Saturday, 30 January 2016

Landsend Fishery (Saturday Open).

Another chance to try my luck at Landsend Fishery again today, Not a venue I know very well but keen to have another try, I picked up Lewis Jones today & We decided to give the new CafĂ© onsite a try today which was very nice & always easier than having to find somewhere on route, It felt quite cold today & their was a fair breeze blowing towards the nearest end of the Lake so was hoping to find myself somewhere a bit more sheltered? We had a wander around before the draw & I fancied a draw at the bottom end of the Lake for some reason' Into the draw & I found myself on peg 7 & Lewis ended up on the end peg in the wind, 24.

Thankfully I was just out the worst of the wind down from the spit pegs 5 & 6 & had plenty or room for a few options, Ken Raynor who drew peg 12 in the bottom corner told me the peg had produced a few fish lately which was pleasing news & told me how he had caught when he was on it a few weeks ago but things can change & fish have fins so would also have a few plans of my own.

First up was a rig to dob hard pellets across to the far bank & along the reeds to my right (Ken's idea")
 A 4x12 Chianti on 0.12-0.11 & an 18 808 hook to fish the bottom of the far shelf again just off the reeds to the right, & finally the same set up to fish towards the point of peg 6 in the open water at 13mts.
 The Robin was keen for bait"
I had venue expert Andy Hembrow next to me on peg 5 so would keep a keen eye on what he was doing. I started by feeding some corn on the 13mt open water swim & began the match at the bottom of the far shelf with dead maggot on the hook feeding tiny amounts of micros aver the top & had a bite straight away which I promptly missed" but a small roach on the next cast didn't have me to excited, After 15mins Andy was netting his 3rd fish by fishing off the point of peg 5 but I couldn't do the same as the sun was smack in my eyes even then I couldn't fish it really' It was time to try closer to the island so again started with maggot on the hook, Just another small roach which fell off was all I hooked even after trying hard & soft pellets on the hook so it was time to try the dobbing rig closer to the reeds, Starting with hard 6mm pellet on the hook I gave it 15mins working my way around the reeds but still no signs of carp & we were over an hour into the match" Andy had been catching a few F1's & a couple of carp for the first hour but his swim was showing signs of dying & looking around not much else was being caught from what I could see although Ken down on the end peg looked to be having a few fish.

It was 12.30 when I landed my first carp which came on maggot at the bottom of the far shelf but then again nothing followed, I began to feed a couple more lines along the far bank in the deeper water in the hope of pinching the odd fish? I tried again in the shallower water closer to the bank but it didn't matter where I tried I just couldn't get bites!. With a couple of hours to go I dropped in on the open water corn line which produced a F1 of 2lb followed by a 2lb skimmer 20mins later after I rested the swim. I still couldn't get any signs of the longer lines towards the island & was really struggling to put anything in the net, I began to feed small amounts of micro's at 7mts & with 45mins to go added a 1lb perch on the maggot before missing a couple of bites which I found odd as conditions were flat calm now so had the rig dotted to a dimple, I switched to a 4mm expander on the hook & not long after added a 3lb bream' it made a bit of commotion so had a quick look back on the corn line which didn't produce another bite but I added another 1 skimmers from the bottom of  the far shelf. Back in at 7mts with 10mins left again on the expander I had another 3lb bream on but just as I reached for the landing net the hook pinged out" and that was the end of the match for me as it didn't produce another bite before the whistle. Andy Had a great start but unfortunately it didn't last & I think he spent the last 4hrs fishless? when the scales arrived Andy had weighed 11lb odd of F1's which count as silvers & added 3 carp for 18lb, I didn't weigh my single carp but my silvers went 9lb odd so the lost fish would of made a difference'. Back at the results & Alan Oram had won the day from end peg 13 on the bottom bank with 69lb closely followed by Ken Raynor opposite him on the other end peg 12 with 60lb odd, Strangely enough these two pegs had a real struggle in the league last week netting 4 & 6lb so it goes to prove fish have fins" It turned out Andy's 11lb of F1's was enough to take the silvers pot but it wasn't a bad result for me in the end as I picked up £25 for second spot. beginning to get a better picture of how this place fishes at the moment & next time I wont be so keen to try & chase around carp which didn't appear to be in the area".

Full results -

1st Alan Oram (Premier Angling) peg 13, 69lb 4oz.

2nd Ken Raynor (Ken's Angling Blog) peg 12, 60lb 4oz.

3rd Dave Westcott (Landsend) peg 15, 51lb 8oz.

4th Lewis Jones (Drennan Thyer's) peg 24, 43lb 1oz.

5th Eric Fouracre (The Sedges) peg 10, 36lb. 

6th Derek Beard (The Sedges) peg 19, 35lb 12oz.

Silvers -

1st Andy Hembrow (Clevedon.A.A) peg 5, 11lb 5oz.

2nd Dom Sullivan (Maver) peg 7, 9lb 7oz. 


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