regular intervals throughout the day and going into the last ninety minutes I managed to catch a couple of 4lb fish but was missing the odd bite so swapped between the 3 short swims up to the whistle catching regular fish off each in the last 30mins. Jim Had Managed to catch some bigger fish through the day so I new from what I could see he was the man to beat although Martin Addicott Had been catching all day from peg 1 on are lake from word on the bank but I had no idea what Lily Pool had Produced. Martin was first to way and put a good 81lb on the scales and after a few more slightly lower weights the scales went on to lily pool and first up was welsh lad Lee (Peanut) on peg 2 who took the lead with 84lb catching down towards the next pallet on worm or dead maggot, Back to are lake and it was still top weight, first up was Jim on peg 12 who put 69lb on the sheet, Ray Wickham Had 9lb of silvers from peg 13 before it was my turn and I was pleased to end up with 81lb piping Martin in to second by 10oz but the weighs were close and yet again a couple of fish made the difference and I only needed one more but I've had a good enjoyable weekend and added another £50 quid to the wallet. Well done to lee for winning on his first visit to the venue which proves fishing to your strengths can work in your favour and try to approach a venue with an open mind rather than put all your eggs in one basket.

 I took a photo of winner Lee but I think he nodded off due his day on the sauce yesterday"?  

Top Silvers went the way of Glyn Wickham with 17lb from peg 3 on Sellicks with fellow blogger Jamie Rich with 13lb from peg 21 Sellicks, Back to Work Tomorrow which is always hard to adjust to but at least we picked the right week weather wise with some good matches and days out along the way.

Full Results -

1st Lee (Peanut) (Mosella) peg 2 Lily Pool, 84lb 9oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Maver/Cadbury Angling) peg 14 Sellicks, 81lb 15oz.

3rd Martin Addicot (Summerhayes) peg 1 Sellicks, 81lb 5oz.

4th Geoff Sparks (Summerhayes) peg 5 Sellicks, 69lb 9oz.

5th Jim Jenner (The Sedges) peg 12 Sellicks, 69lb 4oz.

Silvers -

1st Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) peg 3 Sellicks, 17lb 8oz.

2nd Jamie Rich (Against men and fish/ Burt Baits) peg 21 Sellicks, 13lb 2oz.







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