Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Maver S4 Z-Frame Double Cross Draw Seatbox For Sale.

After Purchasing a New Seatbox a few weeks ago I've been meaning to advertise my Maver Box.
This box has been well looked after & is in very good condition & the only reason I wanted to change is I found it just a tad to high to fish the long pole properly which is hardly surprising with my dumpy legs".

I took the time to make separations in the two cross draws to stop things moving around & the box comes with a decent sized unit under the lid,

It comes with another unit which fits into the frame above the seat box ideal for winder trays ect, as well as room for over twenty winders under the seat,

The only slight issues is the paint chip off the frame on the front you can see in the 3rd pic and the bottom part of the frame you can see here where it's been rubbing on my trolley', These boxes are still selling at the moment for £545.00 but I'm wiling to take £300, Its a box at the high end of the market which I was reluctant to change but needs must. you can contact me on 07967243456.

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