Saturday, 5 December 2015

Viaduct Xmas Match (Cambell, Cary & Lodge Lakes).

Back to Viaduct today for the annual Xmas match hoping for a swim where I could target carp for a change although I did have some bait for silvers just incase I really fancied the draw for them?, Don managed to wangle the day off so picked me up before breakfast at Hilltops first, Arriving at the fishery with it still being unseasonably mild the down side was the strong wind which was blowing from the east slightly but was set to swing around to a south westerly with gales forecast meaning some pegs could be really gruelling" Their were 44 of us fishing today with most peg over Cambell & Cary & 6 on Lodge lakei was just hoping for a comfy days fishing' Sneaking in the front of the draw queue as normal I was pleased to find myself on peg 126 which happened to be next to where the silvers was won off of on Thursday when Gary Etheridge had 37lb short on corn, This can also be a good area for carp so planned to cover both options.

Arriving at my swim at first instance it didn't appear to be to badly effected as far as the wind was concerned as you can see in the picture,
Perfect' Nope, Within 10minute of setting up it had already swung around and was gusting down are end of the lake, Well that made my mind up as far as the pole for silvers went, 2 lines as I could only just hold 10mts and hadn't brought my splay bar' I first set up a 4x12 wire wonder on 0.11-0.10 with an 18 PR434 hook but soon realised that the swim was towing to much to make it work so also set up another heavier 4x14 rig on the same line/hook. Apart from that all I set up was a bomb rod to search the rest of the peg with either corn or meat on the hook as I wouldn't of been able to keep a waggler rig still enough to catch.
At the all in I fed 3 balls of ground-bait with worm & casters added at 10mts left & 1 ball containing a palmful of corn & Casters at 10mts to my right & started the day with 8mm meat o the hook towards the middle of the lake on the straight lead with 8mm meat on the hook. I had a couple of liners in the first 15mins but that was it, I switched to corn on the hook but after nearly an hour of casting around the peg & changing baits I was still to catch' Time to try the pole lines then & started on the left hand swim with a piece of worm on the hook, I soon had two 6oz skimmers but then nothing so switched to the other 10mts line with corn on the hook. After a couple of minutes I missed a bite then soon after bumped a nice fish then again nothing. It was awkward to try & get the rig to stay still against the wind and it wasn't long before I was back on the bomb with corn on the hook as the Dave Roper & Steve Denmead above me had both had a bream on the straight lead, It just wasn't happening for me I kept trying the pole lines but only added a few small skimmers to 8oz on caster or bits of worm & it was past the halfway stage before I had a bite on the tip which turned out to be a 6lb carp on a single grain of corn but the pole line I expected to catch on it never produced another bite' I wont drag on but spent the rest of the day trying to catch the odd fish between watching a near motionless tip all day which produced one more bite and another carp on meat 15mins from the end, we all struggled up are end and any bonus fish were all caught on the tip including a near 4b eel for Dave next to me on corn! The guy to my right landed 5 carp in the last 45mins on the bomb on meat & I think from the weights below the spit today told us they were moving are way late in the day?. Below the spit turned out to be the place you wanted today as Ian Dunlop (Peg 131) & Dan White (Peg 129, Which just so happened to be where his dad won from on Thursday') both drew on weight in the carp stakes with 104lb odd but thanks to a 2lb plus tench in his silvers net Ian won the day with 107lb so well done to him,
 Winner Ian With His Hamper".
 Runner-up Dan White with a couple of his fish.
The best weight over on Cary & lodge lake went to Ziggy from on peg 78 with 6 fish for 89b" also winning a hamper and money,
 Cary lake winner Ziggy'.
On the silvers it went to Mark Saunders on Cary lake with 17lb odd of mixed fish from peg 74, Most of the better silver fish were caught further out on the lake today and my somewhat positive approach closer-in with the corn certainly didn't pay off today, Although its still mild with the wind lashing the water it has turned it even colder so I think this had something to do with it? Glad I did try the positive approach today though as its gave me a few ideas should I be on this lake for the final round of the silvers league next Sunday. No fishing planned tomorrow as meant to be taking the wife out shopping" but things can change so we'll see'?.
Thanks to owners Steve & Helen for laying on mince pies & a free can of beer afterwards as well as making sure we all walked away with a prize, I had my eye on the small bottle of jack Daniels & was glad I weighed-in as it was still there when my name was called so might be tucking in to a bit of that tonight". Sorry I forgot to get a picture of the weigh sheets today."
Full results -
1st Ian Dunop (Wessex Tackle & Guns) peg 131 Cambell, 107lb.
2nd Dan White (Bait-tech Viaduct) peg 129 Cambell, 104lb.
3rd Ziggy Slowinski (Garbolino) peg 78 Cary, 89lb.
4th Dave Romaine (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 77b 12oz
5th Roy Worth (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 68lb 14oz.
6th Ian Walvin (SRDS) 56lb 9oz.
Silvers - 1st Mark Saunders (Newton Abbot) peg 74 Cary , 17lb. 

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