Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Summerhayes Fishery Weds Open (All Lakes).

Well my final day of fishing after five days on the trot' I didn't bother with breakfast just grabbing a costa coffee on route I got their early which gave me plenty of time for a wander around before the start after a cuppa with owner Pete & Tea Boy Aide, Their were a few fish slurping close in on Longs peg 12 I managed to capture,

 He was actually fishing today for the silvers pool & was mixing up some magic mix' when I arrived, Although I'm not so sure his bait chose of poultry feed would produce much!??.

 Tea boy Aide &,

 His special Feed"???

  Todays match was a rover which meant you can chose your swim In accordance to the number you draw, Only Eight of us fishing today so simple just get a low number,  Their was also a £100 bonus peg available for the fortunate to have choice number four, I let a couple of other go first before my turn & my choice? Last!, Yep ball number 8 was stuck to my hand", I fancied going on willow pool which I've never fished & although its a small lake its meant to be stuffed with fish & peg 6 looked inviting, First to chose was Steve Kedge & what did he pick, Peg 6 Willow" what was the chances of that! Owe well everybody had their turn & finally I ended up making my choice & opted for peg 4 on Sellicks basically on my own" I had the option of an island swim at 14mts

& all the open water I wanted' I didn't want to complicate things so had a rig to fish tight to the island which was still 4ft deep against the mud being a 0.3g pencil float on 0.15-0.13 & a 16 Wide gape hook, I had a couple of pints of casters to use up so planned to fish worm/caster approach here. Next up was a 4x12 Chanti on the same line to an 18 PR478 hook to fish 6mts left in 6ft of water & a rig to fish down my inside on the top kit plus one section over the reeds Again a 4x12 Chanti on 0.17-0.15 & a 16 power hook in 5ft of water.  last of all I set up a shallow rig to start the match on at 14mts left into the bay of peg 5.

I began the day feeding some hemp & 6mm meat at 6mts, fed a good pot of casters & some Chopped worn tight to the far bank against the mud line, & just a few cubes of meat down the near margin. I began the day with hard banded 6mm pellet feeding 4mm's over the top, I gave it 15mins but managed two 4oz carp" It was time to try over the worm/caster line with a decent piece of worm on the hook, I hooked one straight away which shed the hook the netted a 3lb fish I the first hour I had Four carp & a couple of skimmers so not hectic, I fed another better amount when things died off which gave me time to try the 6mt line, I had another baby carp & that was it, Back across for the next hour & I only added two more but lost Three in a row before changing my hook pattern, after 2hrs I felt I had to start catching faster as it wasn't quick enough across for the time being, It was time to look down the edge where I had been feeding just the odd cube of meat, I had a 4lb as soon as the rig settled then nothing, Another try on the shallow didn't produce nor the short meat line, It was back across which got a bit frustrating as small rudd were attacking the worm when I put the rig in so ended up bulking all my shot down to try & bomb it threw them, I did have a couple more the had one snag me in something under the water tight to the bank' I got it out but after this I had problems hooking fish which shed the hook seconds after against the snag" It was to hard work after that with losing more than I was netting so opted to feed a positive swim down to the next pallet with a good helping of corn. I tried the 6mt line again without a bite but managed a couple more down the edge. I tried the new line which was blowing like mad & the float just sat their" weird? I had a couple more fish across & In the final hour I managed a few down the edge on the meat late on to put nearly another estimated 30lb in the net?, I made mistakes today as I fully expected the fish to feed shallow earlier in the day & be on the deck ate in the day but it went the other way around" I should of continued feeding pellets into the wider water as I'm sure I would have added a few & even could of had some shallow down the edge as they were coming up for the feed late in the day but lesson learnt for next time.. With everyone spread out I was last to weight & finished up with 81lb odd, But as I expected Steve went on to win the match with 124lb odd catching on the meat at 5mts & a few fish across to the small island but only just because Bill (The Paste) Hopping went to the same swim he won the match off of on Sunday on Longs & missed out on winning by 2oz".

The lakes fished well really, But I should of put a bit more thought into catching shallow across to the island which I think would have worked well so my mistake but it was enjoyable to fish the worm/casters for carp for a change & the rain held off to finish off the Five days of fishing on five venues, Not profitable but enjoyable never the less, Off to acorn on Saturday for an invite match As its now been taken back by the owners after a lease to Clevedon A.A which should be a good turnout then off to Larford Lakes Sunday for another Fisho". Owe I nearly forgot to mention how Aide got on? He fished for silvers all day with his secret mix, It was shite as he only managed 5lb odd, Don't worry mate I'm sure I have plenty of odd fishing magazines you can have to help you improve"?. Lol  

Full Results -

1st Steve Kedge (Somerset Angling) peg 6 Willow, 124lb 15oz.

2nd Bill Hopping (Summerhayes) peg 23 Longs, 124lb 13oz.

3rd Martin Addicott (Summerhayes) peg 12 Longs, 89lb 10oz.

Silvers -

1st Jeff Sparks (Summerhayes) peg 20 Longs, 17lb 12oz. 

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