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Viaduct Fishery Teams Of 5 Winter League (Round One).

Back to Viaduct today for the start of this popular teams of five league to be fished over 5 matches, With 19 teams involved (95 Anglers) All lakes would be in use consisting of Cambell, Cary, Lodge, Match & Spring lakes which we would each fish in rotation with a random draw on the first deciding where we would all end up?. Traveling Partner Donald Picked me up as normal before are usual Hilltops breakfast on route we arrived quite early but already most had arrived, Are team consisted of captain Chris Hook, Ivan Currie, Steve Segar, Donald & Myself & Seeing As Don had been Pretty good lately at drawing the right Areas' We decided it was best Him do the team draw". He Came back to announce that Ivan had drawn a peg we felt was worth a few fish peg 110 Cambell in the corner which was a result for him having not been here a while, (How this happens Ile never Know" Lol). Steve was on Match, Chris on Spring, Don on Cary & Myself on CARY". How? Well, My section consists of 14 pegs on Lodge Lake with an overspill of 5 peg on Cary, The only difference is my section is float only to stop people all casting to the same spot on Lodge with The lead". Cary Holds a Good head of very big carp' Mostly which get caught on the straight lead at this time of the year. With that out of the Question I was going to have to rely on the waggler towards the middle of the Lake in the hope of catching some better fish. Thankfully when I arrived at my peg it looked ideal for a waggler approach in the Duck Zone' with no wind in the air.
After setting the waggler with a size 16 Guru Hair to 4lb main line to fish just touching the deck which was just short of 4ft I assembled 2 x 0.3g pencil floats on 0.11-0.09 with an 18 63-13 & 18 PR434 hooks to fish two different lines at 14mts in search of silvers to hopefully boost any weight.
I had Don directly opposite me who was in the true' Cary section & could use the bomb if he chose so it would be interesting how he faired?.
I started the day feeding 5 balls of groundbait containing a handful of casters with some dead red maggots & Floro pinkies at 14mts in the clear water infront of me & one ball of chopped worm & casters in worm soil 14mts to my left in the shadow of the trees. Starting the match on the waggler without feeding anything with hair rigged corn on the hook within a minute of the bait settling I missed a bite! I couldn't believe it' but after 40mins without a bite I was getting a bit concerned, I switched around baits but after trying corn again I did connect with a fish which turned out to be a 1lb hybrid'. From what I could see not much was being caught, Steve Skelton next to me on peg 102 in the Cary section had already landed two carp on the bomb" & bread so I stuck at it but decided to feed a few bits of corn around the float, After another 20mins I finally hooked a decent carp' Thankfully I netted it safely & being double figures it was going be a lot of silvers" I made my mind up to stick at it so topped up my pole lines & continued on the waggler with either Corn, Meat or Bread on the hook. Steve netted 2 more by casting his lead right out in the wider section on the lake but then couldn't get an indication, The guy opposite him had also landed a couple casting to the same area by the aerator but they weren't in my section. I gave it another 30mins but never had a touch so it was time to try & add some silvers from my pole lines.
Starting on dead red maggot in-front of me I had a 4oz skimmer followed by some small roach so switched to caster on the hook which produced a 12oz skimmer straight off then nothing". All I could put it down to was with the depth just over 3ft & clear water the other fish spooked once u hooked one", I tried the other 14mt line with a bit of worm or caster on the hook but had no early signs so it was back to the waggler.
I was trying different areas of the swim but no matter what it wasn't happing I was just about to try the pole again when I missed another slow bite which I think was a skimmer as I missed it again'. I gave it an hour but nothing was added, Steve next to me hadn't had another bite & from what I could see everyone was struggling, I decided to try & catch what I could on the pole & keep an eye on what others were doing at the same time, Again I had a 12oz skimmer straight off but could only add small roach after but at least something was going in the net, the 2 guys below Don had a carp each but were struggling to add anything, I tried to force a better fish to have a look on the pole line in-front of me so began to loose feed a few casters over the top with the catty, I added a 10oz perch but again after a better stamp fish the swim would die. I kept trying the waggler but still no response & after Steve's good start all he had added was a hybrid again on the bomb so it seemed any carp he moved out of the area, The last 90mins I just kept switching lines trying to add what I could, I had heard there had been a few carp caught on Lodge lake which I was competing with but tried just to keep an eye on the angler in the section on my lake & try to stay ahead of them.
It was hard going & all I added in the last hour was a few roach & an 8oz skimmer off the pole lines but nothing else on the wagg.           

                 Its a shame no more carp seemed to be in the area but nobody added any more after the opening hours around me so adding what I could off the pole line would hopefully prove worth while. When the scales arrived owner Steve told me I needed 12lb to win my section on Cary, I was confident I had enough & my 5lb odd of silvers added to my 13lb' carp saw me win it picking up £40 along the way, Lodge lake had faired better with Matt Parsons on the monk peg 64 winning the section outright with 130lb odd' It turned out I had managed 10/19pts for the team which I was quite pleased with considering I wasn't on Lodge itself. The match was Won by last years individual winner Ben Hagg from peg 16 on Spring lake catching Mainly on the Bomb & meat tight to the island so a good start to the league for him well done. Team wise we had a mixed result as Don & Steve had a struggling day just catching some bits without finding a bonus carp' Ivan Had the same points as me but Chris finished 3rd in his 19peg section so it could be worse, Steve will Have the team points for today added on the facebook page asap as he had a lot to do with all the results for the individuals after the match. The day couldn't go by without me having a mishap & shortly after arriving at my peg I stepped on the pallet to attach my keepnet bar to my box, The trouble was it was wet and I slipped throwing it in the air which landed somewere around a metre out!" Well Steve said he will kindly try & retrieve it in the week but the way I'm going he's going to be charging me as it seems to be a regular habit with me here with one item or another". Back in two weeks & my turn to fish match lake again with a couple of overspill pegs but Ile explain that should I draw them next time'. Off to Acorn Fishery next Saturday to Fill In for someone on the individual Clevedon League so just hope the wind stays away".

Individual Results -

1st Ben Hagg (Keyford) peg 16 Spring, 140lb 15oz.

2nd Matt Parsons (Keyford) peg 64 Lodge, 130lb 5oz.

3rd Andy Neal (Frenzee Orange) peg 131, 93lb 7oz.

4th Mark Brennan (Somerset Angling) peg 112 Cambell, 85lb.

5th Mark Podman (South West Nomads) peg 113 Cambell 75lb 7oz.

6th Phil Harding (Viaduct All-Stars) peg 128 Cambell, 75lb 5oz.

Silvers -

1st John Allan (Frenzee Black) peg 116 Cambell, 16lb 4oz.

2nd Mark Williams (P.I.Thatchers) peg 68 Lodge, 16lb.

3rd Mark Harper (P.I.Thatchers) peg 18 Lodge, 11lb 8oz.




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