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My Fishing In 2015.

Well its soon come around to that time of the year again where I sum up just how the year has gone, The start of the year saw most of my time spent fishing Viaduct in the teams of five which didn't pan out to well & I even remember having a blank" in one round but followed it up with a section win & 2nd in the silver's the following round so that restored a bit of faith', Things didn't get to much better elsewhere as a match held at Chiltern Trinity so it closely end in disaster". With a couple of minutes remaining I hadn't had a bite on the bomb & bread so got up to pack my pole rollers, Just as I was folding it away the rod which was perched on top the keepnet's flew round, keeping it short, I slipped when grabbing it & promptly threw it straight in the lake! The worse part it was my brand new bait-runner on it" (YES" I FORGOT TO PUT THE BAIT_RUNNER ON!") A long story but I got it back and you can recall the episode on my Jan 2015 Blog. Things could only get better? And so it proved as I did start to string some results together from both canal shaped lakes on Summerhayes,

 & Shipate farm fisherys,
I do remember one match at Summerhayes I un-hooked a carp as I went to place it in the net dropped it straight back' At the result I only lost by a 1lb or so but Jon Martin was happy as he won it off the bonus peg collecting an extra £200..!

I Did manage to have a days fishing with the wife at Shiplate Farm on are doorstep & After setting her up she settled in & caught some nice carp and over 10lb of silvers all by herself and was dead proud as was I'
 The Wife Yvonne,
When may arrived I had an enjoyable day in one match catching on the rods for a change"
 Before I had a bit of a mishap fracturing my hand which meant no fishing for a while' but I did get out to capture some action on the local matches,
 Gabriel Skarba (Viaduct Cary Lake)
 Titch Williams (Viaduct Lodge Lake)
I did manage to get back to fishing after a few weeks and enjoyed a few matches at Viaduct fishery with another few results before it was time for the super-league
back on the River Huntspill, The Matches went ok for me to get the best points for the team as I could, Although I made my mind up then that was the last of team fishing for me as I didn't feel the same was being attempted by some other team mates so it was back to fishing matches where I could find an attendance on the weekends. We had a Good match At Acorn fishery in June (Clevedon.A.A v Shiplate Farm) Which was nearly a full house on the lake, Fishing for Shiplate on the day we romped the head to head & even better I won on the day", This was a good match with a difference but more a bit of fun with nothing in it, Things were going well until I slipped off my truck at work fracturing my hand inches from where I did before" No fishing again for a few weeks! So more time spent watching'.
 Dan Squires (Viaduct Cary).
 Paul Locke (The Sedges Tile Lake).
 Steve (Peanut) Howell, (Shiplake Farm) Westpool.
Getting back on the bank and a few more trips around with various results The draw in the Maver Match This Qualifier at Viaduct Fishery drawing on spring lake which didn't produce the weights on the day but Middys Pete Upperton who won the day off peg 112 went on to win the £50,000 final so a good year for him" well done.
 Match This winner" Pete Upperton.
With September basically missed due to my hand it was soon time for the Silvers final back at Viaduct as well as the start of this years silvers league, I had a great start to the league this year netting 35lb of skimmers for 2nd on the day from peg 103 on Cary a lake on the first match, a lot of people had wrote off after a fish loss earlier in the year which pleased me as well as a lot of others' On the silvers final I drew the lawn on lodge lake and had an enjoyable day catching 14lb odd on the short pole but was in the wrong area for any bigger skimmers on the day as they were all caught at the opposite end so nowt I could do there".
After a couple more ok' rounds of the silver league it was off to Stafford Moor fishery for the Silvermania" which didn't quite fish as we expected" I had 5lb odd in the practice match which was good" were I was too, Then on the match day I had 3 skimmers for a grand total of just over a 1lb so not a good trip so we cut the short stay retuning to Viaduct  for the Sunday open with most of the bait I purchased for the whole stay" It worked out well as I had top silvers on the day so already in next years final along with traveling partner Don Sutherland.
Back to the Silvers league & 2nd overall in the 4th & 5th rounds with two section wins put me near the top of the league with one round to go but after picking the peg I fancied for good points it didn't produce any skimmers on the day for me which is still in the mind' lol, My 3rd in the section on the day was dropped which left me in 4th position in the final standings which I was more than happy with considering the talent of angling with good mixed nets of silver throughout the series as we as picking up £400 along the way'.
Finishing the year off with a 2nd yesterday was a good finish to my year as far as fishing went. (Think I've got Secounditus?"). Its been a bit more of a learning curve for me on hard pellet fishing this year & theirs a lot more to it than slinging one on the hook"  I'm still a lover of my sensas scopex spray especially on expanders and at certain times of the year & Curry' Favoured meat on the hook has produced well in the warmer months. We all have something we like to add weather it be certain Ground-baits added together or like me a couple of additives at certain times. I don't think its a question of them drawing extra fish to you peg more like a stand out bait which had produced on many occasions. The best two items I've purchased this year has to be my seat-box which I've found brilliant when fishing down the edges as you have no legs sticking up or in the way being a 4 leg box. And the other is my Gortex Clothing Which has just arrived, I did manage to use it yesterday when we had a couple of showers & can already tell the difference you pay for in the Quality which was extremely comfortable to wear. Well down to the final totals after going back through the year & I didn't get to fish as many matches as last year (Mainly Due To The Hand!) but my total to date stands at exactly 60, I've managed to frame in 34 of them (Over 50% this year") picking up a total of £1460' (which divided up works out picking up £42.94 per match" lol) Not bad by any means but wishing I had chucked it all in a jar now would of made a nice holiday fund for Xmas? Or towards a new pole perhaps!"? Maybe next year I will hey". Talking of next year now I have a decent van to travel in I plan to venture a bit further afield to venues which will probably best suit me in the Match This Qualifier's as well as hopefully getting my choice of tickets for some of the Fisho' Mania Qualifier's but we will see". I'm at Shiplate this Sunday for a pairs match on the canal lakes with good friend Darren Greenwood, before the 2day Silvers pairs on Viaduct with Donald on Tuesday & Wednesday to finish the year off . Well Wishing All a Merry Xmas & a Prosperous new year (Good job for this spell checker") Tight lines & just remember to enjoy time on the bank.



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