Saturday, 21 May 2016

Woodlands View Fisho' Mania Qualifier.

Lewis Jones & Myself were both fortunate to both get a ticket for the second round of qualifier matches at the fishery having both visited it for the first round, That wasn't very enjoyable for the pair of us both their was a good vibe in the van on route both having a positive attitude to the day ahead, We arrived in plenty of time to sample the on-site breakfast which I must say was very nice & we worth the money. We were joined by venue expert Richey Hull & after drawing a peg apart on the last match on Barley he was praying not to be on their this time around as was I".

We were quite close to the front today & Lewis had told my Bagging legend Andy power plays a game of roulette when he draws to select his number so with the new information I was itching to give it a try'. Into the draw I went & let my hand stop were it felt right, Did it work? Did it F**k", Back to Barley lake peg 17.... God I'm consistent!. I arrived at my peg to find out not only was I the whole one on the lake not to have a vacant peg one side I just so happened to land smack on one of the lakes two aerators which was bubbling away nicely directly in-front of me on my far bank..
To say I was really disheartened was as understatement, last time I was here if you were a couple of pegs away from it you caught fish on a small in-line feeder tight to the far bank but if you were in its flow" you caught nowt'. I didn't anticipate today would be much different & without going into the details of my day to inform you of what I didn't catch it was shocking. I had the wind straight in my chops again which was worse for us being higher up & even when I was chucking the feeder tight to the far bank grass I was trying to imagine where my feed was ending up..? I had a chopped worm & caster line at 5mts which I had 3 skimmers off & a few blip perch all day & managed two carp on the in-line feeder across which got lost from the foreign guy next to me on peg 18 who was making the most of the empty peg 19 chucking his feeder between the two pegs to finish the day with 14 carp for 90lb" It wouldn't of been so bad but after a couple of hours hugging the far bank with the feeder on the clip I was trying shorter in the hope of snaring a few away from the flow only for him to tell me I wasn't far enough over" He didn't seem to understand the none existent flow in his peg was aiding his catch rate!" In fact I was quite sure the fishery only pellet your allowed to feed was ending up smack where he was catching..
 His Swim"

I was so glad to here the all-out & was quick enough to get the kit away without troubling the scales before it was due to chuck it down with rain, Lewis had draw on front Deans & although he fancied it for a few the lake didn't really produce & he finished with 37lb odd which was good on the lake but still no coin to collect unfortunately as I was hoping he would at least get the section money to pay for the Burger King in the services on the way home'. We didn't see the final results so I cant as yet tell you who was fortunate to win but the chaps 90lb next to me was looking good, I wil be gutted if he did win as he wasn't even going to bother after the lad below him decided not to fish which would of meant I could of had a field day with plenty of room to chuck to but it wasn't to be & if he did go on to win fair play to him. After Fishing a few of these matches now I'm in the strong believe with the pressure of extra anglers on the lakes & much tighter pegging anywhere you go realistically 90% of the swims you cant win from, You need a bit of room & noted areas to aid having the chance to qualify for the semi's but it the chance you take to draw them for everyone. Back to the Sedges Fishery for the top kit only series which cant exceed 3mts & the same length rig, Hopefully the only back ache I'll suffer from is netting fish".                  


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